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Last Turn Home by MackieJay
Last Turn Homeby Mackie Jay
Carly Atwood always remembered the man that used to live in the loft above the barn when she was a little girl. John was her childhood crush, he was the guy she wrote ab...
Take me Home by booklovertash
Take me Homeby booklovertash
Jade Jennings has spent most of her life in the Australian army. After coming back from a tour overseas she expected to be welcomed by her loving fiancé. What she didn't...
The Hero Who Answer The Call Of Duty(On Hiatus) by mobilesuit
The Hero Who Answer The Call Of DELTA 9-1
This is an AU where Izuku Midoriya have a quirk and want to be a soldier His quirk is FPS HUD, First Person Shooter Heads Up Display. His family is in the military for...
It Started With a Letter by KJHarting
It Started With a Letterby Kelsey Jo
All her life Natalie never knew what drove her to write a random soldier, but when she receives a letter back from a pen pal named Smith, her life gets topsy turvy. Tryi...
Love at First Letter ✔️ by megaannicolee
Love at First Letter ✔️by Megan Nicole
Hazel Tate has spent the last three years of her life avoiding all things military. After the unfortunate deaths of her parents, she wants nothing to do with them. So sh...
Letters To My Mate by epicdust
Letters To My Mateby epicdust
Rachel Ann Walker is broken. After her mother died in a tragic car crash on her 7th birthday, nothing was the same. Her father becomes a monster and she becomes numb- an...
Salute! I am a Girl! by Lonely_haunter14
Salute! I am a Girl!by Lonely_haunter14
The last place Lily thought she would find herself would be an all boys military academy. After the sudden death of her parents, she finds herself right in the middle of...
Soldier girl  by pbinkl20024
Soldier girl by pbinkl20024
Blake Anderson is anything but an ordinary girl, while other girls wanted to be a hairdresser and models, superstars. Blake went into the military, she's independent, to...
Lycanthrope by gottalovejellybeans
Lycanthropeby Joules
"Will not hurt mate." the hot puffs of breath tickled her neck, she couldn't help the increasing rate of her heart as it's claws rhythmically brushed down her...
Shock Waves ~Bucky Barns~  by Lone_Wolf_Ludlow
Shock Waves ~Bucky Barns~ by April ludlow
"He's my soldier and there is no way in hell I'm letting Stark or anyone else take him from me!"
Back To You by discretechaos
Back To Youby discretechaos
Kingsley married the man of her dreams when she was 24, but 5 years and two deployments later, he's gone and has taken her heart with him. Her husband went missing on hi...
Larry Stylinson Oneshots by Heyidkyay
Larry Stylinson Oneshotsby L:)
A collection of one shots and long shots✨ 𝐍𝐄𝐖 𝐂𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐑💗
Cuz I remember you !!!  (သူ )  (season 2)  (Z+U ) by mikelle1004
Cuz I remember you !!! (သူ ) ( mikelle1004
ဒါေလးက there is a ghost in my house (သူ) ရဲ႕ season 2 ဆိုေပမယ့္ ဒါက စိုင္းစစ္ တို႔ ဇာတ္လမ္းမဟုတ္ဘဲ စိုင္းစစ္ရဲ႕ တူေလး ေတဇ ရဲ႕ ဇာတ္လမ္းသက္သက္ ပါ ဒါလေးက there is a ghost i...
Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes/ Plus more Imagines, One shots and Preferences by StarryMNA
Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes/ MaryBeth Stan
Nothing too specific. Just random story ideas from the one and only Sebastian Stan... and of course his characters! Requests are open! Caution- umm FLUFF! Includes: Seb...
You and Me || Bucky Barnes by elle_ella14
You and Me || Bucky Barnesby elle_ella14
On your seventh birthday, a set of numbers appear on your right wrist. These numbers represent the minutes until you meet your soulmate. James "Bucky" Barnes o...
TF2 Imagines 🗿 by Not_a_writerTM
TF2 Imagines 🗿by Abby’s flowers
NO ART IN THIS BOOK IS MINE :) Hello everyone! I'm writing this book because I have nothing else to do and I've become obsessed with TF2 I've never really written a book...
Russian Spies | Natasha Romanoff by Silencthowls
Russian Spies | Natasha Romanoffby — POLINA —
"Valeria had only one weakness: love." Valeria was an assassin. She has always been an assassin and she was planning on staying one. She was raised in Red Room...
Saving Bucky Barnes  by champangebaby
Saving Bucky Barnes by Cass
Loving you isn't easy, but if love was easy then it wouldn't be worth fighting for
Back to Barnes // the winter soldier by kilgrave
Back to Barnes // the winter Emily
Get him out of Gehenna. Get him to SHIELD. He's your prisoner. He's your responsibility. Don't form a soft spot for him. Don't become the hero here. Don't take his pla...