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Love&Basketball (Camren) by CC__5H
Love&Basketball (Camren)by CC__5H
《CONVERTED》to Camren Camila Cabello a teenager about to begin her senior year has been dating her boyfriend Austin who is an aspiring actor for a lmost two years. But a...
Let's just say, Dinah's done being everyone's secret. first ever story, be warned.
Accidental Love by lerenjauregui
Accidental Loveby yo mom
"wrong number"
Life Style by Whatitdofifthharmony
Life Styleby Whatitdofifthharmony
Two bands were form and the world was going crazy. One member of one band decided to collab with the another member of the other band, what will happen...
I hate you by Zaniya18
I hate youby Zaniya
I hate you Dinah Jane Yeah I love you too
Mixed Emotions  by normanixlife
Mixed Emotions by normanixlife
Rebels/Jocks Dinah Hansen - Always in the principles office, plays for the football team, has many secret talents, hard to trust people, bestfriends are Tori, and Lauren...
Can it be you? (Norminah) g!p by whewchile17
Can it be you? (Norminah) g!pby Wavess🌊
They both have a tough decision to make... Normani has always been there for the people that needed her most, she hits a major downfall but who will catch her? Dinah Ja...
Angel°(Norminah) by FinahJane_NorMami
Angel°(Norminah)by BaezFoDayz
Normani Kordei has been through a lot of rough patches. She blocks her feelings from other people so she won't get hurt. What will happen when she meets the girl of her...
5H Texts (ft. Camila Cabello) by ssaucedup
5H Texts (ft. Camila Cabello)by mia
literally just a pile of crap. some camren, some norminah, a lot of ot5. enjoy :)
Arranged Marriage With My Enemy by Whatitdofifthharmony
Arranged Marriage With My Enemyby Whatitdofifthharmony
It's pretty clear on what happened, Dinah and Normani hate each other since they first met in Kindergarten, nothing will change that and getting married will make things...
Messy- Fifth Harmony by GottaFoldTheDishes
Messy- Fifth Harmonyby GottaFoldTheDishes
Dinah gets bored one day and starts a group chat with her best friend, Lauren, and three strangers. Has texts and written out chapters. This book is complete has a sequ...
Arranged Marriage by Jesselle_Loves_You
Arranged Marriageby Jesselle🌺
Normani Kordei Hamilton has a hatred for Dinah Jane Hansen. there is no explanation on why she hates Dinah besides that Normani reminds Dinah every single day. what happ...
Gonna get better  by Benvoliopeanutbutter
Gonna get better by Secret Agent Donut
Sickness, Poor decisions, Bad relationships, and lies I'm not gonna leave you now I know it's gonna get better.
The girl from instagram (Norminah) by whctry
The girl from instagram (Norminah)by whctry
"You have 1 new message request"
Magic 8  by Starprincess99
Magic 8 by FifthHarmxny
Dinah decides to use a magic eight ball and see if it works. Unfortunately for her, her question was answered, but instead of yes or no it transports her to a different...
Let Me Love You {Norminah} (g!p) by dinahdork
Let Me Love You {Norminah} (g!p)by Dinah's Dork
Normani's previous relationship was not the best--neither were her other ones. It had almost become a cycle. She made a vow that she would never fall in love again. But...
Retrying Love by messynormani
Retrying Loveby ً
Normani Powers, maiden name Hamilton, is a widow. She and her friend, Lauren Jauregui, go to a party at her house. That's where Normani met Dinah Jane Hansen. Dinah g!p ...
Beverly Hills  by badbitchblues
Beverly Hills by badbitchblues
Dinah Jane is a complex girl who was born and raised in the Bronx. She's had it hard her whole life. Her father was never present in her life and her mother was addicted...