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It All Started In Walmart (An Andy Biersack Love story) by MILLENNIALIDIOTx
It All Started In Walmart (An Shawnee Lynn
Skye is your avarage BVB fan. What happens when one night her and her friends take the late night shift at Walmart and have to save BVB and BOTDF from crazy fans? What h...
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Andy Biersack Imagines by BringMeSebTheTurtle
Andy Biersack Imaginesby Hiding Profile From Family
STARTING TO WRITE BOYXBOY ONE'S AS WELL. This is a series of Andy Biersack imagines and I am currently taking requests.
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Andy Biersack's Baby Girl by TheKatieJohnson666
Andy Biersack's Baby Girlby Katie Johnson
Andy just discovers he has a 3 week old daughter named Danny/ Danielle they go on so many journeys throughout this story.
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Can You Feel My Heart? (Candy) by AaronLikesPie1
Can You Feel My Heart? (Candy)by AaronTheFemale
Black Veil Brides are on the Set The World On Fire tour. They are on the tour bus heading to San Diego from Chicago. Andy gets mad at CC for messing up when they played...
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Black Veil Brides by bvbintheend1
Black Veil Bridesby MC
crappy fanfic writing on wrote them in less than 5 minutes. (supposed to be funny so yeah.) one shot
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Song Bird, A Black Veil Brides Fanfic by DaniCalifornia712
Song Bird, A Black Veil Brides DaniCalifornia712
***Warning, Smut*** Maria Valera is a 23 year old recent college graduate, and she's just landed her first job and moved into her new house, but when a rock band that sh...
Andley one shot by CherryBombU
Andley one shotby BamBamFamFam
Smut/ Boy x Boy/ Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy smutty one shot ;) black veil brides
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Young - An Andley Oneshot by xprettyboyashx
Young - An Andley Oneshotby Ash
A tiny mini twoshot thing
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The Monster In My Town(Andley)#wattys2017 by Razorblade2
The Monster In My Town(Andley) #XoXoAllTheLove
Hi im Andy biersack and im 24 years old,i was happy with my life and how it was. i would go to work come home change and go out to choose my next victim, it was simple y...
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Let Your Heart Soar (Danny Worsnop Fan Fic - A Love To Give Book #2) by iluvsws_ptv
Let Your Heart Soar (Danny Hi-Me
Cassidy and Danny have been friends forever. Now that Danny has finally confessed his love to her, the couple is engaged. Cassidy can't wait to married and she's never b...
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Fangirl Zodiac by AngiGleekLovatic
Fangirl Zodiacby Paint it Black & Take it Back
Wondering who celebrity would be the perfect match for you? Ever thought of which song decribes you? You can learn now by your zodiac sign!! :D (Theses are going to be a...
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Unlimited (Andy Biersack y Tu) FF by KkamBaby
Unlimited (Andy Biersack y Tu) FFby ~Iara~
"¿Es Divertido Conocer los Limites del Placer?"
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It Feels Like I'm Sleepwalking - BMTH, SWS, BVB Fan Fic. by madaymaddy
It Feels Like I'm Sleepwalking - maddy ( ◠‿◠ )
[completed with sequel: Can You Hear The Silence?] Libby, Alice, and I go on the craziest adventure of Warped Tour. Metting our favorite bands like Sleeping With Sirens...
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Fifty Shades of Andy. (Andy Biersack Love Story.) by Desi_Morgue
Fifty Shades of Andy. (Andy Desi Morgue <3
Misery is a seventeen year old girl who works for AP magazine. But when her coworker calls in sick, she is then assigned to go interview young rock singer, Andy Biersack...
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monster by ChanteDixon
monsterby chanté dixon
Title says it all
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CC's Fallen Angel (Christian Coma Story) by MarinaElizabeth
CC's Fallen Angel (Christian Marina
Description in book
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Bed Room Walls Are My Only Friends by CastielIsmyAngel1666
Bed Room Walls Are My Only Friendsby CastielIsmyAngel1666
It all started Halloween night. Ashley and CC thought it would be awesome to go trick or treating as well as pranking. they toilet papered many of their friends houses b...
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Light My World by ReverseThisCurse666
Light My Worldby Reverse
Andy Biersack, lead singer of Black Veil Brides. Handsome, witty, funny, and absolutely charming. He's been in the band since its beginning; 9 years. His life is an exci...
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In Love With My Best Friend? by Renee_Rae02
In Love With My Best Friend?by Renee Rae
Bailey has been best friends with Andy for as long as she can remember but, when things begin to change she discovers she may feel something else!
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The Other Side (BOOK 1) by thisiskvren
The Other Side (BOOK 1)by Karen
Magic always comes with a price. And Katelyn Olson, Ricky Horror's sister, finds herself paying it. - (A Mortal Instruments inspired fanfic)
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