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A Wolf's Touch by sweet_Buttercup17
A Wolf's Touchby sweet_Buttercup17
Rumor has it that a young werewolf living on its own in the middle of the high mountains, is miraculously returning the humanity within rouges. A werewolf's touch they s...
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The Painter's Apprentice by AdelynAnn
The Painter's Apprenticeby Adelyn Sterling
Florette moves to Versailles, only to discover a group of fae are destroying France. Allying with the battled-scarred Destan, she has to save the kingdom. ...
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Alpha Raven ✔ by SmashingInnocence
Alpha Raven ✔by Anonymous
Even though the room was dark, I could still the one person who made my heart skip a beat. He stood there, his hands tucked in his pockets, staring at me. So entran...
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I'm Back And Badder Than Ever by DarkAngel1208
I'm Back And Badder Than Everby DarkAngel1208
Hello my name is Daniela Collier. I'm 15 years old and I am a werewolf along with my 2 older brothers & 2 older sisters. The oldest is Liam-19, the second and third olde...
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Reject me, and you'll regret it by XxxGraysonxxX
Reject me, and you'll regret itby Grayson
Amber Phelps. You might know her as the omega of the Blood Lust pack, or simply the girl you let's you cry on her shoulder. Amber was ditched as a child for being a runt...
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Death Saved Me by RageGawdess
Death Saved Meby Blue
I slowly took one leg over the railing then the other as I stood on the bridge. Staring down at the river below me I took a deep breath. This is it. "Are you sure...
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Monsters ☠ 5sos by beaniehemmings
Monsters ☠ 5sosby nïcōlė
Monsters were said to be make-believe. They were said to be the things that kids thought hid in their closets or under their beds. Monsters were something a person thoug...
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The lost twins by Leo572
The lost twinsby Leo572
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Fantasy High School by jaina102
Fantasy High Schoolby Jocelyn :D
Friends depend on each other to get through high school. But what do friends have to do to get through a high school where all the students have inhuman abilities?
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We Are The Children by FantasyHunter
We Are The Childrenby Jewel
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Black Hope by AllisonWatson3
Black Hopeby Allie
Allison already has been having trouble with her new powers,but trying to be normal with school. Trying to keep her powers a secret from every one she actually trusts,an...
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Elite ✔️ *Editing* by embxbe
Elite ✔️ *Editing*by ♡ Em ♡
This story is about the life of a girl surrounded by demons, slayers, and humans, but comes to realize that she's neither of the three. ----------- I fell on my hands an...
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217 days to Nothing by portalplayer
217 days to Nothingby portalplayer
Josh and Alexis fight against time to save the planet from utter destruction, known as the Clock Tower . It's 3048 There's war, poverty, and executions every day But...
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What are you? Beast. by mindlessHarness
What are you? Beast.by mindlessHarness
Mari Henderson is 16 years old, she grew up in a regular city. Everyone expected her to be normal but she wasn't, her silver eyes that changed with her emotions proved i...
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Endorphins by Emilemelou
Endorphinsby Emilemelou
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Life's Mistakes by MLPlucky
Life's Mistakesby MLPlucky
The world has undergone a silent and undercutting change. Possibly for the worst. A viral epidemic of people with extraordinary abilities were seeded in the modern gener...
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One Who Gives Light by rachel_adeline14
One Who Gives Lightby Rachel Adeline
Natalie Philips has ran away from home. She makes it to Manhattan, New York, but not without running into a few monsters on the way. Natalie has managed to drive them of...
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Alexia Lambre, Teenage Telekinetic: The School by speedRead
Alexia Lambre, Teenage Telekinetic...by Ronni Wood
Alexia Lambre had never been a truly 'normal' girl, because she had always had the added 'bonus' of telekinesis. At least, some might call it a bonus. Alexia would ca...
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