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Camren one-shots by Harmonizer_me_727
Camren one-shotsby Harmonizer_me_727
one-shots The updates will not be regular it depends if I have any new ideas or not.
I told her that I'm scared. by x7612c
I told her that I'm x7612c
"I played you," she whispered into her student's ear. The only thought on Camila's mind was wanting some type of anger from Lauren, some type of emotion. She d...
the ungodly hour / ᶜᵃᵐʳᵉⁿ ᵃᵘ by Aedhra
the ungodly hour / ᶜᵃᵐʳᵉⁿ ᵃᵘby aedhra
Are you giving all that you could give? Or, Camila Cabello is a (quite talented) bartender at Continuum Nightclub in Las Vegas, and Lauren Jauregui is a world-renowned...
Don't Let Go | Camren by ShayRifa
Don't Let Go | Camrenby شــــــريـــــفه 🦋
After she loses her father and all her precious possessions, Camila meets Lauren who shares a similar fate. This book underlines the importance of the family and the bou...
dinah and normani have 3 littles camila ally and lauren all have just began to be a family and dinah and normani know these 3 littles are gonna drive them crazy and l...
Porque Vos Vales La Pena by huendeey
Porque Vos Vales La Penaby huendeey
Flor y Jaz casadas, Jaz embarazada y mucho amor
Club Sensations  by camren_fantasies
Club Sensations by Shannon
Lucy is the owner of one of Miami's best and luxurious BDSM clubs. Her and Lauren have been dating for a while now and have invited Camila to see what the lifestyle is a...
Sweet Creature "Camren" by pillowcase26
Sweet Creature "Camren"by a heavy sleeper
Camila is a 17-year-old high school student who has 2 close friends (Dinah and Normani), she is the oldest sibling in her family, she has a young sister called Sofi and...
The star's sister by abby_telor
The star's sisterby SMILEYMILEY
Abby is an average teenage girl, with high school problems and big dreams. She's Camila Cabello's big fan and she loves to sing and dance to her songs. What happens, w...
Devil in Armani by CaptainKkidd08
Devil in Armaniby CaptainKkidd08
Some say life is like a game of chess, you have pons that do ones bidding, the knights who leap into action on the first sign of trouble and of course you can't forget t...
I will try to fix you (Camren Ageplay) by adorably_sassy
I will try to fix you (Camren Amaia
An unbreakable bond between a little and her mama x
Forever love by shipper224
Forever loveby Tash
Lauren is a cold-hearted, unloving and dangerous officer with only one thing on her mind, vengeance, but will all this change when she is forced to protect her prisoner...
Started with a reunion by Harmonizer_me_727
Started with a reunionby Harmonizer_me_727
Reunited after four years, Camila and Lauren try to move forward as friends while burying the feelings they had for each other deep down in their heart, they need closur...
Catch me if you can by Firebird_18
Catch me if you canby Alex
Camila's a beat cop when she meets Lauren Jauregui - daughter of infamous gang boss Mike Jauregui. When a chance encounter sparks years of petty arguing and arrest attem...
somos lo que defendemos by cabellosfreedom
somos lo que defendemosby 🕊
Toda persona que aún tenga consciencia de sí misma en el Hospital Real de Bethlem conoce a la paciente de la habitación veintitrés, pero muy pocos conocen la historia de...
TAXI  by milaseqsy
TAXI by Isabella 💕
it's camren yo that's it..that's the description ♥️
CAMREN KIDFIC ONE SHOTS by lonely_schmoob
A compilation of short, kidfic centered one shots involving mainly Camila and Lauren.
The One and Only by CamrenHarminizer
The One and Onlyby Mallory Penland
A new girl moves to a town Miami, Florida from LA, California with her Friend, Dinah Jane. Camila becomes friends with Lauren Jauregui (The new girl) really fast. She mo...
All Again (Camren) by Chanchosfriend
All Again (Camren)by Alex Jester
Lauren Jauregui is what many would considered a troubled girl who spent her nights partying until early into the morning and the days sleeping so she could do it again. ...
memes by karlaa_cabelloo
memesby karlaa_cabelloo
camila cabello, shawn mendes and fifth harmony memes:))