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Miss Trix by vexhamiltxn
Miss Trixby vexhamiltxn
"Sir, they won't be enough," Maria hill states walking towards Fury, his fingers run over the pictures "I know, bring her in,"
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If I Fell by LadyLaufeyson1
If I Fellby LadyLaufeyson1
Pretty, hot-tempered secretary Sif and pompous, arrogant, son-of-the-boss Loki are working together in an office on NYC's Madison Avenue in the 1960s. Loki is completely...
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A Certain Kind Of Freedom |Loki fanfic| by Ohsnapitsemily
A Certain Kind Of Freedom |Loki Emily Mae
A short story wherein Loki tries to find the meaning of Thanksgiving Chaos ensues Winner of Thanksgiving fanfic contest 2015
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The Coolest God in the Nine Realms... by Wielder_of_Mjolnir
The Coolest God in the Nine Thor Son of Odin
I am Thor, the mighty son of Odin and Frigg. You have been given the grand opportunity to talk to him. Have any questions?? Ask away!!
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A Friend by Lokigodofmischif
A Friendby Lokigodofmischif
Loki tries to invade earth for the second time, but every thing changes when the meets Bucky Barns But there's twist The Avengers are on the lookout for Bucky also, but...
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Of Gods and Warriors (Loki x reader) by all-nighter-writer
Of Gods and Warriors (Loki x all-nighter-writer
You are an Asgardian warrior assigned to watching the infamous trickster god and prisoner, Loki Laufeyson. What happens when you start to fall for him, and become suscep...
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remembering you  || p. maximoff by suprheroes_
remembering you || p. maximoffby suprheroes_
❝YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING NOW DID YOU, SONIC?❞ ❝AMARA?❞ Amara Ivanov's memories were erased by HYRDA in order to make her their perfect and deadliest assassin, but aft...
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Avengers Preferences by sicklesandsnitches
Avengers Preferencesby R. G. Night ⚯͛
I'll be doing Steve, Bruce, Clint, Tony, Thor and Pietro! :) Requests are taken, just PM me! I'll be doing imagines later on but not at the moment! Enjoy! (Soon adding L...
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Taken (avengers fanfic) by Avengers_Girls
Taken (avengers fanfic)by Avengers_Wives
A girl with no memories of her past with the avengers and her real family. She is spent her life believing that her parents had died and that she should have died with t...
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Don't Call Me Ma'am by Avengers_Girls
Don't Call Me Ma'amby Avengers_Wives
It was just a normal day for Nere. When I say normal, I mean she woke up, was greeted by a drunk mother, got beaten, and went back to bed. For her, it was normal. Until...
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Marvelous by MummyDirectioner97
Marvelousby MummyDirectioner97
An enchanting love story. Lucy is a 18 year old girl, but she longs to be just like any other. She is a princess who happens to be one of the greatest power sources in t...
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End Of The Line. (A Stucky AU) by CastielWinchester121
End Of The Line. (A Stucky AU)by CastielWinchester121
Bucky is broken and Steve tries to piece him back together (Per usual with a Stucky fic). Bucky will speak Russian a lot in this fic (I'll make sure to translate it in t...
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Frozen Kisses by Romantic_Cannibalism
Frozen Kissesby Cassandra Petersen
~A Gamma Frost Fanfiction~ (Always-A-Girl!Bruce/Avenger!Loki & Always-A-Girl!Hulk/Powerless!Loki) Loki is now living in Avengers Tower with everyone. The only problem i...
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Bucky Barnes - Our Song by AlexMacoy
Bucky Barnes - Our Songby AlexMacoy
Imagine, waking up cold in the darkness alone and hungry for the old life that you used to have. The old you that was happy, normal and in love. Valintina wakes up every...
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Avengers Imagines and Stuff by Sistersgrimm13
Avengers Imagines and Stuffby Sistersgrimm13
This will be a group of imagines about the world's greatest heroes. Those being the avengers. I write a lot of trigger warning stories because they help me cope. Let me...
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Frozen Asgard by ShadowhunterRayn
Frozen Asgardby ShadowhunterRayn
A Loki and Elsa (Losa/Elski) fanfiction story that takes place in Arendalle with all our favorite characters from Frozen, Thor, and the short Frozen Fever. It will also...
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A Different Shade Of Green by Take_it_to_our_grave
A Different Shade Of Greenby Sarah Laufeyson
The house of Odin is full of traitors. Life seemed to be at its lowest. But the phrase "How could my life get any worse?" always seems to lead into more despa...
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The Avengers- CAPTURED by Violet75556
The Avengers- CAPTUREDby Kate
The Avengers have been captured by Bucky. And with no one to save them, they are stuck. But there is someone to save them. Their kids! The Avenger's kids (ages 18-19) go...
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MARVEL & DC REQUESTS [always open] by tonystcrk
MARVEL & DC REQUESTS [always open]by Saw Civil War 4x
One shots, imagines, preferences and all those sorts of things. For whatever you want fill out the form and individually message me your request. I do requests for: M...
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Brother, Sister, Friend [Thor/Avengers] by cubedcoffeecake
Brother, Sister, Friend [Thor/ cubedcoffeecake
Jacob and April Collins were two normal siblings. Until the day aliens landed in their back pasture. Working together, they actually managed to kill the aliens and both...
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