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That's What friends are for  by Jaureguicharm
That's What friends are for by Jaureguicharm
We can easily miss the obvious G!p Lauren (Smut warning)
The send-off! by Jaureguicharm
The send-off!by Jaureguicharm
Know your battles.... when is it too much G!p Lauren
Skateboarding  by Camrenisreallolocamz
Skateboarding by Greatest love story
Lauren jauregui, 18, skateboards, drinks, smokes weed and does terrible in school. Camila cabello, 17, does amazing in school, the perfect daughter and the perfect stud...
Insomniac [Camren] by clinicallydead
Insomniac [Camren]by alex the writer
Camila wants to sleep. Sleeping is what she would be dreaming about; if she could, that is. Lauren wants to help. But is there anything she can actually do? [Cover by t...
Camren Kidfic One Shots by lonely_schmoob
Camren Kidfic One Shotsby Smee
A compilation of short, kidfic centered one shots involving mainly Camila and Lauren.
Sweet Sin  | camren by kordelicious
Sweet Sin | camrenby kordelicious
"The Devil is a female and her name is Lauren Jauregui." Camila is the pastor's daughter, and Lauren is the all consuming drug that she can't quit no matter ho...
Forced Marriage by randomgurlonline1818
Forced Marriageby randomgurlonline1818
Camila Cabello a nineteen year old, finding a job to earn money for her Mother's heart surgery. When her Father abondoned her and her Mother when she was just four she d...
Curious to know you by AbiTrnk
Curious to know youby Abi
Pop star Lauren Jauregui is the new judge on xfactor, Camila Cabello starts her new job with a secret, what will happen when the two collide, everything might just chang...
MAFIA by herefornoreasons
MAFIAby herefornoreason
Lauren Jauregui, raised by devils and feared by all... With the soul ownership of the worlds largest most successful Mafia ring under her belt there is not much her vel...
Stress Relief by flowercamila
Stress Reliefby :)
Lauren Jauregui is valedictorian, probably president of every club there is, and is getting it on with Camila Cabello. (disclaimer: this story sucks until later chapters...
Empire  by herefornoreasons
Empire by herefornoreason
*READER WARNING: EXTREMELY HIGH SMUT CONTENT* Small town girl Camila Cabello is sick of her mundane 'average life' and strives only to become an employee at the infamous...
Half Alive (Camren Hybrid Fanfic) by ThePotatoWhoPotates
Half Alive (Camren Hybrid Fanfic)by ThePotatoWhoPotates
Camila Cabello, Princess of The Magical Kingdom of Jorrden. Despite being labeled a 'witch prodigy', she has gone through a traumatizing event in Draven, Kingdom of Vamp...
Titanic by Victorious-lover
Titanicby I like that donk
Seventeen year old Camila hails from an aristocratic family and is set to be married. When she boards the Titanic, she meets Lauren Jauregui, an artist, and falls in lov...
night after night (camren) by smithday14
night after night (camren)by smithday14
Their world was built on sex, love and lies. she came with an intoxication that wasn't seen before, consuming her and demanding her. Lauren seemed to have everything Ca...
The talk by Victorious-lover
The talkby I like that donk
Sequel to 'Not over you' Kamryn didn't know a sleepover with her girlfriend could be so embarrassing.
Unknown (Camren One-shots) by grandefordemi
Unknown (Camren One-shots)by grandefordemi
Camila is a YouTuber. Lauren is a young mom. These are one shots that show the development through their relationship.
For Your Eyes Only (Camren) by omgyoulookgoodtodayy
For Your Eyes Only (Camren)by Karla C. Cabello
CFO Lauren Jauregui finds herself in a particularly difficult position when the stripper she's fallen for shows up at her office―as her new employee.
Deleterious Ferlicity. by x7612c
Deleterious x7612c
"I played you," she whispered into her student's ear. The only thought on Camila's mind was wanting some type of anger from Lauren, some type of emotion. She d...
Instagram dms (camren) by i_lovebillieeiliesh2
Instagram dms (camren)by i_lovebillieeiliesh2
Alot of random texts funny dramatic sad once chessy one cheating once(maybe) all the girls met in a group chat for a ship they liked and hit it off (Disclaimer some of...
Witch Wolf (Camren) Book 1 by own-anchor
Witch Wolf (Camren) Book 1by Ugh
Preternatural Private Investigator and Paranormal Huntress Camila Cabello is used to working alone. Whenever there's a murder or a mystery to solve that involves the pre...