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So I am Marrying my Anti-Fan( Lauren×You) by Code27xxx
So I am Marrying my Anti-Fan( Laur...by Unknown
You were Lauren's Anti-Fan and she was really annoyed with you. What will happen if you two went together in a tour. Hmmmm let see.
STAY AWAKE (DINAH × YOU) by Code27xxx
You and Dinah met at the Hospital for some reasons and you are not suppose to fall in love with her but you did.
Love and Trust (Camila/You) by allabout_gaylife
Love and Trust (Camila/You)by Allabout_gaylife
Y/n Y/ln is a famous YouTuber who makes cover videos. She's also a bit of a Harmonizer. She meets Camila Cabello at the local Starbucks she can't believe her eyes. They...
The Backstage Pass (Camren) by luxurylolo
The Backstage Pass (Camren)by luxurylolo
"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." -Ernest Hemmingway
Catch me if you can by Firebird_18
Catch me if you canby Alex
Camila's a beat cop when she meets Lauren Jauregui - daughter of infamous gang boss Mike Jauregui. When a chance encounter sparks years of petty arguing and arrest attem...
Should Have Known (Camren) by camzcaBAEo
Should Have Known (Camren)by CamzCaBAEo
Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello audition for The X Factor on the same day- by mere coincidence? Possibly. By fate? Who knows? Each girl has a dream similar to the nex...
Ms. Green eyes |𝔏𝔞𝔲𝔯𝔢𝔫 𝔍𝔞𝔲𝔯𝔢𝔤𝔲𝔦| by cabello_sin
Ms. Green eyes |𝔏𝔞𝔲𝔯𝔢𝔫 𝔍𝔞�...by cori
"Listen Well, All Of You, The Princess Shall Indeed Grow In Grace and...Beauty. Loved by all who meet her." "T-That's a Lovely Gift" Maleficent looke...
Please be my nightingale (Camren) by demodino
Please be my nightingale (Camren)by Ina
"I don't get it. You live in the castle? As a what? As a maid?" Camila snorts and chuckles about her comment. "No, I'm the princess to be honest." ...
Color [CAMREN] [COMPLETED] by juliaaxx
Color [CAMREN] [COMPLETED]by julia
Not my story! I got it from Tumblr and since I really love it, I thought I'd share it with you guys :) It's a Camren story, and I cried my eyes out. Have fun reading...
Instagram I  S.M x C.C by roxygxo
Instagram I S.M x C.Cby Roxanne Grey
camila_cabello started following shawnmendes. © ROXANNE GREY 2020 Started: 7/4/'18 Finished: 6/5/'20
Broken, Honest, Beautiful by AestheticJauregui
Broken, Honest, Beautifulby Sarah
Lauren was struggling with her own issues in silence, and nobody knew until that one dreadful day. The day that everything changed. Lauren eventually went back to fifth...
Riptide (a camren fic) by smilelovato
Riptide (a camren fic)by Vivian
Everyone had a bucket list, Camila's just included Lauren...and a dead girl. [ Cover art made by this fabulous person---> bows-n-beanies.tumblr.com ]
Wrong Number by CatchThese1000Hands
Wrong Numberby Tati
Trying to text your jerk of an ex boyfriend, Derek, you mistype the memorized but deleted #. And who's the person on the other end? Looks like you're gonna have to read...
Love and Basketball (Camren) by __jimmyneutron
Love and Basketball (Camren)by alexis
Lauren Jauregui is the star basketball player who happens to be very shy in front of a certain someone. Camila Cabello is the head cheerleader who happens to have someth...
Fifth Harmony Imagines by cloudsinabluesky
Fifth Harmony Imaginesby cloudsinabluesky
Fifth Harmony imagines for y'all to read. There aren't many people writing these so I thought why not? you can send me requests if you want :-) Update: I've been writing...
You Help Me Live (Camren) by TypeisLife
You Help Me Live (Camren)by TypeIsLife
Camila is used to being alone. Ever since her mom and sister died, it's only been her and her dad. With her dad being an abusive jerk, she tends to keep her distance. Sh...
From Outer Space by ChooseYourLife
From Outer Spaceby Giny
Camila and Lauren have a long, long history together. They are tied to each other in more than one ways, which forces them to stay connected to each other. Lauren howeve...
My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose by Switcho_16
My Love is Like a Red, Red Roseby sel.
Two shops sit next to each other. One a florist's, one a tattoo parlour. Two people. One a bubbly ball of sunshine, the other a punk with a bad attitude. Guess who runs...
Broken Clocks (Dinah/You) by Tsunami199
Broken Clocks (Dinah/You)by Tsunami199
Y/N, a 25 year old CEO and Dinah, a 24 year old singer have been married for 5 years and been together since middle school. They have 4 year old twin boys and some craz...
Fifth Harmony Preferences by kordaze
Fifth Harmony Preferencesby ♆
Preferences and imagines for the girls of Fifth Harmony (and Camila). Comment requests! - - #31 in random