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I'm Fine You Idiot (bxb) by The13thDemon
I'm Fine You Idiot (bxb)by The13thDemon
*COMPLETED* Charlie is an 11th grader who is trying to find his place in the world, all the while trying to navigate the ferocity and complexity of high school. He hasn...
BTS Angst by Namjoonwink
BTS Angstby hannah
BTS×Reader Angst~ Hope you enjoy!! #1 in btsangst [200114] #1 in btsangst [201118] #1 in btsangst [201218] #2 in btsangst [200106] #6 in brokenheart [200531] #10 in cry ...
Rodrick Story (idk what to call it) by -That_Boii-
Rodrick Story (idk what to call it)by Jackie
So basically I watched diary of a wimpy kid with my younger stepbrother and I got the feels for Rodrick again, ngl there wasn't any Rodrick book that tickled my fancy so...
Would You Run? Crankiplier high school AU by crankmyplier1020
Would You Run? Crankiplier high sc...by ✨Em✨
Ethan is a badass emo, Mark is a bully Jock, and shit happens man idk read more to find out TW: homophobic slurs, mentions of self harm and there will probably be smut
The possessive Type  by writer_NY_
The possessive Type by writer_NY_
The late nights in New York are what Harriet Anderson lives for; especially on her best friends birthday. When she decides to go to a new night club, she doesn't expect...
I'm Here { Lukanette FF } by coldheartxalone
I'm Here { Lukanette FF }by coldheartxalone
"Don't hurt him! What'd he do to you?" "Thank... thank you..." -- "If you hurt her, I'll break your spine." "Luka...?" {}{}{}{}{}...
A Reylo Romance: "Don't be Afraid, I Feel it Too" by BiancaWatson
A Reylo Romance: "Don't be Afraid...by Bianca Rowena
The battle on Starkiller base has been won, but can Rey escape her internal battle? Kylo's voice still calls to her in her sleep, and his words "I can show you the...
Rodrick's Plan *** A Rodrick x Reader Fan fiction by MrsRodrickHeffley
Rodrick's Plan *** A Rodrick x Rea...by MrsRodrickHeffley
You have moved to Plainview because you earned a scholarship that requires courses your school doesn't provide. Rodrick Heffley, your neighbor and town Bad Boy, decides...
rodrick heffley imagines by babiexbuggy
rodrick heffley imaginesby stupid ugly bug
just sum imagines about the og emo kid! lowercase is intended. requests are open!
Our Emo {BakuDekuTodo} by PhantomFerret
Our Emo {BakuDekuTodo}by ♡ Queen Rat ♡
"Leave me alone, you annoying brats." Todoroki snapped at the two boys. (Cover is not mine)
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Wish upon a star (BoyxBoy) by Book_Liver607
Wish upon a star (BoyxBoy)by Book_Liver607
We were in the middle of class when the hottest guys barged into the class. "Why are you late to class?" Mrs. Yake yelled. "I am sorry miss, but we are ne...
The Rebel Next Door: A Rodrick Heffley x Reader Fan Fiction by MrsRodrickHeffley
The Rebel Next Door: A Rodrick Hef...by MrsRodrickHeffley
You have been living next to Rodrick Heffley for 8 years, and you are as close as can be, but what will happen when you realize you want Rodrick to be a bit closer? Aren...
Fix Me, I'm Broken by Ana11e1y
Fix Me, I'm Brokenby Ana11e1y
Walking into an empty house is normal to me. I guess I got tired of saying 'I'm home' when nobody is home to reply. It wasn't always like this. I remember when our fami...
I Bet I Can Make Him Smile (Boyxboy) by ALEXxTOBY
I Bet I Can Make Him Smile (Boyxbo...by Alex Ben
*BEING REWRITTEN! BETTER VERSION IN THE PROCESS OF UPDATING IN MY STORIES* Storm Miles is a seventeen-year-old boy who lives alone with his little brother Luca. Storm is...
Grow Up (Frerard) [Teacher/Student] by SR-PictureShow
Grow Up (Frerard) [Teacher/Student]by Stella
Gerard is a troubled student. By senior year, his father has just died, his brother is shunning him, and he's lacking friends. Things only get worse when he falls for Fr...
Country Girls Do It Better... Book 1 Of The Healing Through Horses Trilogy by phantomhippy03
Country Girls Do It Better... Book...by Austin McCallin
She was a 17 Year old country girl with a mind of her own. He was an 18 year old country boy who was stubborn as a mule... Let's see who wins. Kate Leeson is the kind of...
Oumasai one shots by MissOumasai
Oumasai one shotsby /(・ × ・)\
Just a load of one shots. Spoiler: I'm not good at writing. I hope you enjoy. There will be references to other animes in this like Ace Attorney and Kakegurui
30 days with a demon | Frank Iero x Reader by AnyStalker707
30 days with a demon | Frank Iero...by Any Stalker 707
(Y/n) decides to summon a demon to be their fake boyfriend so they wouldn't need to go out with a guy who kept repeatedly asking them to do so. Obviously, summoning a de...
Master and his kitten by 3m0_K1tt3n
Master and his kittenby Stupid face
Hai this is gonna be a bdsm/ kitten play/ bondage type story. Alex is kitten and jake is her master. 18+ content
The Hijabi's Badboys by JrayIaaN
The Hijabi's Badboysby Rayaan
I felt a strong grip pull me to a corner, I look up to see him. "Would you please just listen" "No! Let go of me!" I yell struggling to get out o...