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Something New (Normani x Y/N) by MemoriesInside_
Something New (Normani x Y/N)by MemoriesInside_
A story between a male Y/N and Normani. You're an upcoming artist that wishes to surprise the world with his talents. One day, you see Normani for this first time and th...
The popular girl and The Outcast  by ykwitdo21
The popular girl and The Outcast by ykwitdo21
Y/n Y/l/n the nerd of the school is the Outcast. Everyone makes fun of her because she's different. Normani Kordei Hamilton. Captain of the cheer squad, Girlfriend of t...
Mates (5h/you) by loveann13
Mates (5h/you)by Anneke
Let me just say you got a lot on your hands Y/n L/n, including five mates.... So good luck I guess. Cause I'm not helping you out. Fuck that noise.
Wait...Five? ( Fifth Harmony/You/Camila Cabello) On hold by NyaNyaBish
Wait...Five? ( Fifth Harmony/You/ Nya
5 strong alphas and 1 omega...How will this work out? Read to find out.
Unspoken Words ( Norminah ) by inspirinSOUL
Unspoken Words ( Norminah )by inspirinSOUL
If looking into her eyes were a full time job I would retire there. G!P Dinah
more life / b.simmons (2) by rihflection
more life / b.simmons (2)by 🐇 ™
take a look at the lives of amari, ben, and their children as they get older. [read book 1 (recognize) to understand.]
Crazy In LOVE  (Laurmani x Dinally) (On Hold) by LaurmaniSupremacy
Crazy In LOVE (Laurmani x BarbzBey
Lauren Jauregui is in her last school year. She's looking for someone to love. On the last day of school her friend introduced her cousin to her and her friends. FIND OU...
My Girlfriend is a Criminal with a Class (Ally×You) by Code27xxx
My Girlfriend is a Criminal with Unknown
Ally Brooke Hernandez is one of the member of the girl group fifth harmony along with Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Hamilton and Camila Cabello. Fifth Har...
Sisters by TeamViper
Sistersby That_Mixer
Four girls, four tragic backgrounds, and four cases. Leigh-Anne, Jade, Perrie, and Jesy, four strangers that got turned into sisters that stick with each other through i...
Why (Lauren/You) by BadassCabello
Why (Lauren/You)by B🖤
Why do we put each other through hell? Why can't we just get over ourselves?
Robert Kardashian's daughter by chonixkardashian
Robert Kardashian's daughterby chonixkardashian
Rob has a daughter , he never knew about. When was 17 he had slept with a young women , who then became pregnant. She ran away to England and gave birth to their child M...
Fifth Harmony adopted me? by goingallnight
Fifth Harmony adopted me?by goingallnight
5 year old Lynn, gets adopted by Fifth Harmony. The girls are super attached to her and love her dearly. Lynn is still a bit shy around them and scared of sleeping alone...
ROYAL TIES // N.K by aqua_bona_est
ROYAL TIES // N.Kby ❄️
There are certain things that tie people to each other. Whether it be a debt, blood, or love; you are always drawn back to someone. Some would call it fate. Normani X YN.
YouTube Couple (Norminah) one-shots by chiyawalker
YouTube Couple (Norminah) one-shotsby chiya walker
just a bunch of one-shots of pranks and videos Dinah and Normani do with each other because they are YouTubers. chiya 😁
Malibu Love by FakingCamren
Malibu Loveby antonela
Lauren just graduated from Political Science in Columbia University when her boyfriend Nick offered her to spend summer in Malibu with him, his brother Mark and Mark's g...
Something about you (Norminah) by TheDreamCatcher45
Something about you (Norminah)by TheDreamCatcher
People say that the line between love and hate is thin. What they don't tell you is that sometimes it's invisible.
PR? (Camila/You) by camilzer
PR? (Camila/You)by NeverBeIntoIt
You're a successful musician who signs a contract binding yourself to Camila Cabello for at least 8 months. Throughout that time though, you two become closer, will thi...
seductive nights (camren) by smithday14
seductive nights (camren)by smithday14
their love was built on sex, lies and betrayal. she came with an intoxication that wasn't seen before, consuming her and demanding her. lauren seemed to be everything c...
Should Have Known (Camren) by camzcaBAEo
Should Have Known (Camren)by CamzCaBAEo
Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello audition for The X Factor on the same day- by mere coincidence? Possibly. By fate? Who knows? Each girl has a dream similar to the nex...