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Dire by HecDaevis
Direby #BlackLivesMatter
Keane has a supernatural gift, so he's forced to train as an SAU Agent. Unable to escape, he's determined to graduate and to keep his partner, Neal, safe. ...
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Worlds Apart by ToriTheDisneyFreak
Worlds Apartby Tori
The story you're about to read is pg13 so parents are strongly cautioned. Anyways, this story is a story about four girls who look alike. One of them is an evil empress...
Our World is Run By "Them": Evil Intentions by Azalas434
Our World is Run By "Them": Evil I...by Delvin McElroy
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Music is a gift by TruTru21
Music is a giftby TruTru21
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Never Too Late  by scifigirl
Never Too Late by Cait Lexis
The thrill of adventure and deep space travel beckons Kenzi to join Earth's interstellar military force. But in order to follow her dreams, she has to leave behind more...
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The Once Was by cararenae
The Once Wasby cararenae
The Once Was- book one of The Once Was trilogy. Imagine a world with no money, no pleasure, no entertainment. A new world order set up for the greater good of human kin...
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My Fresh Prince by Relatableemo
My Fresh Princeby Relatableemo
A heart wrenching tale with titans, gophers, and my fresh prince. Please don't sue me @will smith
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Unlocked by jacqtag
Unlockedby jacqtag
Everybody knows about the internet myth of how we only use ten percent of our brains. Everybody used to believe it. Now, everybody has been educated on the truth of the...
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Untitled by sherylkaleo
Untitledby sherylkaleo
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Deviants by Kendrah_Raine
Deviantsby Kendrah Raine
This is the story of Ella Hart. She lives in a utopian society where perfection, technology and survival were the goals. Perfection was Ella's goal also, until she falls...
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Just Another New Year's by celia4251
Just Another New Year'sby Celia
Futurama Series: Book 1 Fry's life isn't exactly what he expected it to be. His parents don't care about him that much, his brother bullies him, and he thinks his girlfr...
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Dusk's Dawn Of Day by FacelessNovelist
Dusk's Dawn Of Dayby O.Rose
"Not everything is always exactly what it seems to be."
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Anarchists Rise by varzanic
Anarchists Riseby N.A. Carson
Phoenix is a loser. He was labeled an outcast after his mom was sent to the insane asylum for mutilating hundred of birds. Instead of turning on her, Phoenix stood up f...
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Holiday One-Shots by DeathByAPilgrim
Holiday One-Shotsby DeathByAPilgrim
Not all smut, not just sex. Making love and lasting memories for ALL holidays. Not just gay, not all straight, there are no constraints. My new years resolution, make a...
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The Crimson Leafs by DevinRone
The Crimson Leafsby Devin Rone
Destruction and chaos is immanent, the future has become the past and the past has become the present. Hawk, a 16 year old teen boy born into the golden age of their wo...
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House of Vendetta {Book 4} completed by SanayaKant
House of Vendetta {Book 4} complet...by Sanaya Kant
This is the 4th book in the YNA series, read the first 3 books if you want to read the 4th book. After coming face to face with truth and deception, Frisca returns to he...
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