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The Adventures of Femme, Daredevil & Crow by Luci_Bvb
The Adventures of Femme, Luci Black
Andy Biersack has often wondered what happens when he and his wife Juliet go away for work or tour. He often wonders what their beloved pets do while they are gone. Fo...
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Dancing in the Darkest Rain | a.b by abbeymshumaker
Dancing in the Darkest Rain | a.bby Abbey Shumaker
book 1 ❣︎ Piper Vance's parents divorced when she was only 5, but after her mother takes a job in Italy, Piper has no choice but to move in with her father to the small...
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Love Me Forever by JaneysWorld
Love Me Foreverby Jane
Will love bring them back together or will they stay how they are forever.
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his fallen angel (remake!)|| andy biersack by Ryo1234
his fallen angel (remake!)|| r🌻
sadie houston was a music writer and no doubt had extreme talent. she's written countless amounts of songs, but all stopped when she got her heart shattered and she stop...
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Time won't heal, but maybe memories will. by aliyssaa
Time won't heal, but maybe aliyssaa
Remington Leith and Andy Biersack didn't end well. They ended with fights and nights spent sleeping on the couch. But the memories they carry from years spent in love m...
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The King of Pain (Andy Biersack/Black Love Story) by doctorbeat_
The King of Pain (Andy Biersack/ doctorbeat_
This is probably crappy but oh well... Andy is a majorly feared and rich gang leader, looking for bait for a big business move he has. Riley is a stubborn and sassy Clev...
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Defiance by Lizzy_Rose12
Defianceby Lizzy Rose
It's been two years since the wars ended, since Humanity was restored. And since that day... ...nothing has been the same. It's been 6 months since he disappeared. They'...
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Falling In Love With My History Teacher  by fallenangels91
Falling In Love With My History Dessie
Read and find out....
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My Little Devil (Brendon Urie X Reader) by Paradisekpennycuff
My Little Devil (Brendon Urie X ✨Paradise✨
Y/N Y/l/N was killed on her very own porch but there is no heaven instead the devil himself comes and retrieves her body bringing her to hell but she isnt afraid and he...
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Changing a Convict (Andy Biersack/Andy Black Love Story) by doctorbeat_
Changing a Convict (Andy doctorbeat_
Riley is a punk rock little Los Angeles producer and mixer for many bands and was in My Chemical Romance as the drummer before that. She also works as a fill in for band...
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How to be Held by LEILASOWDA
How to be Heldby LEILA SOWDA
" I don't know you," I told him looking into his eyes again. He looked at the floor thinking, "why do you have to know me?" He asked looking up. I st...
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Various Band Member DDM by underscoreandy
Various Band Member DDMby alexandra
daddy daughter moments with various band members! REQUESTS OPEN! this book with include chapters with many different band members, but if you're looking for Brendon Uri...
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Stay with me {R.Leith }{Adopted by Andy Biersack} by Emo_Girl_Bath_Water
Stay with me {R.Leith }{Adopted 🖤❤️Cass❤️🖤
'You held me tight,As the walls came crumbling down.We lost our place, Somewhere along the way. I need you to stay.' -bad wolf ⚠️self harm, Swearing, Angst, depression...
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Lost it all by Generalkenobi123
Lost it allby Amelia (mimi) Chatton
she was singing into a microphone when she saw me she waved and smiled that smile made butterflies in my stomach I just watched her singing so I wasn't ready for what ha...
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My Dark Knight by XxbridesmaidxX
My Dark Knightby saintsofthexblood
"You have to promise me you'll stay when you see the real me, who I really am." Harper never thought about working for Black Veil Brides as a merch tent girl b...
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𝖊𝖒𝖔 𝖇𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖚𝖒𝖊 2 by cherryawsten
𝖊𝖒𝖔 𝖇𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 � alexis ♡
imagines about our favorite emo bands - panic! at the disco - all time low - black veil brides/andy black - palaye royale - twenty one pilots - waterparks - kellin quin...
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BVB One-shots by Skyy030
BVB One-shotsby Peter
Just a bunch of one shots that may eventually be turned into one-shots stories
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Savior (Andy Biersack Love Story) by doctorbeat_
Savior (Andy Biersack Love Story)by doctorbeat_
Riley's poor heart is crushed one day leaving her bitter and her heart cold. Can a certain someone who stumbles into her life help her heart heal?
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-Andy Biersack imagines- by opiu32
-Andy Biersack imagines-by opiu32
So uhhh this is gonna be an imagines book. imma do fluffiez too :) - i hope u guys like ittt -i can take requests, but if u want a shMuT, please write it and send it...
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Palaye Royale Preferences xo by _lovethevoid
Palaye Royale Preferences xoby Remingtons.nutella
Palaye Royale preferences REQUESTS OPEN
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