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Don't pretend to be something you're not {F.H} by Drunken-Nugget
Don't pretend to be something you'...by Drunken-Nugget
Lauren's heart, mind and body was screaming to be set free and be a little but Lauren had so much behind her that she kept it at bay and refused. Will someone help chang...
Not Your Baby (Ageplay) by littlest_hearts
Not Your Baby (Ageplay)by #ineverupdatesorry
Camila thinks Ally and Dinah baby her too much. Lauren thinks they don't baby her enough. ~Dinally, little Lauren, and (eventually) little Camila.~
The Boss's Princess by tatterzz
The Boss's Princessby hi! i’m taylor!
Lauren Jauregui, a mafia leader, business woman, and a well respected Mommy Domme wasn't one to be soft on anyone. People feared her. Respected her. But one night, a sma...
 Just A Little 5H (ageplay) by MommaUnicorn
Just A Little 5H (ageplay)by Alex Jackson-Smith
Camren are littles that get stuck in their headspace.
Taken by artmaniac0512
Takenby Mei Ishikawa
Camila, a normal 9th grader is kidnapped. How will this change her life?
New Adjustments to a Little World by battlecry7473
New Adjustments to a Little Worldby battlecry7473
AU. In a society where a personality test determines the role you play, there are dominants, submissives, caretakers, and littles. When Lauren gets her results back, she...
The Kick Boxer's Girl by tatterzz
The Kick Boxer's Girlby hi! i’m taylor!
Lauren Jauregui is the schools star athlete, but she doesn't play a typical school sport, she's a kick boxer. Camila Cabello is a smart girl with a secret she nobody kn...
safe space » ally brooke au by allysondelivers
safe space » ally brooke auby xii.
ally just needed a break. » consensual, non-kink age regression! » little! ally
Long to feel wanted and needed (fifth harmony age play) by bananas_n_mangoes
Long to feel wanted and needed (fi...by Love is Love
Lauren Jauregui was the girl with a sad past and a wealthy lifestyle. But she felt empty and lived with no purpose in life. She longed for something that money couldn't...
Encounters (ageplay) by imm_a_mess
Encounters (ageplay)by nana✨
late night encounters are the best ones
Ally's MY babygirl (5H Ageplay) by WaitWhat727
Ally's MY babygirl (5H Ageplay)by Uhhhhhh
. Will they find out her secret ? Will she ever get past what Troy did to her ? Or will the girls decide what's best for her.
Sleep Tight (Fifth Harmony Fanfic) by Super_Twizzler
Sleep Tight (Fifth Harmony Fanfic)by Super_Twizzler
G!P Fifth harmony G!P Zendaya G!P Tori Kelly G!P Alycia Debnam-Carey G!P Lucy Vives G!P Ruby Rose G!P Camila Cabello G!P Demi Lovato
Forever my baby you'll be  by livia3001
Forever my baby you'll be by livia3001
I'll follow you everywhere, love you always, forever my baby you'll be .....
Left (5H ageplay) by WaitWhat727
Left (5H ageplay)by Uhhhhhh
When Camila leaves the group how will Lauren deal with her best friend gone ?
My Little Camz by fifth_harmony_x
My Little Camzby Planetgreeneyes
Age Play and Spanking (Don't like don't read ) Lauren is the mommy who takes care and gives love along with discipline to her baby girl. Camila is the baby girl who nee...
Forced (Ageplay) by imm_a_mess
Forced (Ageplay)by nana✨
Dinah and Lauren made their decision, but how will Camila react? *DISCONTINUED*
My wittle baby doll by artmaniac0512
My wittle baby dollby Mei Ishikawa
Ally Brooke is just an average high schooler, but what happens when she gets whisked off the streets?
Camila's Secret by demi558
Camila's Secretby demi558
Camila likes to write age-play stories at the park but what happens when a green eyed woman finds out her secret
again | fifth harmony au by prettythxts
again | fifth harmony auby DNA™
The need pulls at Camila and Lauren. When Camila finds out about Lauren, she slips. Then the girls find out. Will the girls agree and work it out? [FIFTH HARMONY AGEPL...
Camila's 'Little' Secret by my_fiction_fantasies
Camila's 'Little' Secretby Shannon
Everyone knew Camila liked cute clothes, bows, and things that were sweet. Just a normal 18 year old right? Well what happens when Lauren finds out that Camila takes thi...