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[BL] I Got Famous Making Cooking Livestreams In Space by xxahjussixx
[BL] I Got Famous Making Cooking L...by Cj
Title : I Got Famous Making Cooking Livestreams In Space Status : Completed Author : 烦烦不烦 Raws: https://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3484807 ▶NOTE: This is an auto...
I Don't Want This Reincarnation [1] by ynhnvs
I Don't Want This Reincarnation [1]by hiatus
I had a supporting role in a modern fantasy. The loyal dog of a villain with an angel's name, Cheon Sa-yeon, and an unfortunate supporting character who died on his beha...
After The End of the World, The Whole World Want to Come and Seek Refuge With Me by Kazuyuuki95
After The End of the World, The Wh...by 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Banshenghuan/半生欢 Category: Tanmei Novels Status: 469 chapter (Ongoing) (The end of the world + no heroine + strong) Book 1 Introducing: In the end of the world...
【1】Rebirth and Clairvoyance Miracle Doctor by Kazuyuuki95
【1】Rebirth and Clairvoyance Miracl...by 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Qingsha Mowu/輕紗墨舞 Category: Danmei novel Status: 532 Chapter He is probably the only one who gains five pounds during the festive season and time travel for a Ne...
Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder Pampered Everyday by jb4002
Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder Pam...by JB
THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Ruan Ning transmigrated into a novel wher...
I'm the Alpha's Mate by TheSydneyMarie
I'm the Alpha's Mateby Sydney
(Completed) Young werewolf, Evangeline, can do something no other can, hold communication with someone far beyond her realm. Always at her side, the Goddess of the moon...
One-click Cultivation System by NovelDragon_Eizen
One-click Cultivation Systemby ND_Eizen
"Ding!" The first function is activated. Initiate auto-conditioning. The training speed is equivalent to that of a super monster! " "Ding!" &quo...
My Outside Expression Is Different From My Inner Expression [ Book Wearing ] by kimrokso_o
My Outside Expression Is Different...by ally
COMPLETED MTL Author: Gong Qinghan Status: Completed ( 113 Chapters ) Raw Link: https://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4837754 DESCRIPTION Li Qingzhou, who had been...
Blood Butterfly by SophieSwan3925
Blood Butterflyby Lizbeth Sophie Jakes
What happens when Angelina finds the news of her parents death and has to move in with her brothers and father who has no idea about the hell she has been through in her...
I Attacked Because I was Afraid of Death by atebqayyum
I Attacked Because I was Afraid of...by daddio
Chi Xin was afraid of death but was convinced by her roommate to watch a newly released doomsday movie. At first glance, she was attracted by the handsome, calm, and res...
I'm the City Lord of the Last Days (MTL Novel) by Moonlit_Melody
I'm the City Lord of the Last Days...by Moon
Alternative: 我在末世当城主 Status: Completed Author: Yu Qiongbao Rimu ------ Song Xingcheng found out that he was the cannon fodder for a novel... The horror is, this is act...
[MTL]My Children Are Fierce and Adorable! by DonnaMariano149
[MTL]My Children Are Fierce and Ad...by PurplePhoenix22
Details Short Title : MCAFA Alternate Title : 我养的儿砸又凶又萌 Status [Edit] : Hiatus Author : Weng Liuli Genre : Romance Novel Summary Ye Zhaoluo gave birth to three children...
But God Forced Me to Reincarnate! by LynneSuzuran
But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!by LynneSuzuran
A duke's daughter wanted nothing in her life but the sweet nothingness of death, as she felt like her life served no purpose. Her wish was granted when she was killed in...
အိပ်ပျော်စဥ်တိုင်းမှာ ငါ့ခန္ဓာကိုယ်ကပုံသဏ္ဍာန်အမျိုးမျိုးပြောင်းသွားတော့တာပါပဲ! by Lazy_Choco
အိပ်ပျော်စဥ်တိုင်းမှာ ငါ့ခန္ဓာကိုယ...by 𝑮𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒎𝒆 𝒄𝒉𝒐𝒄𝒐
ကားအက်ဆီးဒန့်စ်ဖြစ်ပြီးနောက် မီလိတစ်ယောက် အရာဝတ္ထုအသွင်ပြောင်းလဲနိုင်တဲ့စွမ်းရည်တစ်ခုရရှိလာခဲ့သည်။တစ်ခါတစ်လေ ထိုလူရဲ့တံခါးကအချက်ပေးခေါင်းလောင်း, တစ်ခါတစ်လေတော့နံရံပေါ်ကမ...
ANDROPOBIA (Ongoing) by Unibiquety
ANDROPOBIA (Ongoing)by Aica
Thalia Xianne Scott was suffered from a different and a rare condition it makes her life very difficult. Her condition was ANDROPOBIA. Ano nga ba ang androphobia? Isa it...
Zenin Tomie's Ke Xue Cheat Code [Male Tomie] by Kazuyuuki95
Zenin Tomie's Ke Xue Cheat Code [M...by 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author:Change one thing to another/變卦為乾 Category: Danmei fanfiction Status: 83 chapter Introducing: Zenyuan Tomie is a person with supernatural powers. There is always a...
Rebirth: Apocalyptic Disaster by McEfexx
Rebirth: Apocalyptic Disasterby Efemena
Authour: Langhua Diandian/ 浪花点点 Category: Danmei Fiction Introduction He died with resentment on the weekend. The end of the world was so difficult. He gave the best to...
It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World by BLACKDOKI
It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated i...by ❇
Ren, a ten year old orphan girl, was en route to being delivered to a corrupt merchant. However, bandits attacked the carriage she was on and caused it to plummet down t...
Selfish Love by DiamondKulture
Selfish Loveby Abbas Rashidat
College life of Five students isn't all that it seems. To ordinary people they're just your regular college students battling with the struggles of college life. But to...