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Mostly Girls, und Panzer (Male Reader OC x Girls und Panzer) by Warthunderrager
Mostly Girls, und Panzer (Male Rea...by A random military nerd
Ōarai Girls academy is in a precarious situation, the Ministry of Education has faced alleged "budget cuts" and Ōarai is set to be closed at the end of the fir...
Taken By Him|J.O by faithsrevenge
Taken By Him|J.Oby faithsrevenge
"I don't regret anything that happened,I'm happy that I was Taken By Him.
RWBY x Male Warthunder And His Debils by Fluffanator34
RWBY x Male Warthunder And His Deb...by Frybread Destroyer
(this is my first story so pls dont cringe) It was going to be a normal mission with. your squad and your friend Halfbreed201 Or so you thought.... You find yourself fig...
Tracks and Props (Azur lane Fanfic) by USS_Constellation
Tracks and Props (Azur lane Fanfic)by USS Constellation
A battalion is lost in the argonne...... no, just kidding. Alex and his platoon of Abrams tonks are fighting an unknown enemy in the woods, when suddenly, a flash blind...
Me and the Boy's. by William213214
Me and the Boy's.by Everywhere
Tank fish, GreatMarsh, UltimaVex, DarkAltrax, Food4Life, Setsuna, ChiliEmerald, in Arknights, some members of the Chaos Legion,in Arknights
Reincarnated As a Tank In a New World by Racer_101WarThunder
Reincarnated As a Tank In a New Wo...by Racer 101 War Thunder
Charlie Smith. He's a highly decorated soldiers with several medals awarded to him for his leading capabilities. He once ordered his tank crews to advance to enemy posit...
The Island's Swansong by TheKnightTrain
The Island's Swansongby The Knight Train
The Magic is Gone. Their Universe has been forgotten. The adventures of the engines on the Island of Sodor have captivated generations of children. But as their market s...
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Mostly Girls, und Panzer II: Der Film (Male Reader OC x Girls und Panzer)  by Warthunderrager
Mostly Girls, und Panzer II: Der F...by A random military nerd
With Ōarai triumphant in the 63rd National Sensha-dō tournament, and their means of triumph dwarfing anyone's expectations. The world of Sensha-dō is now thoroughly shak...
Time Slip Reiwa Japan by KageNishi
Time Slip Reiwa Japanby KageNishi
A "Kasō-kei senki" story. However, battle scenes are casual and loose. I think it will be an HOI-style comedy piece that prioritizes strategy and political tur...
Summoning the Five Power Defence Arrangments by jikdot
Summoning the Five Power Defence A...by Jikdot1
The Nations of the Five Power Defence Arrangements; the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand were mysteriously transported into another world...
Redactedverse One Shots by reighnshaw
Redactedverse One Shotsby Reighn
There's tons of redacted oneshots/imagines already. how about a room for one more? All characters belong to Erik/Redacted Audio (previously Redacted Asmr) on YouTube...
Nothing but Me, Myself and the Mist by TheRingGuy
Nothing but Me, Myself and the Mistby TheRingGuy
Darrell Hutson receives a new job on the Island of Sodor in the newly built pharmaceutical factory, however things aren't as they seem...
A Militarized New World by Kk01u2
A Militarized New Worldby EmmanuelB. Cañal
Altrainia is a continent filled with warlike yet interesting countries. Needed someone to ensure peace in this war-torn continent. So a Great Being has decided that in t...
The Iberian Republic in another world by F35_PN
The Iberian Republic in another wo...by F35_PN
The Iberian Republic is not a very powerful nation in Europe some even saying that it lacks behind Germany, France and Brittan, but one day the entire nation gets transp...
Yukari's Greatest Battle (Yukari, Girls und Panzer) by PanzerAce
Yukari's Greatest Battle (Yukari...by Porco
This is a story about a new student coming to Ooarai. Causing our fluffy haired heroine to develop feelings she's never felt before... FYI this is a Yukari and reader st...
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Tank on the streets, Tank in the sheets (spec ops x reader) by destinyrosen
Tank on the streets, Tank in the s...by Emily
Basically a smut about that really hot tall guy who was protesting in DC, Tank. Now also containing Riot. Contains: Protests Daddy Kink Dominance Handcuffs Rough/Poundin...
The Transmission of The Pearl of Orient Sea in Another World (Cancelled) by Toshiro007
The Transmission of The Pearl of O...by PrinceJamer
The book is based on, Alternate Philippine History 1898 by Erica_Arcadia. These is all about the Philippines gaining their independence after there victory during Phili...
CoD Oneshots & Imagines/Scenarios by IHaveTooManyIssues
CoD Oneshots & Imagines/Scenariosby I got ISSUES
Just a little book thing to random Cod Scheiße in
Dawn of Mechanization by Freebrams
Dawn of Mechanizationby Freebrams
In a far distant realm from a far distant universe, magic has served a the dominant factor of society. Granting power to many and putting them in authority above the les...
Girls und Panzer: Edelweiss  by N7Captain
Girls und Panzer: Edelweiss by N7Captain
This story is an au in which that since the beginning of Sensha-do it was a co-ed sport and there are many things added to make it safer. It follows Miho and the crew as...