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Loki and the Witchling by nekoamamori
Loki and the Witchlingby nekoamamori
You are a healer working with the Avengers when Loki comes to join the team
  • avengersfanfiction
  • avengers
  • lokilove
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Of Numbers and Strange Friendships by nekoamamori
Of Numbers and Strange Friendshipsby nekoamamori
Loki and Peter Parker somehow forge a friendship after one flippant comment. No one on the team quite understands how it happened. But it seems to do the god some good t...
  • lokifanfiction
  • avengersfanfiction
  • avengers
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The Witch's Familiar by nekoamamori
The Witch's Familiarby nekoamamori
You're a witch working with the team.Thor brings Loki to live at the Avenger's tower after the events in New York. Problem is, Loki is in cat form and refuses to change...
  • lokitty
  • lokixyou
  • lokifanfiction
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A Twist Of Marvel || Infinity War by GeneralOfLoki
A Twist Of Marvel || Infinity Warby Behind The Screen
"KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, BUT IGNORANCE IS BLISS." Naomi Swanson is fresh out of college, working as an assistant in a small paper supply company and inhaling coffe...
  • generalofloki
  • odinson
  • stuckinmarvel
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Loki's Daughter by UnderworldsGoddess
Loki's Daughterby Hel
"Her name is Hela," he replied, watching the infant lose interest in the shield and move onto something else. Hela looked up at the mention of her name and the...
  • hela
  • avengers
  • clint
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Loki's Daughter by can_i_just_not
Loki's Daughterby lokiwifewinchester
Read and find out more! Loki's punishment is that his daughter is to be banished to live on earth.
  • loki
  • luna
  • tony
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Nico Di Angelo and The Avengers by Hwi_17
Nico Di Angelo and The Avengersby ꍏꍟ
After the war with Gaea Nico left camp and didn't want to go back. He just couldn't. When he was in the middle of the woods thunder started. If anything Nico knew that w...
  • natasharomanoff
  • ironman
  • tonystark
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Hush (Loki x Reader) (Kink) by LokisGem
Hush (Loki x Reader) (Kink)by Gem
First Chapter Tells All
  • lokiodinson
  • lokixreader
  • lokifanfic
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Hero (Loki & Avengers) by gillettenarry
Hero (Loki & Avengers)by Julia
Cassidy Martin didn't ask for any of this, and she doesn't want it. Her powers came to her by an accident, a fluke, and now they're threatening to ruin her life. But sh...
  • spiderman
  • superhero
  • avengers
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Jail birds (Loki x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Jail birds (Loki x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
Young (Y/n) finds herself in trouble when she returns to earth only to be captured and thrown into a cell by the heroes who call themselves the Avengers. In the cell nex...
  • marvel
  • asgard
  • midgard
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The Sound of Silence by nekoamamori
The Sound of Silenceby nekoamamori
A mute Enhanced and Loki both move in to the Avengers tower on the same day.
  • lokilovestory
  • lokixyou
  • avengersfanfiction
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Young God | L. Laufeyson by getbuckyplums
Young God | L. Laufeysonby Jessi ☂
▷Set before Thor: The Dark World and includes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok A simple accident turned into a huge misunderstanding and that's what bas...
  • thor
  • marvel
  • lokilaufeyson
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Watch your step -  Loki Love story by softlykms
Watch your step - Loki Love storyby softlykms
Having lost her sight during the New York attack, a young girl deals with living in a big city. Returning home one evening, she bumps into a stranger. Things happen from...
  • tony
  • captainamerica
  • blind
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A Change in Worlds.(Loki X Reader) by QueenVaedra
A Change in Worlds.(Loki X Reader)by Queen Vaedra
You, a dragon rider, comes face to face withe the Avengers in a not so subtle way. They find out about your mysterious organization, and you get to meet them all persona...
  • loki
  • lokixreader
  • dragons
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Smarter than bruce banner?  (The Avengers) by Amethyst_Wolf106
Smarter than bruce banner? (The A...by Ash Woods
What would it be like if Loki used to have a girlfriend? What would it be like if his girlfriend was a goddess? What if she dump him before she was sent to Midgard? What...
  • genius
  • smart
  • thor
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Winter's Hearts by nekoamamori
Winter's Heartsby nekoamamori
You're a half-Jotun Valkyrie who has to live with the Avengers after helping them during a battle. Then Thor brings Loki to join the team. Can either of you thaw your fr...
  • lokixyou
  • loki
  • lokisarmy
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Avengers: Truth or dare? by TheBestMarvelFan
Avengers: Truth or dare?by The No. 1 Marvel Fan
When The Avengers get bored, Tony Stark decides that you should all play Truth or Dare. Read to find out what happens!
  • rogers
  • steverogers
  • stark
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I'm Not Broken (Tony Stark's Daughter) by NabihahAshieya
I'm Not Broken (Tony Stark's Daugh...by Nabihah Ashieya
Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist and the former head of Stark Industries. Stark enjoyed the playboy lifestyle for many years until he was kidnapped. W...
  • mutants
  • trigger
  • hydra
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Chosen // loki laufeyson by katiethenovelist
Chosen // loki laufeysonby katie
As Lienna came of age for marriage, so did the princes she had long forgotten about. And then, in the dark of night, guards and nobles came to take her away. Lienna cou...
  • shield
  • marvel
  • lokilaufeyson
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To hell with it by SaraSchrader5
To hell with itby Sara Schrader
You are Loki's assistant. He is a ass and you always are cleaning up after him. Beside your normal job duties. Then learns what you think of him. And he soon starts to f...
  • lokiodinson
  • loki
  • lokilovestory
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