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My Dark Knight by XxbridesmaidxX
My Dark Knightby saintsofthexblood
Highest ranking : #1 in andyblack "You have to promise me you'll stay when you see the real me, who I really am." Harper never thought about working for Black...
Irredeemable (TeacherxStudent) Andy Biersack by Kace_n
Irredeemable (TeacherxStudent) ThatGirlKatie
Lucy was always a troublemaker. Everyone gave up upon her, even she did. But he was different. His smile is what saved her. Can she keep him in secret? This is all too r...
The Devil's Kitten (ON HOLD) by awstens_toe
The Devil's Kitten (ON HOLD)by rat
I placed the coffee in front of him. "Anything else Mr. Biersack?". He gave me a dark look. "So many things kitten" Yuna was your ordinary 20 year ol...
Ashley's little sister  by BrendonUrieStalker
Ashley's little sister by Dirt bag ™
Harley Purdy has stayed behind the scene, silently cheering on for her big brother Ashley Purdy as he rocks arenas and lives his dream on stage. Now, instead of screamin...
Andy's Girl ( Andy Biersack Fanfiction) by mysticmartinski
Andy's Girl ( Andy Biersack mystic martinski
I'm done, I hate everybody and everybody seems to hate me, Well my name is Amber Knotts, I'm 19 and I guess I'm different because I like Black Veil Brides, I like dark m...
Andy Biersack x reader pt.1 (COMPLETE) by iamsatan69420666
Andy Biersack x reader pt.1 ( husBANDS coincidence i think...
A love story between the reader and Andy biersack (Y/n)= your name (F/n)= friends name
Beautiful Remains- Andy Biersack Fanfic{LONG CHAPTERS} by Andys_Stolen_Omen
Beautiful Remains- Andy Biersack Geneieve🖤
Cassie and Andy were childhood friends that were always together, that was until Junior year of High School when Cassie and Andy got into a big fight. Cassie dropped out...
Stepbrother by BlackVeilStories
Stepbrotherby BlackVeilStories
Carter Victoria is an only child and a 17 year old Junior in high school. As the school year is coming to an end, her mother announces that she will be getting married...
Love, drugs and music (BVB and more bands love story) ON HOLD  by Black_x_Brides
Love, drugs and music (BVB and Black_X_Brides
Jaden was just a small town ordinary country girl working in a bakery/café to pay rent. When her life changes when someone accidentally over hears her singing. Will she...
Kidnapped By Killers by JennaBreezyy
Kidnapped By Killersby Jenna Breezy
"You never expect anything bad to happen in small towns. They're usually just filled with families, and friends, who love each other. Rolling Meadows was a town whe...
Andy Biersack x reader pt.2 by iamsatan69420666
Andy Biersack x reader pt.2by husBANDS coincidence i think...
(Y/n) and Andy have been married for a few years and now have a baby boy. But what will happen as their son Mitch grows up
Pickup ˚ ✦ . αndч вíєrѕαck by SEX-DRIVE
Pickup ˚ ✦ . αndч вíєrѕαckby ·.+leecнy+.·
"I picked her up at a gas station, Now I'm in love with her." cover by @MORBID-FASlNATION
The Hotness of Andy Biersack  by goldenwatts
The Hotness of Andy Biersack by STREAM THE BASTARDS
you might want to grab a bottle of water while scrolling through these (lowercase intended)
Obsessive by nottudrugdealer
Obsessiveby 𝙡𝙚𝙤
Sequel To Possessive, go read that first or you won't understand this!!! I won't put up the description here, since I guess it would spoil how Possessive ended. So the d...
~ Tweet ~ Andy Biersack x reader by sophiawaldgrave
~ Tweet ~ Andy Biersack x readerby Sophia Waldgrave
A story revolving around you and your brother Matt, your friends makes you tweet at Andy as a joke, but will that tweet be the start of your future? -------- This is a A...
Andy Biersack Imagines by BringMeSebTheTurtle
Andy Biersack Imaginesby Hiding Profile From Family
STARTING TO WRITE BOYXBOY ONE'S AS WELL. This is a series of Andy Biersack imagines and I am currently taking requests.
breathless; awsten knight by allie2k2
breathless; awsten knightby allie
𝑨𝑾𝑺𝑻𝑬𝑵 𝑲𝑵𝑰𝑮𝑯𝑻. ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- in which @awstenknight started following you. @awstenknight liked one of your photos
Children Of Fire || Andy Biersack  by Ms_SkyeClark
Children Of Fire || Andy Biersack by Skye Clark
SEQUEL TO 'SONS OF WAR' The Guardian Angels of earth, formerly fallen angels (plus Pemelia, a fairy from Natirel), are learning society step by step, living with you and...
Andy's Secret Daughter? by Loudmusicquietworld
Andy's Secret Daughter?by B
One day it all just happened. Andy remembers it clearly. A little girl walked up to Andy with big blue eyes. "Daddy?" She asked. "Uh sorry kid you got the...
•Andy Biersack x Reader• {DDLG} by x-queen-of-pain-x
•Andy Biersack x Reader• {DDLG}by 🖤Death & Sarcasm🖤
(Y/n), a quiet girl from a small Oregon town, is in her final year of college, but not living the college party life. She lives with her best friend, Kellin Quinn, and h...