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Goldric Fanfic by ilikemen1244
Goldric Fanficby felix
Belos doesn't trust Hexside much and decides to send his right hand man, The Golden Guard there. Only thing is, The Golden Guard is going undercover, as Hunter and no on...
Mentally and Physically Tearing Him Apart by imtryingtobeanauthor
Mentally and Physically Tearing imtryingtobeanauthor
After Emperor Belos finds out about Hunter keeping a secret palismen from him, he reacts horribly. Now Hunter is alone and injured with nowhere to go. Until he runs into...
The Owl House Group Chat  by Honey-Vee
The Owl House Group Chat by Ivy <3
Just a chaotic gc with our favourite (and least favourite) Owl House Characters Ships include - • Lumity (obviously) • Huntlow/Winter (Hunter x Willow) • Gustholomule (...
Little Empress  by TheRealDreamDemon
Little Empress by R. Cipher
When young Human "Asher" ends up in the Boiling Isles, Eda the Owl Lady takes him under her wing. But when Luz Noceda shows up, things start to go wrong for h...
UℕᏇℐℒℒℐℕᎶℒᎽ  ℐℕ  ℒᎾᏉℰ  Ꮗℐтℋ  ᎽᎾU (Hunter x Reader) by sunflwr_malllw
Y/n Snapdragon, adopted daughter of Terra Snapdragon has been destined to wed The golden guard ever since she was adopted in the Snapdragon family. You become conscious...
WOLFVILLE by MadisonTrupp
WOLFVILLEby Madison Trupp
Timmory Cross, a restless university student and newly-turned werewolf, must navigate her complicated double life while hunting the beast that turned her. ...
My Mother Runs With Wolves by Zoe_Blessing
My Mother Runs With Wolvesby Zoe Blessing
A genetically unique but emotionally lost teenager must figure out who she is within her mixed-up, warring world of Shifters and Wolfstalkers. ...
Hunter Oneshots (The Owl House) by helloilikebutter
Hunter Oneshots (The Owl House)by helloilikebutter
Random one shots i make at 3am
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Until Death Do Us Part by bobbcat776
Until Death Do Us Partby Bobb
(Y/n) (L/n), the dedicated pupil of a powerful witch and the head student of the beastkeeping track at Hexside, wins a witches duel and is inducted into the esteemed Emp...
The Boy Who Cried Beast | ✓ by 1fandombookgirl
The Boy Who Cried Beast | ✓by Shania
As Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, Everette Blackwood is required to find her mate. She's not too sold on the idea of needing a man at her side. When she stumbles across...
Huntlow! by Kittimoonshadow
My Version of Hunter and Willow's love story :) and oneshots. Takes place in Human realm at the start, but just Hunter and Willow confessing and stuff. I guess some fluf...
Male reader x Left4Dead by CrashDragon
Male reader x Left4Deadby CrashDragon
YOU that's right you have lucked out to be apart of the few people to be immune to the zombie infection known to some as the green flu in this post apocalyptic world. Ru...
silly owl house group chat teehee by iloverainewhispers
silly owl house group chat teeheeby iloverainewhispers
this is just a silly goofy little group chat I'm writing for fun, more of something to ramble out random ideas I have rather than a detailed story so don't expect much o...
♥*♡∞:。.。 Only for You 。.。:∞♡*♥ Hunter/The Golden Guard x reader by CorryKris
♥*♡∞:。.。 Only for You 。.。:∞♡*♥ Corry Kris
Y/N is a wild witch who runs a potions shop with their best friend Marcus. One fateful day the Golden Guard pays them a visit and they eventually form an unlikely bond...
The Owl House Scenarios!! by yuuiool
The Owl House Scenarios!!by yuuiool
I cried on the last episode, 10/10 recommended😭. it will be most of the main characters. I dont own this show, im not tryna get in trouble by law or some.
Academy of Beasts by Futuralist
Academy of Beastsby Demoness Socialite
(Writing this to help with Writer's Block) The Hunter of the Workshop had finally slain the final adversary of his Hunt. Now with the Dream coming to a close and the on...
Hunter angst/AUs by Seoyummy
Hunter angst/AUsby Euphoric._.Utopia
A Collection of hunter AUs! Not for the faint of heart, u might cry, u might not idk. I have death AUs, Y/n AUs, everything :) ⚠️DEPICTIONS OF ABUSE AND SUICIDE IN DETAI...
(CONTINUED!) ☆ЅUℕ ℬᎾᎽ☆ (Jealous Hunter x Reader) by sunflwr_malllw
(CONTINUED!) ☆ЅUℕ ℬᎾᎽ☆ (Jealous Wbebebe
Your father is a basic guard in the emperors coven, you often go there in your free time to tend to the plants around the castle, one day, you're in the castles library...
A hunter's Journey  by Goldengun2002
A hunter's Journey by The Gunslinger
What happens when a ghost finds its way to Remnant and meets a boy? What will become of them? And what if the boys shrouded history? First story so feedback would be gr...