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Mr. CEO's Pregnant Ex-Wife by ruffatorres06
Mr. CEO's Pregnant Ex-Wifeby Ruffa Torres
Ace Carter Greyson, her husband of five long years demanded divorce on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary. Reason? Simply because she can't bear a son. Phoeni...
World's No. 1 Resort by Kazuyuuki95
World's No. 1 Resortby 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author name: panther Type of work: Tanmei novel List of chapter: 183 Chap (Finished) Work status: Completed The small boss Tang Huai inherited an island and was accide...
Back to 1986 with the mall by nyxiily
Back to 1986 with the mallby •_•
Jiang Hui's short life was full of ups and downs. She finally became a billionaire, but when saving others, she put her own life on the line. When she opened her eyes...
Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-Brother by Qwinesty
Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A K...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
When Lu Ming's biological father and stepmother came looking for him, he didn't feel happy or excited. A long time ago, Lu Ming's father, Lu Yaohua, abandoned his wife a...
SIGN IN TO A BUGATTI VEYRON AT THE...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Shi Feng, who was unemployed and broke in love, accidentally discovered that his WeChat had mutated, and he would receive generous rewards for signing in every day. &quo...
60's live broadcast room  by SunflowerEater
60's live broadcast room by SUNFLOWERFARMER
AUTHOR :Meng do not understand CLASSIFICATION : through rebirth SOURCE : https://m.shubaow.net/254/254945/ STATUS:completed In the 1960s, there was famine all over the c...
Rebirth: Back To Claim Husband And Wealth by TONYANN
Rebirth: Back To Claim Husband And...by Rona
Chang Ying discovered that after living a life where her husband whom she hadn't even tasted yet was snatched from her hands, her family was destroyed and she lived in a...
[BL] I have a Duobao pavilion/ I have a treasure pavilion/ 我有一个多宝阁[无限] by Dilii4
[BL] I have a Duobao pavilion/ I h...by sweetpotato
Completed!!! All credits goes to the original author!!! offline reading purpose only. Completed :- 147 chapters Li Shaoxi, who was playing games all night, heard his par...
From Cultivator to Widow (MTL)  by brattyz_yum
From Cultivator to Widow (MTL) by brattyz_yum
Disclaimer: THIS STORY IS NOT MINE ALL CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR. FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY Short Title: From Cultivator to Widow Alternate Title: 从修炼者到寡妇 Status: Complet...
Transmigrated into a Parvenu's Ex-wife in the '90s by crystal_lovesreading
Transmigrated into a Parvenu's Ex...by Crystal_lovesreading 🧡📙
She woke up from her sleep to the divorce papers that the original owner's husband tossed at her. Shu Yan picked up the document and took a look. She gets the house and...
Urban: 999 Sets of Luxury Homes Will Be Rewarded For Signing In by Qwinesty
Urban: 999 Sets of Luxury Homes Wi...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Ye Chen suddenly got the sign-in system, as long as he sign-in at a place that meets the conditions, he can get system rewards. [Ding, congratulations to the host for si...
The Strongest Dad: Signed 100 Million at the Start! by Qwinesty
The Strongest Dad: Signed 100 Mill...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
On the first day of work, I found out that the president of the company was a woman who had a relationship with herself three years ago! And he gave birth to twins! Novi...
The System Forces Me To Show Off My Wealth [Book One]  by Kazuyuuki95
The System Forces Me To Show Off M...by 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Ting Bing/停冰 Category: Danmei Fiction Status: 348 Chapter(Ongoing) Introduction Qiushui is bound to the system of showing off wealth. Other people's system: Ask...
[MTL]Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment by aqnzlly
[MTL]Found 100 Million In My Rente...by aqnzlly
Details Short Title : FHMIMRA Alternate Title : 开局在出租屋里捡到一个亿 Status : Ongoing Author : Supreme Yi Fan Genre : Urban Life Weekly Rank : #147 Monthly Rank : #68 All Time R...
Take the Supermarket to 70s by curious_chi
Take the Supermarket to 70sby Chi
Total Chapters :- 94 Type :- Chinese novel Author :- Jiang Yaibi Completed:- Yes English Translated:- Yes (by me ) Description:- Yu Tong woke up and went back to...
From the variety show began to become popular all over the world (MTL) BOOK 1 by stupidbunbun
From the variety show began to bec...by PICKME
Chen Pingan accidentally crossed the parallel world and became a down-and-out singer. Fortunately, he won the global superstar system, and sang a few songs in a love re...
Farming Space Makes Me Rich (2) by beautygail_27
Farming Space Makes Me Rich (2)by
Note: This is not MINE. It is for offline reading. I'll say it again it's not MINE its purpose is for offline reading. OK! AUTHOR: Lilac in May Translator: Lonelytree S...
Green Lotus Peasant Girl by skisjsjsjjs
Green Lotus Peasant Girlby alleiii
In her previous life, Li Qinghe married into the Xu family with pomp and splendor but was treated coldly and ignored by everyone in the household she married into. She e...