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Safety Net: Laurmani  by katricewritess
Safety Net: Laurmani by Katrice 😊
Lauren and Normani cross paths one day at the mall. Normani saw something in Lauren that she thought would be an asset to her and because of that she made it a point to...
Me and my baby by Madeuhhstories
Me and my babyby Madeuhhstories
Dinah Jane and you. G!P
Our Little Sunshine//Fifth Harmony Ageplay by lanasparilla
Our Little Sunshine//Fifth Gay Bish🌈🔥
Ally suddenly isn't the little ball of sunshine and energy like usually, surely this doesn't get unnoticed by her Friends and Teammates of the Girl group Fifth Harmony...
Fifth Harmony Imagines by trinny00
Fifth Harmony Imaginesby trinny00
Fifth harmony imagines for all the girls and ships
seductive nights (camren) by smithday14
seductive nights (camren)by smithday14
Their world was built on sex, love and lies. she came with an intoxication that wasn't seen before, consuming her and demanding her. Lauren seemed to be everything Cami...
Possession ➸ Camren by cabell0jauregui
Possession ➸ Camrenby Freya
"Don't you get it, you're mine, the sooner you realise it the better." The first chapters are so bad but it was my first time writing and I don't know what I w...
My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Camren) by karlamichele
My Best Friend's Girlfriend ( Slampire
Camila Cabello is 16 years old girl, who's boyfriend just died on an airplane crash in the middle of the sea. She was left alone depressed, but before her boyfriend left...
Broken Clocks (Dinah/You) by Tsunami199
Broken Clocks (Dinah/You)by Tsunami199
Y/N, a 25 year old CEO and Dinah, a 24 year old singer have been married for 5 years and been together since middle school. They have 4 year old twin boys and some craz...
Fifth Harmony One Shots (Smuts) by deejmd
Fifth Harmony One Shots (Smuts)by Dennise
Might be g!p or not. These are just imagines about Fifth Harmony. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. DON'T MIND THE TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS AND MY BAD GRAMMAR! 😂😊
Trials & Tribulations by camilasbaAnana
Trials & Tribulationsby laurens_hoe
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." All credits go to Beth. Thank you Beth for creating such a masterpiece.
You Know (C.C / You) by iamgraciee
You Know (C.C / You)by gracie
warning: •explicit language •same sex paring •mention of child abuse ••• yes, I'm back with another book that probably won't be updated bc I'm still plotting everyth...
Don't Fall (Ageplay) by SOGGYPOPTARTS
Don't Fall (Ageplay)by ______________
Something awful happens to Lauren causing her to have the mind set of a child. Like anyone else this 'child' is EXTREMELY clumsy. With the help of Dinah, Normani, Camila...
A chat // Lauren/You by breezysprincessss
A chat // Lauren/Youby Coffee and Pistols?
When you enter a meet and greet dragged by your harmoniser friend, not realising that moment was going to change your life. At the time you had no clue as to what exact...
That Should Be Me (Norminah) by Jesselle_Loves_You
That Should Be Me (Norminah)by Jesselle🌺
I couldn't fall for her . there was no way in hell that I could because she was with him .. my cousin . I envied him because he had such a beautiful girl in his arms . j...
Miss Hernandez - Alren by HansensCheetos
Miss Hernandez - Alrenby LowkeyG
After the tragic loss of her wife, Lauren reunites with an old fling through her 3 year old daughter.
Mine (Norminah) by Harleyyy00
Mine (Norminah)by DM 🖤
What happens when Dinah Jane starts to lose the best thing she's ever had? Will she get it back or will she be forced to move on?
Fifth Harmony Texts 🤗 by SOGGYPOPTARTS
Fifth Harmony Texts 🤗by ______________
Dinah adds four random girls in a group chat. They just happen to be Lauren, Normani, Ally and Camila. Note: IF YOUR A LAUREN GIRL I SUGGEST READING.
5H Messages by ATAJauregui
5H Messagesby ATA
Just messages between the girls. I'll probably post these when I have little time for my main ones. :)
By My Side 2/// Dinah x You by lauready
By My Side 2/// Dinah x Youby forest
You and Dinah take on senior year. Whatever life throws at you, she'll be there through it all. Dinah x Reader Highschool AU. Heavily featuring other 5H members with a d...