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The Succubus by beyxrihxnikalove
The Succubusby beyxrihxnikalove
Beynika❤️ suc·cu·bus /ˈsəkyəbəs/ noun, plural- suc·cu·bi [suhk-yuh-bahy] a demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with men (or women 😏) in their sleep.
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All I Didn't Say {Michael Jackson} by katyqueenx
All I Didn't Say {Michael Jackson}by katyqueenx
It all started in Gary (Indiana) with a letter letf on the sidewalk by a girl with long hair and the most beautiful eyes. "For Michael, the show business wasn't bo...
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Rihyonce:ONE SHOTS  by dayaXXethinic
Rihyonce:ONE SHOTS by dayaXXethinic
Fan-Fiction !!!! I don't own any of the right to these pictures or songs Everything is made up ! Again Fan-Fiction One-shots Rihyonce Rihnika Beynika
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FOUND  [COMPLETED] by yoncefiercee
13 years after being kidnapped from her superstar parents, Beyoncé and JAY-Z are finally reunited with their now sixteen year old daughter, Isabella. Unfortunately for t...
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Saints and Sinners | COMPLETED PART 1 by baisemoi
Saints and Sinners | COMPLETED baisemoi
A gangster falls for a southern belle. Will she be able to tame her? A Rihyoncé story
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Two Can Play by themissessmith
Two Can Playby beyoncestories
{LEBRON JAMES & BEYONCÉ FAN-FICTION} Jay Z continued to cheat, and Beyoncé finally had enough. Her heart was filled with anger and revenge and she acted upon those emoti...
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The Life: The Carter's [Finished] by ThaKid_Snapback
The Life: The Carter's [Finished]by ThaKid
The life every kid wish they had lol Being the kids of Beyonce and Shawn Carter has to be the life.
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Loved by a bully by Bigmari
Loved by a bullyby Juss_jayonce
This is a story of how ur juss gonna read it and have fun...🤩 have fun
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You Never Know by normamikorslayme
You Never Knowby normamikorslayme
just read it and use your imagination.
A Mother's Bond by ThatKidSway
A Mother's Bondby ThatKidSway
What would you do if you found out your whole life was a lie? Sarayah Thompson is forced to answer this question when she finds out the woman she called her mother, abdu...
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Nicki Minaj Imagines by madimaraj
Nicki Minaj Imaginesby Madi🥰
The title says it all....
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Crazy In Love by cheolliedul
Crazy In Loveby cheolliedul
Following the infidelity of her husband, Shawn Carter Aka Jay-Z, Beyoncé decides to live her life as a single woman and continue to focus on her singing career. When she...
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My Angel by prettidisaster
My Angelby MemesTV
All I ever wanted was to be a mother but Shawn was never ready. Sometimes I feel as if he was cheating on me but I would never ask. I just stayed home as he wanted me to...
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Beynika  sexual oneshots  by jamiehertzx
Beynika sexual oneshots by jamieH
Beynika oneshots ❤️ enjoy (g!p)
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IVY & ROCA KNOWLES-CARTER  by SimpleStoryline
Fifteen years ago Beyoncé gave birth to twins. Three years after their birth they get kidnapped. Now they are fifteen and moving back to America with the people who they...
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Me, Myself and Beyoncè  by finnthehumann__
Me, Myself and Beyoncè by lonely.
AJ a lesbian song writer gets the opportunity of her life when Beyoncè Knowles wants to hire her for her next album ... What happens when they start to make more than m...
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pray you catch me by youncetings
pray you catch meby yoncétings
In the past Beyoncé keep cheating on y/n and finally one day y/n left but what Beyoncé didn't know was they y/n was pregnant, now 5 years later Beyoncé finds out about h...
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The Guardian [FINISHED] by HeyShayHey
The Guardian [FINISHED]by HeyShayHey
Let's go on a journey as a young girl finds the truth about her mother.
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Torn by Mshoneybeee
Tornby Mshoneybeee
This was a story that I wrote about two years ago on another fan fiction board. I want to become inspired to write again so I decided to post this story to see the feedb...
Life Change [Finished] by ThaKid_Snapback
Life Change [Finished]by ThaKid
Read it, Enjoy it. Short story, you'll love it. Vote & Comment!
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