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Sold To A Gang Leader by Anonymusdnk
Sold To A Gang Leaderby Anonymous
Nichole never had a normal life, her father died when she was 9. It broke her heart she was a daddy's girl. Her mom struggled to pay for rent, and food, she often went h...
The Revenge Wife (COMPLETE) by MaryRose_Author
The Revenge Wife (COMPLETE)by MaryRose Author
"Let me put this very clear to you, because it looks like you're not fully understanding. I paid for you to be my wife, meaning as my wife you'll do what I say beca...
Unexpected: Under the hood by popcat2010
Unexpected: Under the hoodby ✰ℂ𝕒𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕒✰
Sarah Moore, a lonely, silent girl, who never takes her hood off. Or that's what people think. Her boyfriend, an incredible abuser, loves to see her in pain, mostly when...
Finding My Happy by Tavisshid
Finding My Happyby Tavi D
Katherine Forsythe has had a difficult life. Being abused for almost her whole life by her mother and her stepfather. Katherine has never really experienced the concept...
His Luna's Betrayal  by meaganb93
His Luna's Betrayal by Trouble93
He's known by many names, none of them good. They say his heart has been destroyed. He spends his days planning the annihilation of packs for his own personal enjoyment...
He Chose Me by Dayawna
He Chose Meby Dayawna Tyshon Coleman
When Ari is having trouble in her home life she escapes her problems with sneaking out. What happens when she can no longer escape her problems? Cover by @crooklyn-
Saving My Cinderella[COMPLETED] by kalechip31
Saving My Cinderella[COMPLETED]by Kale
WARNING: Story contains things that may trigger, and some rude language. Brittney, a slave in her own house. She is sold for a month's period to anyone who will buy her...
The Gangleader's Girl by PaperSkin
The Gangleader's Girlby ǝuıdnɔɹod
"What happened to your eye?" He asks, I totally forgot. There's a little bruise next to my eye from when my mom got home last night. "Oh uhh...uhhh I-I fe...
The Mafias Little Sister by hell_ria1236
The Mafias Little Sisterby hell's mystery
⚠️NOT COMPLETED⚠️ The cover art is done by @TheCaffeneQueenn sapphire goodman an orphan she's a street racer an assassin a hacker and a 15 year old what happens when...
Welcome home Rylee  by notgonnnasay
Welcome home Rylee by notgonnnasay
At ten years old Rylee Evans goes missing. Her brothers stop the search for their sister after two years. What will they do when the youngest Evan sibling comes knocking...
His Innocent Beauty  by aliya_annsari
His Innocent Beauty by Aliya Ansari
"If You're thinking that I have called you here as MY WIFE, then it is your MISTAKE. I don't have a bit interest in you. Here I've called you only so that you'll k...
sleeping pills (Bxbxb Incest ) Book 1 by 123rlove
sleeping pills (Bxbxb Incest ) Boo...by 123rlove
Warning this book contains boyloves , incest relationship, gay relationships , self harm , abuse, bullying, suicide attempt and addiction. If u don't like it fuck off...
Broken ✔️ by livyloo_xo_
Broken ✔️by
A broken girl who fights all her own battles, alone. she owns her own mafia and people see her as sadistic, heartless and cruel. no one has ever seen the real her broken...
Crumbled Down (TeacherXstudent) Intersex  (Editing)  Completed by jenellkee25
Crumbled Down (TeacherXstudent) In...by Jenella❤💖
A cold hearted bitch. That's what my calculus teacher is. Despite of her cold aura, I can't help but fall hard to this Goddess. But would she accept me, if ever she find...
love hurts by selfmade_cyla
love hurtsby yesitscyla🤤
"OK jay its not that big of a deal I just hugged him he was an old friend" "nah fuck all dat kay" he said looking back at the Road " man fuck...
Sakura's Twin Brother (Editing) by Stay_nerdy
Sakura's Twin Brother (Editing)by Nana
Abuse by his parents and sister, Rokudo is the complete opposite of his sister, quiet and cold, but what happens if he was put in a team with his sister? (A/N: Naruto, t...
''ေမာင္'' ေစရင္.... S1(''မောင်'' စေရင်....){Completed} by Vera_Vicki
''ေမာင္'' ေစရင္.... S1(''မောင်'' စ...by YSYH_*
အမုန္းေတြ အတၱေတြမ႐ွိဘဲ ပြင့္လင္းခဲ့ၾကရင္ အဆံုးသတ္ဟာ ၿခိဳၿမိန္ႏိုင္သည္။ သို႔ေသာ္..... အမုန်းတွေ အတ္တတွေမရှိဘဲ ပွင့်လင်းခဲ့ကြရင် အဆုံးသတ်ဟာ ခြိုမြိန်နိုင်သည်။ သို့သော်...
I'm Fine (Drarry) by SecretlyGayMom_Kyra
I'm Fine (Drarry)by Hi My Name Is [Kyra]
Harry feels like he is being torn apart, he can't take it anymore... he gets abused by is uncle and everyone is oblivious.. It's the 4th year and he hates everyday of it...
"I have every right to say this y/n" I glared at the man in front of me. "You are no one to me" I yelled making every word clear to him. He clenched...
Sombre by bitttercakess
Sombreby Rhea cooper
When thirteen year old Alicia's marriage is fixed to a sixteen year old boy called Preston, she thinks nothing about it.But when she meets him on her twentieth birthday...