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Good Boys like Bad Guys - Andley by RachelPurdy121
Good Boys like Bad Guys - Andleyby RachelPurdy121
Ashley is the towns bad biker boy that Andy happens to fall in love with. Will Ashley be able to commit to a relationship or will this just be another toy to him?
Kellin Quinn.. My step dad by xoRMG44xo
Kellin Quinn.. My step dadby RMG
Hello, my name is Scarlett Gomez. I'm the daughter of Kellin Quinn, well not really he's my step dad. But he treats me like his birth daughter. Things get pretty crazy o...
Daddy's Little Surprise by sweeti_hannah
Daddy's Little Surpriseby Hannah Tucker
"Who was that little girl?" Jinxx asked Andy. "My daughter." Andy replied happily. It was an accident that night on the tour bus, one thing led to an...
Adopted by Andy Biersack?! (COMPLETED) by reese_bvb
Adopted by Andy Biersack?! ( Mom af
10 Year old, Lainey Haze, does not have an easy life. Her mother died, her brother was in a car accident and never found, and her father beats her. When she finds out th...
Christian Coma Adopted Me by rah-rah000
Christian Coma Adopted Meby Rah-Rah :)
My name is Rachael and I have been in this orphanage for over 6 years. My parents died from alcohol posioning. All my other relatives are either dead or in Jail. I make...
Cliché (Andy Biersack) by NoemChopsky
Cliché (Andy Biersack)by SandlerHandler
Sophie Williams, painter, daughter, friend, ex girlfriend. Andy Biersack, singer, son, friend, doesn't date. Who knows where their story leads after their parents set t...
That time I met you Andy by RebelRoyaleX
That time I met you Andyby Rebel
After a really harsh breakup, Andy hasn't been himself most of the time. Raven, a mute girl comes into the guys lives. Can she change Andy, or will she be pushed away wi...
Andy Biersack fanfiction - Accidents Happen *COMPLETED* (≧∇≦) by unimooses
Andy Biersack fanfiction - unimooses
Andy was struggling with drugs, alcohol--you name it. I wanted to stay with him to keep him stable, but I couldn't deny how much he was hurting me. And of course, when I...
EDITTING! Adopted by Kellin Quinn (SWS,PTV+BVB) by HopeWithLove24215
EDITTING! Adopted by Kellin KatieLauren
Elle and her best friend Jordi live in care but one day when two rock stars get them to transfer from London to San Diego, their lives are flipped upside down and sidew...
Irredeemable (TeacherxStudent) Andy Biersack by Kace_n
Irredeemable (TeacherxStudent) ThatGirlKatie
Lucy was always a troublemaker. Everyone gave up upon her, even she did. But he was different. His smile is what saved her. Can she keep him in secret? This is all too r...
Beautiful Mistake by Flyawaysleepysirens
Beautiful Mistakeby Flyawaysleepysirens
Andy and Ashley are off tour and buy a house together. After a drunk night they create something unimaginable that could change their lifes for the better or for the wor...
Andy Biersack Is My Brother by broken_beauty_x
Andy Biersack Is My Brotherby Chelsea
Jordan is Andy Biersack's little sister. She has so many things wrong with her and just wants to end it all. What will happen when the boys find out and she's forced to...
Never Forget || Andy Biersack FanFiction  by iridescentfawn
Never Forget || Andy Biersack iridescentfawn
When people hear the name "Andrew Biersack", they instantly think of the rockstar and lead singer of Black Veil Brides. Globally loved and famous, right? To Sk...
The Mystic's Gift [Completed] by TinaLuvsPurdy
The Mystic's Gift [Completed]by Christina
Chantelle was born with an inherited eye disease which caused her to be legally blind and isolate her from the world. But that will all change for her once her mom's old...
adopted by andy biersack by g0ldenxx
adopted by andy biersackby i luv merlyn wood
****MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING**** Andy Biersack adopts a 17 year old girl named Darcy. She suffers from mental illnesses and had a very rough child hood. Will it be too much...
Band Imagines by mediagirl94
Band Imaginesby Beth Robinson
Band Imagines! Because why the hell not! I'm not picky when it comes to band *NO 1D FOR THE LOVE OF GOD* so I'm pretty open :)
Good Girl (A.B) by harrystylesthelmol
Good Girl (A.B)by Harry Styles
Jinxx's younger sister Maddie is a goodie goodie. She has good grades, popular, is an honor band student, has an amazing baseball player boyfriend. So what happens when...
I watch you like a hawk _Oli Sykes Fanfiction by OthiliaPedersen
I watch you like a hawk _Oli OthiliaPedersen
Kathryn Hail has had her fair share of sorrow and traumatic experiences in her life. Now, she is the lead vocalist of the band Shattered Dreams that she founded after he...
Class Dismissed (Vic Fuentes) ✔️ by LexusRat
Class Dismissed (Vic Fuentes) ✔️by Mouse
Chelsea begins her third year of college, but due to a prior incident, a lot changes on campus and all of the dorms get mixed up. Chelsea finds herself having to share h...
Daddy's little Angel  by Small-emo-bean
Daddy's little Angel by xxash_avalanchexx
Violet is a broken girl who can barely take care of herself. What will happen when she meets her new boss? Can she keep it together for her boss, Mr. Biersack? Or will M...