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Still Kicking (RWBY X German reader) on hold (for now) by Heaven-fell
Still Kicking (RWBY X German Sleeper.
Read the description because I ain't explaining it here. This is a semi- new idea so of its bad lay off me
Daybreak by AEVanSell
Daybreakby A.E. VanSell
Anya Engle is an orphan. Born in Germany, she moved to forks when adopted by an old woman to be a maid. But Anya has a secret. She is a witch. She can read minds and con...
The kraut in hell (Loona x male reader) by JacobGreene96
The kraut in hell (Loona x male Jacob Greene
You are a boy soldier in ww1, when you are struck by a sniper. It was late December, 1914. You are 17 (btw in this story Loona is 19), and when you get to hell, you meet...
Arrival of a Wehrmacht [RWBY x BFV Volume 1] by DylanoRevs
Arrival of a Wehrmacht [RWBY x Operator Dylano
A 17 year old boy from a tank crew got himself lost through the ruined cities of Cologne during the final days of WW2 on the Western front. There he mysteriously was Tra...
The Assassin's Weakness by SVLerata
The Assassin's Weaknessby Kahra
Kamo is doing her last year of high school. She is focused on her grades especially after the last boy broke her heart. She finds herself falling for a man, someone who...
A Dangerous Game by AugustLikeTheMonth
A Dangerous Gameby August
The year is 1942 and Europe is at the height of World War Two. Mila Goldstein, a Dutch Jew living in occupied Holland, has signed on as an informant for the British Secr...
Stars May Collide by ellekirks
Stars May Collideby elle kirks
Childhood best friends to enemies to lovers. Alina wants nothing to do with the rebellious bad boy, Liam Somner. Which is difficult, because he goes to her school. And l...
young love {five hargreeves} by gothgirlxpeep
young love {five hargreeves}by lee :)
Denn wenn man jung, unerfahren ist, und sich liebt, passieren Schicksalsschläge. Und das merken beide schnell. - Als Robyn, bürgerlich Amalie, noch ein Säugling war, wu...
A future | Jude Bellingham by Ta0165
A future | Jude Bellinghamby Sofiahhh
Jude Bellingham 🤍🤍🤍 (COMPLETED)
Attack on Titan Boyfriend Scenarios! by Mythical_Scribbles
Attack on Titan Boyfriend Mythical_Scribbles
The title says it all! Requests are open! I do not own Attack on titan
My Soccer Boy by TheyCallMeRy
My Soccer Boyby Rylee
Summer and Bryce seem to have nothing in common, and the fact that they have to work together in class for a full year just repulses them. An attempt to try to bond outs...
Chemical Poison . Howard Stark by marvel-c-universe
Chemical Poison . Howard Starkby call me howard stark
Ana Lorenz was never good at playing an act, but what happens when family politics and science forces her to fake date Howard Stark? A CHEMICAL KNITTING REWRITE ! NOT CO...
To Love The Russian Bella by Lizzydripping04
To Love The Russian Bellaby Lizzydripping04
*Takes place during Pitch Perfect 2* The Bellas are back and Serafima, or Sera is one of them. Sera is Russian and is an amazing singer. She is Fat Amy's old friend and...
no time to die 4 || aidan gallagher by gothgirlxpeep
no time to die 4 || aidan gallagherby lee :)
{ es wäre gut, erst band 1, 2 & 3 zu lesen 💞} Die Zeit blieb für Aidan und Delilah stehen. Ihr Sohn, Connor, wurde entführt und man fand die Leiche im See. Er wurde erm...
my little moon. {aidan gallagher} by gothgirlxpeep
my little moon. {aidan gallagher}by lee :)
Elle weiß, dass sie bald sterben wird. Sie hat eine Krankheit. Als Elle noch ganz klein war, sterben ihre Eltern. Sie kommt zu einer unfassbar lieben Pflegemutter. Von...
✓ With Love, A German Girl (WW2 Romance) by SuperSuspicious
✓ With Love, A German Girl (WW2 Rosalie Lovejoy
Dear Axel Ackermann, On August 1st, 1936, I met you. With Love, A German Girl In 1936, Lucienne Müller visited the Berlin Olympics. Not only did she see...
ЦАРЬ KAISER - Russian Empire x German Empire by Arrin99423
ЦАРЬ KAISER - Russian Empire x Raudkajull
What do emperors do best? Rule, of course. Enforce, command, and conquer. Russian Empire is described by many negative adjectives: Proud, arrogant, belligerent, and con...
vampire death run {aidan gallagher} by gothgirlxpeep
vampire death run {aidan gallagher}by lee :)
{die story wird eif anders unlogisch & geht auch bisschen in die richtung von der berühmten ‚twilight' filmreihe und der serie ‚vampire diaries' ❤️} Vampire hin und her...
German Engineering At It's Finest [VTuber Male Reader X VTuber Harem] by Monolithic_Regressor
German Engineering At It's Ciel Sakurajima
Y/n Schnee, a German VTuber that goes by the name Eugen, is a streamer that can speak in multiple languages like English, Japanese, German, Tagalog, and Russian. Due to...
Call of Duty World War II -- Peace At Any Price by RickyAdams9
Call of Duty World War II -- Ricky Adams
Nathan Thorn is a young US Army private who joins up due to his brothers death in Africa. He will face death, feel it. Nathan must suffer through almost constant loss as...