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Pickup ˚ ✦ . Andy Biersack by SEX-DRIVE
Pickup ˚ ✦ . Andy Biersackby ·.+leecнy+.·
"I picked her up at a gas station, Now I'm in love with her." cover by @MORBID-FASlNATION
Too Tipsy ˚ ✦ . MGK + Andy Biersack by SEX-DRIVE
Too Tipsy ˚ ✦ . MGK + Andy Biersackby ·.+leecнy+.·
"Maybe I can't help but be interested in the both of you, maybe I'm not interested in either."
Yes Daddy «Andley»  by PastelPurdy
Yes Daddy «Andley» by Whore
Dressed up all in leather, I kneel down in front of him. He lifts my skirt at the back, showing my tight, lace thong. I can hear him moaning as he grips hold off my arse...
Sex Slave by cheyeneNichole
Sex Slaveby Get over yourself
You'll See / Its with Andy Biersack😜
Andy Biersack x reader pt.1 (COMPLETE) by iamsatan69420666
Andy Biersack x reader pt.1 ( husBANDS coincidence i think...
A love story between the reader and Andy biersack (Y/n)= your name (F/n)= friends name
The Wretched and Divine Series Book I: The Unspoken ✔ {#Wattys2016} by BrittanyLe3
The Wretched and Divine Series Misaki & CatLoves_BVB
A story where a confused and broken girl falls into the arms of a fallen angel; a dark, cryptic creature by the name of Andy Biersack. What will become of them in a worl...
Monster {A.B} by lil_sunlight
Monster {A.B}by ✨Lexi Garcia✨
"your crazy." How dare he. "I'm only crazy for you baby." _____________ __________________
Andy Biersack DDM by underscoreandy
Andy Biersack DDMby ☆
daddy-daughter moments with andy biersack! REQUESTS OPEN! for more ddms, check out my books Brendon Urie DDM and Various Band Member DDM! (unlike my other ddm books, thi...
band smut & imagines [requests closed]  by timothy_chamlet
band smut & imagines [requests :)
This book is a smut and fluff book. *Hence the title* I will be taking requests, so REQUEST, REQUEST, REQUEST!! Any band member you can think of!! - Chase Atlantic ...
Neighbors (Complete) by emomusic_123
Neighbors (Complete)by 𝖄𝖆𝖟𝖒𝖊𝖓 𝕽𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖔
Remington and Andy were neighbors since they were kids. Andy was best friends with Sebastian, Remington's older brother. Andy always acted like he hated Remington but on...
Andy Biersack Imagines by BringMeSebTheTurtle
Andy Biersack Imaginesby Hiding Profile From Family
STARTING TO WRITE BOYXBOY ONE'S AS WELL. This is a series of Andy Biersack imagines and I am currently taking requests.
I didn't know it was you! (Andy sixx story) :FINISHED: by beth_any
I didn't know it was you! (Andy bethany
Olivia Hill is just a normal girl who goes to a normal school, but her life isn't normal. She get's bullied and gets pushed around and is treated like dirt. She has nobo...
Love at First Blackout by sunflowerfortunado
Love at First Blackoutby sunflowerfortunado
Savannah Rivera is a 23 year old owner of a bar. She may work all the time, but she doesn't mind. She loves her job. However, everyone around her seems to think she work...
REMDY ONE SHOTS by wind_and_spark
☀︎One shots for Andy Biersack & Remington Leith because I love this ship <3 ☀︎Send me requests for one shots!! ☀︎Mostly Angst/Fluff which means LOTS of Remdy cuddles...
dear violet ❁ andy biersack (currently editing) by bluelitany
dear violet ❁ andy biersack ( ange
❝two wrongs won't make a right, you know. but when i dared you to kiss me, i didn't dare you to do the right thing. doing the right thing is just way too easy these day...
Names In The Night [COMPLETED] by bands_before_boys
Names In The Night [COMPLETED]by bands_before_boys
First day of school. Oh god. This is the third school I've been to in the past three years. No matter what I'm always teased wherever I go, and this school can't be any...
The stargazer by ccalumllukemikeyashh
The stargazerby Blade
Chis is the son of Andy beirsack and Juliet Simms. Instead of going into the music business he becomes a photographer and his parents still support him. He soon becomes...
stargazer || andy biersack x juliet simms by underscoreandy
stargazer || andy biersack x ☆
Andy's life was falling apart. Nothing seemed to go right for him, and he savored every drop of serotonin he could get. He's all alone, until two new people enter his l...
Andy Biersack imagines by wind_and_spark
Andy Biersack imaginesby Chloe
Just a bunch of Imagines about Andy. -There will be Andley and Remdy in this (and possibly some others) -I also take requests, so message me a request and I'll get bac...
Beautiful Remains by xbandxficsx
Beautiful Remainsby xbandxficsx
"Because I'm afraid that if I see you cry in front of me, I'll apologize and beg for you to be mine, but I can't do that," "Why not?" "I can't h...