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His Little games by salaire77
His Little gamesby Lola
Tight bras and tiny panties...Callum liked girls in those. Jenna needed a job. She need one desperately. But when she doesn't have much to offer her boss, apart from her...
Forcefully Mated by amethyst_666
Forcefully Matedby 𝐁𝐄𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐄
Annabelle June Willows was from the Red Dawn pack. She was sweet, kind, beautiful and everything you would want in the perfect mate. But what did she do to deserve such...
Master of Jiongu by Shi_Kira
Master of Jionguby Shi_Kira
In order to save Naruto's life, the Sandaime is forced to use a kinjutsu stolen by the Shodaime to help Naruto survive. Now with the incredible power of Jiongu on his si...
Her Two Dominants by Charisma_G_
Her Two Dominantsby Charisma
MATURE Charisty is a woman who is used to controlling those around her in her line of work but she gets tired of all the stress that her responsibilities bring. She has...
Sadistic by gigglegirl113
Sadisticby Chaotic
He is sadistic, psycho, mental, cold heart, unforgiving. How can anyone love something so unlovable like that? "Because in a every human, there is a heart. And ev...
The Big Baby Ddlb by just_averageTP
The Big Baby Ddlbby just_averageTP
New ddlb book enjoy!
Reincarnated as a villainess(escape from sweet death and adventure) by duaa987
Reincarnated as a villainess( Sopfia987
Aria was a normal 23 old girl (still single) born with average looks,average grades but what made her stand out more than normal people was her dream to be famous fashi...
Suicide Girl (A Diabolik Lovers Story) by Loserfaceinlove
Suicide Girl (A Diabolik Lovers Jadey Rage
Shu gets more than he bargains for when he saves the life of a girl in his class who attempts to jump off the roof of their school. A strange relationship forms between...
Beautifully Broken by ballet_jc
Beautifully Brokenby Jc
When Harry Potters brother, Charles, is decided to be the boy-who-lived, Harry's life turns out less then good. In fact, it is downright horrible. Lucky for him, Harry k...
Possessive (Yandere! Big Brother X Reader) by HuhuoRose
Possessive (Yandere! Big Brother 地狱
When your big brother loves you as more than a sister, things starts to go the way you didn't expected. You are innocent and gullible, and you have no idea why the peopl...
The Mafia Princess Book 2: Queen of Hearts  by whitewolfalpha1223
The Mafia Princess Book 2: Queen Samiyah W.
"I'm glad it wasn't you, you know why?" He says and I raise my eyebrow at him. "Why?" I ask humoring him, he rubs my cheek with his thumb before lean...
To Be A Scrapper (Suzuya Juuzou) by WouldYouLarryMe
To Be A Scrapper (Suzuya Juuzou)by Livin' like Larry ;)
After being victim of a brutal ghoul attack by none other than Big Madam herself, Emi's life changes completely. She goes from playing with dolls to playing with knives...
Red (DL x OC) *Complete* by AgentLoveSick
Red (DL x OC) *Complete*by MisSmiles
Red has no soul, but when it comes to defending the one she loves from anyone, she becomes sadistic over protective sister. Red was adopted by Seiji when she ran away fr...
Sadistically Sweet (Watty Awards Finalist 2012) by EvaWintergreen
Sadistically Sweet (Watty Awards Eva Wintergreen
Haitlin Brookes had no idea her life would change forever after she saved a young girl from being hit. Her instincts told her not to trust the girl's father or to get in...
Snake's Prodigy by Mizura089
Snake's Prodigyby Yesenia Lee
Naruto Uzumaki is a neglected genius; in fact a prodigy. The young boys parents and his sibling despise his existence and plan on killing him when the time is right. Wh...
Nightmares are also dreams (yandere boys x reader) by kitty_passion
Nightmares are also dreams ( Kitten
A lot of people have always have dreams that come true weather is a dream job or someone you love in a dream. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . But what happens nightmares...
Impluses. by shanzeh_101
#17 shanzeh_101
There he was. She found him walking down the street smiling to himself. He was the one. He was perfect. Roughly her own age, she guessed around 22 years old and highly...
Extreme oneshots by siddhartsingh0106
Extreme oneshotsby dark knight
this is story of a 21 year old man , who loves to infect pain on virgin girl who are non machoist he loves to torture them a lot and does not care for anyone other than...
Her Cold Beast And His Dark Beauty by Lee203
Her Cold Beast And His Dark Beautyby Lovekeeper