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Annabel Lee ─ emily prentiss ✓ by vantassels
Annabel Lee ─ emily prentiss ✓by shay
three years ago, bel became an orphan, and life's been going downhill ever since as she bounces from one bad foster home to another. as if things can't get any worse, sh...
Getting Through This Together by noiseyburlesquepeach
Getting Through This Togetherby Strider 🍑
Spencer Reid has been hiding something, or rather someone, from his coworkers. When his daughter unexpectedly falls ill, he may finally have to come clean.
You've got the love I need to see me through - Baby in the Pack by ilse_writes
You've got the love I need to Ilse
It's quiet and peaceful, so much so that Derek doesn't register that they have a visitor before they're already knocking on the back door. He kicks his chair back, sudde...
The Boy From Firehouse 81 by zolozen
The Boy From Firehouse 81by mind of mine
Dead center of urban Detroit, Michigan isn't always the safest of places. From gangs to drug houses, everything needs to be looked at twice if you're in the right area...
Ohana (Lilo family)  by -NewRules-
Ohana (Lilo family) by -NewRules-
Louis and Liam are both enrolled into Wolverhamptons Boarding School and as both are now over 18, they have been given buddies to look after. How will Liam and Louis dea...
The Years of Our Lives (Buddie Kid Fic) by jameswrites911
The Years of Our Lives (Buddie James
Eddie Diaz and Evan Buckley adjust to their new life as fathers of new born twins. This tells their story of sleepless nights, unwell babies, first smiles, first baths...
Payne-Malik One Shots [1D Kidfic] by 1Dfamilystuff
Payne-Malik One Shots [1D Kidfic]by 1Dfamilystuff
Sequel to Payne-Malik Adventures. Liam and Zayn are a young couple, who decide to adopt three wonderful boys: Louis, Harry and Niall.
🌻Sunflower volume 2🌻 (Larry Stylinson) by StylinsonLove28
🌻Sunflower volume 2🌻 (Larry Sunflower6
Sequel to Sunflower. Harry,11, has a loving family and amazing friends. He also has a few medical issues. Frequent hospital visits leave him tired and sad. But his best...
Abandoned (FifthHarmony Kidfic) by DarkkMindds
Abandoned (FifthHarmony Kidfic)by DarkkMindds
I squint my eyes trying my best to see, I make out to little bodies are those kids? "Babe I think they are two little girls" I say in shock. Ally looks at me...
Little Angel by cinnamon_roll04
Little Angelby cinnamon_roll04
Izuku was a very lonely little boy. He had so much love to share, but no one to share it with. His parents no longer loved or cared for him like they should. He was a...
Close Your Eyes by DocC27
Close Your Eyesby ziam_time
Liam knew from the instant he laid eyes on the dark-haired, dusky-skinned, doe-eyed Zayn, he was special; but this special was beyond his imagination. Series: Part 1 of...
Buck's Baby (By Accident) by jameswrites911
Buck's Baby (By Accident)by James
Buck opens his door to find a baby on his doorstep and has no idea what to do with it. Eddie is roped in to help and the two men help Buck get used to fatherhood. A mont...
You Saved Me (LiLo family) by xxonedirectionafxx
You Saved Me (LiLo family)by xxonedirectionafxx
One day Liam and Louis are with a friend while their children Harry (16) and Niall (17) were at school, see what happens when their friend who just so happens to be a so...
Payne-Malik Adventures [1D Kidfic] by 1Dfamilystuff
Payne-Malik Adventures [1D Kidfic]by 1Dfamilystuff
Ziam family AU, in which Zayn and Liam decide to start their own little family. Louis: 6 Harry: 4 Niall: 2
Mother/daughter one shots: EO, WM, SJ, NR by the-CherryBomb
Mother/daughter one shots: EO, 🌙
Hi, welcome. Here you can read one-shots of the reader being Elizabeth Olsen, Wanda Maximoff, Scarlett Johansson, Natasha Romanoff, Wandanat or Scarlizzie's daughter. Mo...
Always Okay ─ n. romanoff ✓ by vantassels
Always Okay ─ n. romanoff ✓by shay
in 2010, natasha romanoff rescued anya avilova from the red room and made the questionable decision to take anya in herself. four years later, anya has left her time at...
Chances - 1D KidFic by ScarletteRose25
Chances - 1D KidFicby ScarletteRose25
Liam and Louis have been married for a while and they decide to adopt children. It's not always easy as they're still trying to figure their children out, but that doesn...
Family troubles by CC_originalzz1D
Family troublesby CC_originalzz1D
(The cover is made by a wonderful person on tumblr! So full credit to her ana-horan) Niall was a troubled sixteen year old. He was always getting into trouble which ange...
All I Want (Larry Stylinson) by LHStylinson
All I Want (Larry Stylinson)by LHStylinson
When Harry and Louis got together it wasn't under the best circumstances. Louis was taken by another. But go figure that the way they ended up together is the very same...