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Traveled through time with my best friend [Seven Zero] MTL by imurmistress
Traveled through time with my Lhola
NOT MY STORY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER/AUTHOR Traveled through time with my best friend [Seven Zero] Author: under the...
There is room for an orphan in the rebirth era   by roseslily084
There is room for an orphan in roses lily
After the death of her grandfather, Lu Xiaoxiao, a girl who lived in the twenty-third century, her parents lived alone in the villa left to her by her grandfather regard...
Author: Ao Ao Genre: Romance, Psychological Source: Webnovel Status: Completed "An accident. She's pregnant. How unlucky. She got pregnant in one shot! What was eve...
Transmigration Of An Assassin by bixbix767
Transmigration Of An Assassinby xXWriter-chanxX
Tang Shui was obedient since childhood, and felt grateful towards his parents who worked hard to pay for his education. Thus when he found out he was gay he did not utte...
Apocalypse Space Phantom by miss_aesthete
Apocalypse Space Phantomby l u c i a
A certain female thief lost her soul to an orphan girl of the same name who had experienced the end of the world for two years in the process of dueling the boss. Since...
Small Factory Flowers In The 70's by Specgalz
Small Factory Flowers In The 70'sby Deean
Original Title : 七零年代小厂花[穿书] Author. : 雪耶 ( Xue Yue) language. : Chinese Status. : On going Another MTL version,.if there's...
The Evil King's Divine Physician Concubine by jeffelyncosme
The Evil King's Divine Physician jeffelynC
"The Evil King's Physician's Favorite Concubine" is an online novel of the rebirth romance genre. The novel was signed and authorized to be serialized on the o...
Reborn In The Last Days by AmeliaSa06072006
Reborn In The Last Daysby AMELIAROSE
After living in the end of the world for 6 years Bai Jingyu finally found out her kind and caring sister and her loving Fiance's true face. It turned out that the space...
Titan X by ericdabbs
Titan Xby Eric Dabbs
TTITAN X was removed from Wattpad 8/21/21! I will be publishing a newly edited and reformatted version on Kindle Vella very soon... Be sure to download the Kindle iOS ap...
Rebirth 70: Fat Girl Educated Youth Has Spiritual Spring Space by jeffelyncosme
Rebirth 70: Fat Girl Educated jeffelynC
Author: Is it a little Goldfish? Classification: Chronological Rebirth Status: Ongoing Raw Links: https://www.cpsg...
Rebirth And Space 1980 by jeffelyncosme
Rebirth And Space 1980by jeffelynC
Novel is not mine. For reading purposes only. Immerse in retro!Ciao! Category: Rebirth Novel author: Smaller~ Size: 257 KB Progress:...
Species XD-63 by ellaxrosexb
Species XD-63by ellaxrosexb
#1 in alienromance 28/03/20 A New Breeding Program. They sent a message across space for one thing - females. The Species XD-63 or Xyons are a dying species. The last g...
Apocalyptic Family Reunion by razozo
Apocalyptic Family Reunionby Kysha Razawo
Emilia died once.. falling from the top of the base wall fighting off zombies that tried to enter their base. Zombies that wanted to destroy what little they had left to...
The Golden Finger of the Doomsday by jilaisamaevillones
The Golden Finger of the Doomsdayby Sapphire
Your sister's, do you want to be so sad that you can cross through a sneeze in the car? So what a free live version, don't look at it for nothing, doomsday? ? Are there...
The Aliens Pet by -DyslexicTwat-
The Aliens Petby DyslexicTwat
What happens when a boy with anxiety gets abducted by aliens? Read 'The Aliens Pet' to find out *a human pet story*
The Supreme Strong Woman Reborn in the Last Days by jeffelyncosme
The Supreme Strong Woman Reborn jeffelynC
author: Five Yuan Source: A disaster of Resident Evil, the virus overflows the worl...
Rebirth of the Original Heroine Counterattack by Cat_MTL
Rebirth of the Original Heroine StrayCat
Title: 重生末世原女主逆袭 / Wan Jie Sa Hua Author: 夏至春秋 When the female lead is robbed of everything by the female transmigrator. When the female lead is forced by the female tra...
My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affair by BrittanieCharmintine
My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affairby Brittanie Charmintine
This book is FREE with paid BONUS chapters! When Andie Bank agreed to take a job to help save her friend's reputation, it wasn't supposed to end up in a romance-fueled g...
Blink: 3003 (Book 1) by words_are_weapons
Blink: 3003 (Book 1)by Jamie Harris
Amber Garrett, the newest BLINK agent, is forced to prove herself when her first mission involves an alien threat that could destroy all of humanity. ...
Rebirth Chronological Space in Hand by heyyyyyy467
Rebirth Chronological Space in Handby heyyyyyy467
STORY NOT MINE MTL TRANSLATION [This article 1V1, a cold-faced female protagonist vs a double-standard male protagonist] Jiang Yinan...