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Band of Brothers - Sunshine Solider by wexhappyxfew
Band of Brothers - Sunshine Soliderby 🌻🌻🌻
charlotte tarvers is only 14 when the war breaks out, but 17 when she signs up. she's heard the stories from her parents, lovers who found each other by chance on the fr...
For the Love of War by Mileyisamaniac
For the Love of Warby Mileyisamaniac
Adeline is a German nurse during WW2. When her unit is destroyed, she is captured by the Americans who are in desperate need of her help. She gradually warms up to the A...
Take Me Home by BlueArrow19
Take Me Homeby BlueArrow19
When an injured German soldier washes up on a beach near Freya's home in England, she decides to help him, despite the consequences of helping the enemy. Forced to put...
Band of Brothers Imagines by Angelica_writes_
Band of Brothers Imaginesby Angelica_writes_
All Band of Brothers imagines that I post to hellitwasyoufirstsergeant on tumblr #1 in airborne 3 January 2021 #7 in worldwartwo 26 December 2020 #24 in wwii 15 Decem...
Katja  by Flowerscantfly
Katja by Flowerscantfly
Pskov, Russia No one had expected the Germans to come so soon . No one knew the Germans would defeat Russia so easily. Katja Kuznetsova is an eighteen year old girl w...
Panic Room ➵  Band of Brothers ✓ by nix0ni
Panic Room ➵ Band of Brothers ✓by nixoni
❝ Why do we always have to fight for peace? ❞ © Joseph Liebgott fanfiction all rights go to Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and everyone who worked on it. © cover made by m...
Allies || DNF [WWII AU] by blue_is_typing
Allies || DNF [WWII AU]by ☻ blue ☹︎
A DreamNotFound fanfiction. ~- "Just... sit still for me, okay?" "Anything for you, sweetheart." ~- World War Two. George, a British nurse, works ti...
ICARUS {𝚍.𝚠} by boyyeetsworld
ICARUS {𝚍.𝚠}by boyeetsworld
❝ do you know the story of icarus? ❞ ❝ everything that goes up must come down. ❞ ❝ even icarus fell, danny. ❞ ❝ when I come back, I'm gonna hold you so tight. ❞ ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰...
Band of Brothers Preferences and Imagines by SunflowerThot
Band of Brothers Preferences and I...by SunflowerThot
I noticed not enough stories were about my boys! anyways, please do request, they are always open! Any character, any situation, maybe even a song for me to listen to w...
The Giant From The Depth Goes To Another World ( alicorn x azur lane) by Downneck
The Giant From The Depth Goes To A...by Downneck
alicorn was off from erusea naval to avoid from trigger, but in the middle of his journey. there was something wrong ( The pictures from this book are not from mine)
The Youngest Pevensie by Winter_1027
The Youngest Pevensieby Winter_1027
Katerina "Kat" Pevensie is the youngest of her siblings. She was only six years old when she and her siblings had to leave London to keep safe from the London...
Cerita Pendek Gay dan seumpamanya.  by Ikaiqa17
Cerita Pendek Gay dan seumpamanya. by Ikaiqa17
Kisah kisah pendek yang mengandungi unsur unsur sayang menyayang sesama lelaki. Tiada babak 18sx sebab tak pandai.
Azur Lane : Might of The Dragon by RGX4399
Azur Lane : Might of The Dragonby Ryan
Onwards to the year of 2035, the PLA Navy successfully built their latest supercarrier, Zhejiang of the Type 005 class pocket sized supercarriers. The supercarrier is cu...
Countryhumans x Reader (Slow updates/Old) by Icefang11
Countryhumans x Reader (Slow updat...by End mii
All by yourself, at the age of 18 you moved out. At your new place you start to notice something strange. Little flickers happening in the corner of your eye every now a...
5 Tankers And A Dog In Another World by Thegamingtrooper73
5 Tankers And A Dog In Another Wor...by Oberrichkriegsanwalt Sanchez
1944, a Tiger 1 crew perish in an unforeseen accident but they are not finished, they will encountered new and old foes and meet new people, this is their tale. Cover ma...
The Lost Carrier (USS Gerald Ford X Azur Lane) by NoxturnalNinja
The Lost Carrier (USS Gerald Ford...by NocturnalNinja
Gerald Was Cruising (Vibin) In The Pacific Waters Then Suddently He Collapsed And Suddently Wakes Up In An Unknown Ocean With An Island In It (NOTE: All Of The Name Of C...
Helena Stark: A WWII Widow by KiraKisa
Helena Stark: A WWII Widowby Caelia
Helena Stark is one of the best mechanics in the world. She works alongside with her brother Howard to try to help America during WWII. However, in this time of war and...
The Planeswalker of Remnant (M!Reader X Rwby Harem) by CalebTheFandomGuy
The Planeswalker of Remnant (M!Rea...by CalebTheFandomGuy
What if, 5 years before Team RWBY would be formed, a young man name (y/n), would disappear due to an Atlas Military test gone wrong sends him across the multiverse. And...
An Expensive Solitude: A Band of Brothers Fanfiction by Andreth88
An Expensive Solitude: A Band of B...by Andreth Leigh
At 26, a cold and composed officer of the Women's Auxiliary Corps, Lieutenant Edith Sink is in control of her life. Within the parameters she has set, everything makes...