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Save Me ; Yoonmin ✅ by jikooklip
Save Me ; Yoonmin ✅by Jiminie
"Jimin, you're beautiful. Please believe me." Finished September 3rd Trigger warning; Mentions eating disorders, self harm, suicidal thoughts. Highest rankings...
Truth or Dare || YOONMIN by btsfanboyidk
Truth or Dare || YOONMINby Yoonminion🌙
BTS plays 'Dirty Truth or Dare' on a day off. Yoongi likes Jimin and Jimin is confused. YOONMIN [Not Finished]
SOUNDCLOUD | yoonmin  by kimtaegyo
SOUNDCLOUD | yoonmin by 𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖌𝖆𝖎𝖑
in which jimin finally gets to meet his favorite soundcloud rapper.
Fixing The "Unbroken" |YOONMIN| by thsdgy
Fixing The "Unbroken" |YOONMIN|by ur mum
In which Park Jimin, a cat hybrid, meets the top, most notorius gang member Min Yoongi. But is his initial kindness ill-intentioned or is Jimin just paranoid.
Condom - Yoonmin ✓ by moonlygth
Condom - Yoonmin ✓by gae.
I just wear the condom like how he taught me. STATUS: COMPLETED | Edited ENTRIES: 3 chapters STARTED: February 28, 2020 ENDED: March 1, 2020 EDITED: DECEMBER 10, 2020
yoonmin story by soobin886
yoonmin storyby soobin886
jimin has a bad home life and struggles with his grades, until he is given a tutor named min yoongi.
Fallen || Yoonmin/Taekook by -Sunshining-
Fallen || Yoonmin/Taekookby 에보니
"this is war.... .....and we're smack dab in the middle of it."
BTS oneshots by _fairyjoon_
BTS oneshotsby joonie
some smut, some soft stuff, some little space, some random things that come to mind a bunch of random ships, maybe (!!) threesomes! i hope you enjoy!
Online | M.Y.G. x P.J.M by fixon18
Online | M.Y.G. x P.J.Mby liv
"I don't understand how you can love someone you met over the internet," Seokjin mumbles. Jimin frowns. "We're meant to be. I just know we are." ...
WINE AND BRUISES (Yoonmin FF) by Itslofi
WINE AND BRUISES (Yoonmin FF)by Lofi F
When Yoongi lightly presses Jimin's bruises, he moans And When Yoongi hears his pretty moans he drowns in wine
Math Tutor - Yoonmin by _yoonminslut_
Math Tutor - Yoonminby Minstradamus
*THIS IS NOT MY WORK* [ springrain21 ] on archiveofourown Min Yoongi is the school's resident Bad Boy™. He's covered in tattoos, is pierced, curses like a sailor, smokes...
VKook // Yoonmin {FanFiction} by serendipitae_x
VKook // Yoonmin {FanFiction}by Emmu
Contains smut, mainly VKook
Sweet & Innocent  by smol_suga
Sweet & Innocent by Smol_suga
Yoongi an innocent boy who ends up falling for the popular boy called park Jimin a guy who ruined his life
The Clubroom | YOONMIN FF by 1-800-sleepysofty
The Clubroom | YOONMIN FFby naty
"Why should I care about what Princy thinks about me...", Min Yoongi talking to himself, again. He was hearing rumors about how the most popular boy at school...
CLINGY by xXlil_chimmyXx
CLINGYby ✨⭐️Moonmin⭐️✨
"Jimin if don't stop crawling between my legs" "what will happen if i don't" "move...your gonna make me mad" "oppa~~"
Obnoxiously Handsome  [Yoonmin]  by CaptainMinDumpster
Obnoxiously Handsome [Yoonmin] by CaptainMinDumpster
"As long as I still have that effect on you I'm not giving up. I will make you mine's." After bad relationships Jimin wasn't looking for anything. Yoongi proba...
Indecisive  by lexthewaffle
Indecisive by Lex
Jimin, along with his brother, Jungkook, were adopted a few years ago. His life consists of his best friend, Hoseok, his brother, Jungkook, and his adoptive brother, Nam...
Bad Kisser | YOONMIN by jikookplease
Bad Kisser | YOONMINby laurine
where Jimin is a bad kisser and Yoongi teaches him
Wrong Number ☏ || M.YG x P.JM by GroceryJinx
Wrong Number ☏ || M.YG x P.JMby ✰☼𝔹𝕥𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕥𝕖𝕦☼✰
Park Jimin is rejected by his crush, Jeon Jungkook. In the process, he meets Min Yoongi... A beautiful guy... with a dark past...