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Querencia | Tony Stark's Daughter by herehavesomefanfic
Querencia | Tony Stark's Daughterby herehavesomefanfic
Blaise Stark. Product of a one-night stand with a billionaire playboy, abandoned at an orphanage, adopted by Madame B, and plunged into a heartbreaking life in the Red R...
Tony Stark's Daughter [1] by Stark_2023
Tony Stark's Daughter [1]by ✨I DO WHAT I WANT✨
BOOK ONE OF THE TONY STARK'S DAUGHTER SERIES (OCxLoki) ~ "I can't remember who I am... who I was! Do you know how that feels!?" I exclaimed with tears. Dad sta...
Synthetic Soul [LOKI+ AVENGERS FANFIC] by clandestinefangirl
Synthetic Soul [LOKI+ AVENGERS FAN...by clandestinefangirl
[Highest Ranking: #3 In Action] The perks of being Iron Man's daughter include; waltzing through wild parties, hiring handsome bodyguards, and inheriting a billion dolla...
Dancing For Demons  by ClimbingImagination
Dancing For Demons by Rebecca
His mumbling ceased and he turned around slowly, his hands clenched into a fist. As he spoke, his eyes travelled down her body, assessing her strengths and weaknesses fr...
Avengers Daddy's warrior by skoch21
Avengers Daddy's warriorby skoch21
Zoey Rodgers 14 years old never met her father but her mother Peggy talked about him all the time how he saved so many lives and how he was a hero, one night while in th...
Baby Witch| Baby Wanda Maximoff by life_with_M
Baby Witch| Baby Wanda Maximoffby <3
After having a snack and having an argument with Tony Stark, Wanda decides to leave, believing she is a burden. Tony realizes his mistake and the Avengers search through...
Silver Death by SheilaRice1
Silver Deathby SheilaRice1
What, never heard of her? Typical. She has more kills than the Winter Solider. She was taken when she was 4 for her powers. When she escaped she decided to keep her nam...
Memories by Winternights978
Memoriesby Winternights978
(Female Winter Soldier X Captain America) Hi...you may not know me. To be honest...no one does. Well anyway...I'm Bailey...Bailey Buchanan Barnes...and I'm the Winter So...
The One who Survived by Chase_Charming
The One who Survivedby G. Jeffrey Heington
After Steve had "passed", Peggy found out she was pregnant with his child. Eight months later... Olivia Cater/Rogers was born. By her 13th birthday pe...
Arctic Awakening by BaYoCa
Arctic Awakeningby BaYoCa
Bucky Barnes wasn't the only assassin for Hydra. He wasn't the only one stuck in time either. Frozen after each mission, and never awakened unless needed. Zola himself c...
Teamwork  Readerxavengers by georgie1716
Teamwork Readerxavengersby Georgia X
After escaping HYDRA you thought your life could never get better but surprises are all around.. After saving the life of the young Spider-Man and gaining increasing me...
36 by pegasus1327
36by pegasus1327
#number: 36 Mother: 12 Sire: rogue wolf Color: Black Eye color: red Status: active, lethal, DO NOT ENGAGE Partner: Winter Soldier
Avengers The Hacker by skoch21
Avengers The Hackerby skoch21
Skye Grey, wasn't you're normal thirteen year old, she lived on her own under the radar, hacking into any worldwide database she wanted to including HYDRA, but what happ...
Spider In The Dark by CarmenNoord
Spider In The Darkby Carmen Noord
Peter disappeared of the earth for a whole year without anyone knowing where he went. When he did came back, he was acting rather strangly. WinterSpider AU Stony is in h...
Hidden (Avengers x reader) by marvelstan05
Hidden (Avengers x reader)by marvelstan05
You've been hiding from hydra for almost 8 years now, but while staying in New York they find you. Soon you find out that they aren't the only one's whose attention you'...
goddess of mischief➵b.barnes¹ by iamalystark
goddess of mischief➵b.barnes¹by aly
Eira Odindottir or Eira Laufeydottir was Loki's twin sister that was just as mischievous as him, if not more. So it wasn't surprising when she wound up missing after a t...
Are You A Spy? - A Wrong Number Fan Fiction by Ilovetoreadandwrite
Are You A Spy? - A Wrong Number Fa...by Katie
What will happen when Peter Parker accidentally texts Natasha Romanoff? Will she figure out he's the vigilante Spider-Man? If so how will she respond? How long will it t...
Winter's Sister by HalfMiralukanJedi
Winter's Sisterby Aleckina
Maureen Janette Barnes is the kid sister of James Buchanan Barnes. Ree and Bucky, they were called. They were the troublemakers of the town, along with their close frien...
The ghosts we hide (Winter Soldier x OC) by galestxrm
The ghosts we hide (Winter Soldier...by -H O L L Y-
"I didn't mean to hurt you. I could never hurt you." He whispers into my neck. I stroke the back of his head with careful fingers, chin resting lightly atop hi...
Rust and bone | Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes by Marieealt
Rust and bone | Winter Soldier Buc...by Marie
Athena Pierce was her father's greatest achievement. A third super soldier. Robbed from her childhood and teenage years, stripped from her innocence and freedom and for...