night after night (...
By smithday14
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their world was built on sex, love and lies. she came with an intoxication that wasn't seen before, consuming her and demanding her. Lauren seemed to have everything Camila wanted, a dirty mind and a mouth to match. Lauren Jauregui was everything Camila never knew she wanted/needed and exactly what she can't have. But could she handle the pressure of her growing desire for Lauren along with the growing danger to risk her heart with the dark secrets she carried around with her that threatened to destroy any chance at happiness?... could they make it work? Can two people burned by love trust again, when desire and passion, are met by danger at every turn? this is a g!p lauren fanfic. if you don't like that kinda stuff then maybe read and try it or just don't read it, idk. i appreciate if you do try and read and end up not liking it... to each their own (this is a camren version of a book i just changed a few things like characters, cities and other info)


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night aft...
by smithday14