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For the Love of War by Mileyisamaniac
For the Love of Warby Mileyisamaniac
Adeline is a German nurse during WW2. When her unit is destroyed, she is captured by the Americans who are in desperate need of her help. She gradually warms up to the A...
My savior by wildflowergarden
My saviorby Yasmin
After world war II the us army marches threw berlin.With them Major Oliver Williams.He fought the whole war and can finally go home.But on his last day he finds a german...
unFRIENDLY RIVALRY: countryhumans by Butterscotch-Shibe
unFRIENDLY RIVALRY: countryhumansby Butterscotch-Shibe
Poland is a country with an unpleasant history and many conflicts. Now with the fall of communism, he has managed to pull through the difficult times and move on from th...
England x Reader by Foofy06
England x Readerby Foofy 06
(Y/n) was a small, weak, little country located right next to England. Her and England were best friends and England promised (Y/n) that nothing bad was ever going to ha...
Band of Brothers - Sunshine Solider by wexhappyxfew
Band of Brothers - Sunshine Soliderby 🌻🌻🌻
charlotte tarvers is only 14 when the war breaks out, but 17 when she signs up. she's heard the stories from her parents, lovers who found each other by chance on the fr...
WW2 and WW1 memes by AnimeYoutube6
WW2 and WW1 memesby Anime Youtube
○if you wanna die of laghut, open the book:))
The Summer Home (SAMPLE) by Purplejeans
The Summer Home (SAMPLE)by Ilana Quinn
Paris, 1940. As the Germans invade her beloved city of Paris, aspiring jazz singer Vivienne Dumont leaves everything behind for her family's summer villa in the charming...
The Real Enemy by MsDarkerdays
The Real Enemyby MsDarkerdays
Fear and death had traced the world during the Second World War. When U.S. Army soldier John Owens finds himself stuck underground after an explosion with a young boy, f...
WW2 U.S. Marine X RWBY by Leewashinton
WW2 U.S. Marine X RWBYby Spartan--1775
In 1945, Nazi's Germany surrenders to Allies and so Europe from the Nazi clutches, The Empire of Japan forces are being pushed back towards Japan. A U.S Marine fought in...
The Second Time | countryhumans by iolunex
The Second Time | countryhumansby Dried Miyuk 🍙
When least expected, recently fallen countries from the dead come back to current time. Could some of them get a chance to start everything over? Or would others plan to...
COD WWII || Red String of Fate by warpocky
COD WWII || Red String of Fateby sgt pocky
[ W.PIERSON/Reader ] (CHAPTERS: 9/10) Mutual hate, the promise of everlasting rivalry-, and then, in an odd course of fate, you two stumble headfirst into the same pit. ...
All Things Nice » Band of Brothers by starcrossed-
All Things Nice » Band of Brothersby issie 🧸
"What are little girls made of?" Cutting off all of her hair, faking a medical examination, and signing up for the paratroopers aren't feats that were necessar...
Deception - WWII Resistance / Holocaust Novel by historicole
Deception - WWII Resistance / Holo...by nicole
Holland 1943. Mieke de Jong is tasked to lure German officers to their deaths. She changes her identity. Infiltrates the enemy. She must lie to live. Fight for her freed...
Stuck in Another Damn World (Azur Lane FanFic/Azur Lane x OC's) by Horten141A
Stuck in Another Damn World (Azur...by
In the year of 2061 3 decades since the humanity greatest war The World War III After the brutal and full of madness of war World finally reaching the Peace Point or Pea...
Ad Astra Per Aspera [2] - Band of Brothers by wexhappyxfew
Ad Astra Per Aspera [2] - Band of...by 🌻🌻🌻
Ad Astra Per Aspera is the sequel to The Soldier of Stars. ----------- Waking up disoriented and inside a hospital, that has the dingy army issued light bulbs, the rough...
Death From Below: Season 1: King's Return by Man_With_Two_Wives
Death From Below: Season 1: King's...by Ciel Sakurajima
[Tirpitz x Male Reader] The Leviathan, a creature of the deep resembling a sea serpent with a dragon's head and sometimes tentacles. These creature will strike it's prey...
Cerita Pendek Gay dan seumpamanya.  by Ikaiqa17
Cerita Pendek Gay dan seumpamanya. by Ikaiqa17
Kisah kisah pendek yang mengandungi unsur unsur sayang menyayang sesama lelaki. Tiada babak 18sx sebab tak pandai.
The rising of Northeast Empire by VladimirKlaus
The rising of Northeast Empireby Administrators Vladimir
When demihumans were born, they were assumed to be the lowest of Gaia's races, treated as tools and exploited to the extreme. unfair treatment by other races as a commod...
The Great War of Remnant (Book 1) by Cmonkey512
The Great War of Remnant (Book 1)by Muffin
August 6,1916: the British prepare for an assault on the German trenches. For aristocracy born John Fish, it's just another day in hell. That is until he's knocked uncon...
Soldier // j.j.k by _elin24_
Soldier // j.j.kby eloyinside
'The way everything seems so wrong, but so right. Was it when you promised me you will be back? Or was it the war that you never thought you will come back alive? I long...