Last Turn Home
By MackieJay
  • Romance
  • age
  • army
  • childhood
  • crush
  • cute
  • difference
  • forbidden
  • heal
  • hurt
  • lost
  • love
  • military
  • patriot
  • ranch
  • romance
  • scar
  • soldier
  • south
  • sweetheart
  • texas


Carly Atwood always remembered the man that used to live in the loft above the barn when she was a little girl. John was her childhood crush, he was the guy she wrote about in her diary, and when he left her in his army greens, he was the first man she ever cried for. Nine years later, Carly isn't the eleven year-old girl John left behind. She grew up and moved on with her life, taking over the Atwood Ranch following her father's death. John isn't the man he used to be either; physically and emotionally scarred following his last deployment in Afghanistan, John is returning to the only place he ever called home, back to the loft above the barn and to the pretty blonde girl that's been holding onto his dog tags for all these years. ----- Title inspired by the song of the same name by Tim McGraw.

Prologue - The Man Above the Barn

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Last Turn...
by MackieJay