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[Giyu x Reader] My World Is at Peace With You by redmelon12
[Giyu x Reader] My World Is at Redbluemelon
L/n Y/n, the Spirit Hashira, comes from a household with a long history of demon slayer that uses Spirit Breathing. Being one of the few Hashiras who have mastered the l...
 | S T O I C| Diabolik Lovers [ON HOLD] by Kanaolefteye
| S T O I C| Diabolik Lovers [ 𝕶-𝕷-𝕰
Previously known as [imperfectly perfect] Diabolik lovers fanfiction [Stoic ] =ongoing ×stoic × =discontinued √stoic√ = completed
Unforgiving World (Tanjiro x OC) by MarieNoels
Unforgiving World (Tanjiro x OC)by Marie✨
In which Amaya Katsumi travels with her friends in order to defeat the demon race. This is a Tanjiro x OC story! More info is in the first chapter! Art and Kimetsu no Ya...
I'm deaf..not ignorant. by denusqq
I'm deaf..not denusqq
KIMETSU NO YAIBA FANFICTION Tomioka Giyuu angst (Deaf Giyuu AU) This story contains: Bullying, depression, self-harming and mentions of su/cide RENGIYUU
Hard Love || Giyuu x Shinobu || KNY by uraverageanimeweeb
Hard Love || Giyuu x Shinobu || KNYby Wolfy
Giyuu Tomioka had been a demon since the attack that had happened when he was younger. He was accepted by the Master with open arms, but the other slayers never knew abo...
Sanegiyu  by 1t3_Tal1a
Sanegiyu by ˚₊‧꒰ა𝙳𝚘𝚞𝚖𝚊 𝚂𝚒𝚖𝚙໒꒱ ‧₊˚
Giyuu woke up with a headache and decided to ignore it but never knew what else could happen
They don't know by Denkosaur
They don't knowby Denkosaur
Giyuu Tomioka was always cold to others, but what could change a small mission with the other hashiras to his northern hometown? That's simple when a young woman with be...
untouchable ; giyuu tomioka by lcvegiyuu
untouchable ; giyuu tomiokaby ツ
- a story where the earth and water pillar fall in love . . . giyuu x oc
We'll protect each other (SabiGiyuu) by miradragonz
We'll protect each other ( ☽ Mira ☀︎︎
Sabito survived final selection, barely. But everyone he knew thinks he's dead. Too scared to face the world, he hides for years. He carries out his work as an unofficia...
Omega Progenitor Tomioka Giyuu  by hgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjg
Omega Progenitor Tomioka Giyuu by hgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjg
If there is one absolute rule when dealing with an omega, it is to never, never to threaten there cubs People can talk all they want about the ferocity of alphas, but fa...
Touched Starved ( Yandere!Giyuu Tomioka x Reader) by Akumagaru
Touched Starved ( Yandere!Giyuu Ongit0
"𝑵𝒐 𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆𝒔 𝒎𝒆" "𝑰 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖" (Y/n) is the last hope in the family to become a demon slayer to save them from the poor house. Un...
𝙱𝙻𝚄𝙴 𝙴𝚈𝙴𝚂|| 𝙶𝚒𝚈𝚄'𝚂 𝚂𝙸𝙱𝙻𝙸𝙽𝙶𝚂|| 𝙺𝙽𝚈 || by Astria_142
𝙱𝙻𝚄𝙴 𝙴𝚈𝙴𝚂|| 𝙶𝚒𝚈𝚄'𝚂 𝚂 Psyche_814
After Giyu left for final selection with Sabito, he left his siblings to Urokodaki, as he promised he will come back to them. Even though Giyu became a Hashira. A new W...
Trapped in a box with you (Obanai x Tomioka)  by nymphxslytherin
Trapped in a box with you ( nymphxslytherin
[COMPLETED] [‼️📢UNDER EDITING📢‼️] The Hashiras decided to have a overnight sleepover while Ubuyashiki-sama decided to give them a break. But while they had a sleepove...
Forbidden Love by NattyChanChan
Forbidden Loveby Natalie/Nat
Demon Tomioka au, sanegiyuu. Tomioka is an upper 3 and A little spoiler Sabito is alive and a hashira.
Demon King Muichiro by Gaaraiu31
Demon King Muichiroby
What if the Gods decides to kill Muzan, and he in his last moments of life transforms Muichiro in a demon? A really powerfull one, becoming the next demon king ...
Giyuu Harem by sakuram0chil0ver
Giyuu Haremby lulu
my first book so i hope you will like it. english second language giyuu harem (duh-) my ships no smut (ig?) fluff yeah thats all-
Demon Giyuu x Sanemi  by Gayuusimp
Demon Giyuu x Sanemi by Giyuu
(My AU) Sanemi "hates" the water hashira and thinks that he's better than everyone else but the truth is that he actually like him no not like LOVES him with a...
Giyuu angst by ranscvm
Giyuu angstby CHANGBIN'S GUNS
as it says in the title this is giyuu and and please excuse me for any grammar mistakes because english isn't my first language and I won't be uploading so much bc of sc...
Male Tomioka Reader x Naruto Harem by GoldExperienceAct2
Male Tomioka Reader x Naruto Haremby Deidaddy
This is going to be the last new story until I finish one of the one's I've already published. You have all of Tomioka's skills, and then some.