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MY LITTLE PRINCESS by chunhee026
MY LITTLE PRINCESSby Astrid von Oldenburg
As soon as the maid opened the big front door of my mansion, a little girl appeared in front of me. She have messy blond hair and familiar blue eyes like mine but her fa...
Meaningful Mistakes by hannahmcapper
Meaningful Mistakesby Hannah Capper
Hunter Kings despises 'the perfect girl' Lolita Brown the moment their paths collide at school and due to living in the apartment next to her with her best friend. The...
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Twilight New found love by TwilightWinchester
Twilight New found loveby Twilight
A story about Jacob new found love. As you know Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. What if he made a mistake instead of Renesmee it her twin. Due to hate Edward gave Renesmee'...
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Always Get What I Want. by clknutson
Always Get What I Want.by clknutson
Jessica. An 18 year old girl living at home in order to take care of her little sister. In the day and age that jessica lives in, America is run by the government, who i...
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Blinded by Late_Night_Foxx
Blindedby Gabby Korb
None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see. ~Matthew Henry William grew up knowing only darkness. His parents abandoned him in t...
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Abandoned by NoraGrande
Abandonedby Nora Rashid
"I only married you because I feel sorry for you! Now, get out of my life and never come back." Join Melissa Evans, a 17-year-old girl that came from a very p...
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Arshi FF ☆ Rising Phoenix ☆ by Mamree
Arshi FF ☆ Rising Phoenix ☆by Mamree
A journey of a spirited woman who find herself after going through almost death. Journey of a egoistic man who destroyed a woman in his blinded ego and misjudgment...
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New Explorers/ Colby Brock by FollowingDreams17
New Explorers/ Colby Brockby FollowingDreams17
"Shut up." "Shut up." He smiles mocking me. "Stop mocking me bitch." I start to walk down the stairs of the abandoned building. "St...
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Hidden Riches by Tedibea1
Hidden Richesby H
Hannah Sky was a average 22-year-old woman with a content life until the day she came home to find her boyfriend, Peyton of 3 years on top of her best friend Julia. That...
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ABANDONED//~Yoonmin~ by Chrissy_Jean
ABANDONED//~Yoonmin~by Chrissy Jean+~
"You abandoned me!.. And our baby!"~ ______________________________________ Yoongi and Jimin have a very strong relationship but when Jimin gets pregnant all o...
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poetry II by dumbassflower
poetry IIby sav ⚜️
poems about abandonment and betrayal. an ode to the scars left behind by the people who said they'd never leave. (number 2 in poetry, october 2019)
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come home  |  ninjago by variaete
come home | ninjagoby agatha ✨
come home ; ៚. ❝ she gave up everything, only to be left alone to grieve in his tears. ❞ ninjago x reader ( morro involved ) © variaete 2019 11.02.19, start
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King Kong: Long May He Reign ✓ by Exjamesx668
King Kong: Long May He Reign ✓by Ellie-Mae.668
Lizzie had been stuck on skull island since she was 15. An expedition gone wrong. She didn't expect any rescue and she had finally come to terms with that... And then ma...
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Baby on the door step by BrightPurpleLight
Baby on the door stepby BrightPurpleLight
"Raylynn come quick"A little boy tells to his sister who was cooking dinner for the two of them. Raylynn turned her head around to look down the hallway to fin...
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FOUR QUARTERS by InkPrincessMarcia
FOUR QUARTERSby InkPrincessMarcia
Simone's life changes when her best friend Maddison presures her to date the schools senior quarterback. Sixteen years later Simone's life is turned upside down when sh...
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A Rose Called Lila by imastupididyut
A Rose Called Lilaby imastupididyut
This description will most likely change. I knew what I want. I always know what I want. My father, Warren, the man I greatly admired right up until he was taken from us...
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Infinite Stratos X Male Reader by RWBYDxD
Infinite Stratos X Male Readerby LemonHead69
Y/N L/N was kidnapped and experimented on. He barely escapes with his life, but is on the brink of death, That was until Tabane Shinonono found him. After being broken a...
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Altering Passion by dera134
Altering Passionby Chidera Eze
"You are my employee, Miss Hawkins and that's all you'll ever be."
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I'm Different, too. (a DC universe fanfic) by musiclovernicole
I'm Different, too. (a DC universe...by Gingertree
When Killer Croc was walking home in the sewers of Gotham, he wasn't expecting a terrified teenage girl to run up to him and ask for his help. After hearing her story, h...
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The Spirit Champion by SoundAnbu17
The Spirit Championby Artist of the Mist
After losing to Alain in the Kalos League, Ash was betrayed by his friends and pokemon including his faithful companion Pikachu. Ash was a the edge of a cliff and felled...
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