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"calum and you against ashton and i." "deal, we'll have y'all beat in no time." - © wastethemalum 2017
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11:12 ; Lashton ✓ by lashtonbros
11:12 ; Lashton ✓by haley * :・゚
the one where Luke's a little fuckboy who texts bitches at 11:12, making their wishes come true. book one of the 11:11 series.
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5sos Oneshots - boyxboy by vamps_5sos_penguinnn
5sos Oneshots - boyxboyby Vamps_5sos
5sos Oneshots obviously. Gonna be smutty and sad ones. Mostly with Cal cause he's a cute lil dude. There's gonna be a lot of ot4 and yh, enjoy
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5SOS Smut & Fluff One Shots (boyxboy and straight) by italiandressing69
5SOS Smut & Fluff One Shots ( Feliz Navidaddy
It's got straight smut, straight fluff, gay smut, gay fluff. Weehoo. ~ Going to start updating frequently so keep it in your library I guess
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step brother /malum/ ✔️ by dontfightthefeelsman
step brother /malum/ ✔️by 🌧kms🌧
"What is a little princess like you doing posting such dirty things?" Calum asked and Michael shrugged "words" Calum reminded him "I don't know...
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Attached ; Malum ✓ by lashtonbros
Attached ; Malum ✓by haley * :・゚
❝I know you're gay, but I'll take you straight to homecoming.❞ or the one in which Michael and Calum have always had a brotherly love, until well, it became less brother...
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•5 Seconds Of Summer Mpreg One-Shots• by thejerseydiaries
•5 Seconds Of Summer Mpreg ·*ೃ what cute ·*ೃ
Lashton; Mashton; Cashton; Muke; Cake; Malum; C.A.L.M. (OT4); OT3; Breastfeeding; Wet Nurse; Anything else you may come up with | Completed |
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prom dress. = lashton = by yeteyeye
prom dress. = lashton =by soyabean
DISCONTINUED, but feel free to read the current chapters p.s. i might bring it back if y'all want it :) "i'm sitting here, crying in my prom dress" a story whe...
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5SOS b×b smut  by usernameistakenUwU
5SOS b×b smut by Bella lockett
The ultimate collection of kinky 5sos B×B & OT4 smut I hope y'all enjoy, please give me validation 😳 ~currently editing the next smut~
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5SOS Smut | boyxboy by HolyAFIx94
5SOS Smut | boyxboyby Boo
Is there more to explain, other than what the title already gives? (: REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED *~*~*~* Credits to me (HolyAFIx94), as I write all of these myself. There...
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5sos smutty one-shots by 11sarahelizabeth
5sos smutty one-shotsby 11sarahelizabeth
REQUESTS OPEN. This will be MEGA HOMO so grab your bibles and start reading
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5SOS Smut | boyxboy | Vol. 2 by HolyAFIx94
5SOS Smut | boyxboy | Vol. 2by Boo
Part two and yet again; is there more to explain, other than what the title gives? (: REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED *~*~*~* Credits to me (HolyAFIx94), as I write all of the...
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Teasing (c.a.l.m. Ot4) by _black_balloon_
Teasing (c.a.l.m. Ot4)by Jade :)
All the 5sos boys are BROTHERS. Michael is the baby of the family and he gets whatever he wants by whatever I mean WHATVERE he wants from candy to kisses and much more...
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FIFA || Malum by GiraffeLegsLuke
FIFA || Malumby still low quality
"So Soccer Player, you think you'll get it easy? Babe, you've got another thing coming for you." "You just called me babe." "... I take that bac...
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Ageplay One Shots! ( boyxboy ) by 5sosageplay
Ageplay One Shots! ( boyxboy )by 5sosageplay
Heyy!!! Here are some ageplay one shots that I wrote with your guys' prompts. I only write 5sos bromance one shots☺ Please send in prompts!!!
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Fifth Half (l.h.) ✔️ by trishcatfish
Fifth Half (l.h.) ✔️by tri
The fifth half that fell in love with her best friend. (social media x pov) #1 in LUKEHEMMINGS (06/29/19)
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Connection ; Lashton ✓ by lashtonbros
Connection ; Lashton ✓by haley * :・゚
"knock knock" "who's this?" "the fuck dude, u r suppose to reply with who's there" or the one where Luke likes to message random numbers an...
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fuck me up :: 5sos bxb smut by -lashtoff
fuck me up :: 5sos bxb smutby — bb
"hi i'd like one order of fuck me up fam." © -lashtoff 2017 ...
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answer me, you fool ➼ ot4 by 0mg5soskilledme
answer me, you fool ➼ ot4by 1-800-LONGDONG
when an accidental text gets sent to the wrong (right) people daddy!michael/calum submissive!luke daddy/submissive!ashton MPREG T- texting chapter A- normal actual chap...
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baby // lashton AU by polypeptide_papi
baby // lashton AUby e xx
where luke hemmings is a famous model with an instagram account and ashton is just a simple fanboy 2019!luke 2013!ashton side ships: larry, malum TRIGGER WARNINGS: MENT...
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