Lost Kuran sister(V...
By lorenzaoct20
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Kuran Yuka is the twin sister of Kuran Yuuki and younger sister of Kaname Kuran. Yuka was tortured by everyone in the family just cause her eyes are different. Kaname cared for her until she realized his tru colors. Fed up with their torture Yuka decided to run away. But she came across an accident which resulted to her memory lost. All she could remember is that she wanted to runaway from some one. Until she came across Karl Heinz who gave her a name and a family. He took her to his home and she met the other 6 boys which adored her. She had a happy life with them. That is until she went to Cros academy. Will she remember why she left? Who is Kaname and Yuuki? Will she forgive or will she not? In this story Juuri and Haruka is still alive. Yuuki did not turn to human. and Zero hates her. I apologized for the ZeroxYuuki fans. But ywa


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Lost Kura...
by lorenzaoct20