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This Is the Safest Place I've Ever Known by battlecry7473
This Is the Safest Place I've Ever...by battlecry7473
Camila thinks Lauren would enjoy the benefits of being Little like her. Too bad Lauren's too stubborn for her own good. AKA: A rewrite of my New Adjustments to a Little...
My Baby  (Lauren/You) (Discontinued) by camren156
My Baby (Lauren/You) (Discontinue...by camren156
y/n was walking late at night worst mistake she did. She gets taken by 4 girls but one wanted her to be her age play baby.
Camila's Secret by demi558
Camila's Secretby demi558
Camila likes to write age-play stories at the park but what happens when a green eyed woman finds out her secret
The 6th Harmony by FallingBlossoms20
The 6th Harmonyby Falling Blossom
Ivy was excited to see her favourite band, fifth harmony when things went horribly wrong...
you've got oneshot by onesiescabello
you've got oneshotby ✨
a mess of oneshots that I can put together. i mean probably mostly ageplay but don't hold that against me.
Lil 5h/Camila Ageplay Oneshots (Discontinued) by camren156
Lil 5h/Camila Ageplay Oneshots (Di...by camren156
Title says it all Enjoy 😁
**DISCONTINUED** Red Balloon (5H Ageplay) by cosmic-joke
**DISCONTINUED** Red Balloon (5H A...by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lauren definitely crossed the line. Converted from: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6951262?view_adult=true Enjoy, cuties!
again | fifth harmony au by prettythxts
again | fifth harmony auby DNA™
The need pulls at Camila and Lauren. When Camila finds out about Lauren, she slips. Then the girls find out. Will the girls agree and work it out? [FIFTH HARMONY AGEPL...
Fragile Heart, Fragile Mind by VioletandTate01
Fragile Heart, Fragile Mindby VioletandTate01
Lauren was in a bad situation, a horrible one at that. She was being neglected severely and was very fragile. She'd gone through an awful lot for her to only be barely 1...
Camila's 'Little' Secret by my_fiction_fantasies
Camila's 'Little' Secretby Shannon
*DISCONTINUED* Everyone knew Camila liked cute clothes, bows, and things that were sweet. Just a normal 18 year old right? Well what happens when Lauren finds out that C...
No Reason to Stay by BeccaMars19
No Reason to Stayby Becca Martin
Camila is struggling with life, can she come back from the dark place she's found herself? Fifth harmony AU, ageplay, self-harm
Taken by artmaniac0512
Takenby Mei Ishikawa
Camila, a normal 9th grader is kidnapped. How will this change her life?
safe space | fifth harmony au by prettythxts
safe space | fifth harmony auby DNA™
Ally hasn't been little in so long, she almost forgets what it was like. But, when she sees a certain stuffed animal on a grocery trip on day, memories flood back and he...
Baby Lauren (Ageplay) by flowers4myself
Baby Lauren (Ageplay)by LEVI
Camila takes care of Lauren. If you don't like ageplay stories, then don't read this fic! It contains non sexual ageplay, with spanking as discipline. The story itself i...
Coffee Shop (5H Ageplay) by WaitWhat727
Coffee Shop (5H Ageplay)by Uhhhhhh
Ally has had a hard life going to work from 6am to 4pm every single day. What happens when she meets a lovely couple that wants her to be there baby .
Little Camila One Shots by carefreecamila
Little Camila One Shotsby Kacey
disclaimer: when i first started writing this i was young and had no idea about the differences between ageplay/ageregression/ddlg/etc. so it might be a bit confusing, b...
My Little Camz by fifth_harmony_x
My Little Camzby Planetgreeneyes
Age Play and Spanking (Don't like don't read ) Lauren is the mommy who takes care and gives love along with discipline to her baby girl. Camila is the baby girl who nee...
safe space » ally brooke au by allysondelivers
safe space » ally brooke auby xii.
ally just needed a break. » consensual, non-kink age regression! » little! ally