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The Rebirth Wife Of The Seventies (MTL) ✓ by CN_SweetSmile
The Rebirth Wife Of The Seventies...by Sweet Smile
NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE:七十年代娇媳妇 AUTHOR:素昧平生 In order to marry the male educated youth of the brigade in his previous life, Ye Qingshui used his kindness to marry him wit...
The Seventies Wife: She Has Space by jeffelyncosme
The Seventies Wife: She Has Spaceby jeffelynC
Not an Original of Mine. Sharing is Caring! Category: Rebirth Novel author: Cheng Zizhen Size: 134 KB Progress: Completed Time: 2021-11-13 brief introduction: In the pr...
Sweet Life in the compound in the 1970s by Sumaiya910
Sweet Life in the compound in the...by Sumaiya910
Song You was very beautiful when she got married. She married Han Cheng, the deputy head of the group. Only after marriage did she realize how unreliable a marriage of r...
Turn My Page | Led Zeppelin by CoyoteQueen
Turn My Page | Led Zeppelinby Jenni
[This story takes place in 1972, when Led Zeppelin was touring in North America]. Vicky loves Led Zeppelin. Especially Jimmy Page. She's obsessed with him... all she wan...
Skill Space in the Age of Rebirth by jeffelyncosme
Skill Space in the Age of Rebirthby jeffelynC
Author: Memories of the Former Residence Category: Romance Status: Ongoing Links: https://www.yueguangwx.com/book/VQgPCgRU.html Bian Lili and her family fish, who lived...
Dazed and confused - (Benny/Pink) by litlolly
Dazed and confused - (Benny/Pink)by litlolly
Based on the movie !- it will be the same just adding my character Luna to it !!!
Rebirth 70: After I remarried Tuff, I had multiple births!  (MTL) by krudo10
Rebirth 70: After I remarried Tuff...by krudo10
In the last life, Xia Taozhi tied all her heart to her fiance in order to repay her kindness, but who knew she was betrayed tragically. In order to marry her sister, he...
The Original Heroine of "70s Cannon Fodder" Is Reborn by jeffelyncosme
The Original Heroine of "70s Canno...by jeffelynC
Not My Story. an MTL. For communication and learning purposes only. Genre: Through Rebirth Author: Two Treasures of Study Action: Join the bookshelf , vote for recommend...
Seventies' Sweet Wife Is Hot and Spicy! by jeffelyncosme
Seventies' Sweet Wife Is Hot and S...by jeffelynC
For Reading and communication purposes only. Credits to our dear author. https://www.imiaobige.com/novel/117124.html Author: Baichuan Classification:Modern romance stat...
Sign in to 70: The female supporting role educated youth is pampered by the boss by krudo10
Sign in to 70: The female supporti...by krudo10
Yiqingqing died young, but when she went to the underworld, she was told that she was a person of great merit and virtue. She was supposed to be rich and powerful. She f...
Improper stepmother control group after wearing a book[70] by heyyyyyy467
Improper stepmother control group...by heyyyyyy467
https://m.ijjxs.com/read/47/41849/1.html   Author: home poison step the world   Once crossed, Jiang Xi became the female supporting group of the control group in the ess...
Dressed as the best fake daughter in the seventy by jelucyvador06
Dressed as the best fake daughter...by Cricketylucy
WARNING! (1) not my story (2) machine translated (3) credits to the author (4) link to the story below https://www.aixdzs.com/novel/%E7%A9%BF%E6%88%90%E4%B8%83%E9%9B%B6...
Married a cook in the 1960s by CNovel_Reader
Married a cook in the 1960sby Kay
Married a cook in the 1960s (六零年代嫁厨子) Author: Gongzijia After seven or eight years at the end of the world, Wang Ying, who was hungry, traveled to the 1960s. The cousin...
Wear 70 With Space by jeffelyncosme
Wear 70 With Spaceby jeffelynC
For reading purposes only. Story is not mine. Credits to author. https://m.ajjxsw.com/txt/35916.html Category: Through Novel author: Eastward Size: 732 KB Progress: Comp...
Seventy's only daughter doesn't want to work hard anymore by Xiaoshuo_
Seventy's only daughter doesn't wa...by 中国小说
Yan Sisi accidentally fell into the water and realized that she was living in a chronicle. In the book, the heroine is her "cousin", a real daughter who was ex...
70 Delicate And Weak Beauty by ChiomaRachael
70 Delicate And Weak Beautyby Chioma Rachael
This is not mine Author: 浮生然也 https://www.bijibaba.com/book/117138/ Yanyue just read a chronological article and complained about the ending. The villain traveled to the...
Rebirth And Space 1980 by jeffelyncosme
Rebirth And Space 1980by jeffelynC
Novel is not mine. For reading purposes only. Immerse in retro!Ciao! https://m.ajjxsw.com/txt/21474.html Category: Rebirth Novel author: Smaller~ Size: 257 KB Progress:...
Dressed as a stepmother control group [70s] by CNovel_Reader
Dressed as a stepmother control gr...by Kay
Dressed as a stepmother control group [70s] (穿成年代文后妈对照组[七零]) Author: Luo Zifeng https://m.shubaow.net/210/210692/ The first thing after Gu Lian's rebirth was to exchang...
Green Tea Beauty In Seventies (MTL) ✓ by CN_SweetSmile
Green Tea Beauty In Seventies (MTL...by Sweet Smile
NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 绿茶美人在七零 AUTHOR: 林阿律 The female lead Lin Yan penetrated into the starting point of a book, and became a cannon fodder vase in which the male lead...
Back to 70s with Space (MTL) by crimsonamethyst
Back to 70s with Space (MTL)by crimsonamethyst
Author: Hey Little Fairy Baby Ye Zi returned to Parallel Space in the 1970s. During the special period of going to the mountains and going to the countryside, the import...