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Battle Scars by invisame
Battle Scarsby invisame
You live in a world where soulmates share each other's scars. Like most, you bore the typical minor wounds that barely even caught your attention. Until the day a large...
  • marvel
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Jail birds (Loki x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Jail birds (Loki x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
Young (Y/n) finds herself in trouble when she returns to earth only to be captured and thrown into a cell by the heroes who call themselves the Avengers. In the cell nex...
  • thor
  • ironman
  • asgard
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Evelyn • Tony Stark by AlexandraGiovanni
Evelyn • Tony Starkby Tony Stark
❛❛I just don't want you to leave even though I gave you reasons to.❜❜ She grew up with him. She befriended him. She cared for him. She showed...
  • betrayals
  • heartache
  • jaceromero
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Blissful Despair ~> Tony Stark by AlexandraGiovanni
Blissful Despair ~> Tony Starkby Tony Stark
Meet Valentina Montenegro, whose inevitable charm helped pave her road to fame. Being one of this decade's most respected lawyers, Valentina's hard work and effort helpe...
  • steve
  • avengers
  • bruce
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Loki's Daughter by UnderworldsGoddess
Loki's Daughterby Hel
"Her name is Hela," he replied, watching the infant lose interest in the shield and move onto something else. Hela looked up at the mention of her name and the...
  • guns
  • blackwidow
  • hawkeye
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You Can Let Go Now Daddy by PickledMonsterX
You Can Let Go Now Daddyby Thomas Jefferson <3
After finding out 5 year old Peter Parker has been alone and molested most of his life, Tony Stark takes it upon himself to be the best parent the kid has ever had. Luck...
  • ironman
  • spooderman
  • guardiansofthegalaxy
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Hero (Loki & Avengers) by gillettenarry
Hero (Loki & Avengers)by Julia
Cassidy Martin didn't ask for any of this, and she doesn't want it. Her powers came to her by an accident, a fluke, and now they're threatening to ruin her life. But sh...
  • tonystark
  • hawkeye
  • thor
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His Soulmate  by asavagejoy
His Soulmate by asavagejoy
Everyone has a soulmate, and soul sign. Some people had their soulmates first words to them etched on their skin, some have a countdown that ticked down the seconds till...
  • romance
  • soulsign
  • cute
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Duyên || Clint Barton by Potterhead_Phangirl
Duyên || Clint Bartonby Emily
Duyên (n) a predestined affinity; the force that binds two people together as friends or lovers in the future This story is simple really. boy meets girl they fall in...
  • hulk
  • blackwidow
  • coffeeshopau
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Raising a Baby (Tony Stark Style) by Mockingjay216
Raising a Baby (Tony Stark Style)by Mockingjay216
Tony Stark had no idea what he was getting himself into when he found that baby girl, abandoned by her family. He's clueless about how to raise a kid, let alone a mutant...
  • ironman
  • stark
  • baby
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Family Secrets by BumbleRex
Family Secretsby BumbleRex
Peter Parker Stark has been living with Tony and Pepper Stark for nearly 6 years now, though no one knows. Now that Peter is 15 and in high school, its getting harder to...
  • reveal
  • spiderson
  • superfamily
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chaos | peter parker  by comedyholland
chaos | peter parker by 🦋
having powers and being tony stark's daughter is chaos [spider-man: homecoming - spider-man: far from home] all credit goes to marvel
  • civilwar
  • spiderman
  • avengers
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Man of Iron's Daughter by The_Old
Man of Iron's Daughterby Hammy the Hamster
'"Of course," I thought looking down at my watch. 10:46 PM. They were supposed to pick me up 5 hours ago. I got up and wrapped my sweatshirt around my cold bod...
  • avengers
  • ironman
  • stark
Bruised by kensy_lane
Bruisedby Kensy
Running. Ugh. How long have I been running? My small hands shove people out of the way the best I can but I'm mostly just twisting and turning through the crowds. Still...
  • buckydaughter
  • buckyfanfic
  • ironman
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Endgame (Peter Parker) by CaptainAmerica_2000
Endgame (Peter Parker)by CaptainAmerica_2000
Book 3 in my Peter Parker series! If you haven't read the first two I suggest you do before reading this. This story will continue on with the story of Aleksandra...
  • steverodgers
  • robertdowneyjr
  • thor
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lovely. tony starks daughter  by justlyssaa
lovely. tony starks daughter by alyssa
Olivia stark is a 12 year old girl, her whole life up until now has been complete crap. Growing up so far has been hard for her, with an abusive mother who had boyfriend...
  • tony
  • irondad
  • peterparker
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Fifty Shades Of Parker : Peter parker x reader by nekomotherfuker
Fifty Shades Of Parker : Peter Nekomotherfuker
Mr. Parker will see you now.
  • ironman
  • wattys2018
  • captainamerica
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"You brought the devil to come save me." "She's your ex-wife, Clint." Clint Barton x OC Avengers | 2012
  • marvel
  • marvelfanfic
  • clintbartonfanfic
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She's getting marryied (a Tony Stark's daugther fanficktion) by breakfrast
She's getting marryied (a Tony breakfrast
Josette Stark left her father Tony Stark ,seven years ago, when she was ,seventeen, she is now twentyfour and is getting married. When Jo left her life changed for the b...
  • tonystarksdaugther
  • tonystark
  • family
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Lost In Her Past  (Civil War Fanfic) by avengers_bnra
Lost In Her Past (Civil War Zendaya's-wife
May 25, 2012. 35H-GQ. That was her name. A name for the girl who was left on the streets by her mother at the age of 2. A name for the girl who was imprisoned, tortured...
  • antman
  • clintbarton
  • ironman
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