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The Pureblood...Demon?! by Luna_Knight_13
The Pureblood...Demon?!by Skylar Knight
(Vampire Knight X Black Butler) (Reverse Harem) (The animes Vampire Knight and Black Butler do NOT belong to me. The pictures also do NOT belong to...
Things We Used To Share by GraphicTea
Things We Used To Shareby GraphicTea
Hiro Kuran carried the same eyes as his uncle, a curse planted on him since birth. I do not own VK. Or the artwork shown.
Vampire knight x reader by TwinkleTula
Vampire knight x readerby ᴡᴡᴡ.twinkl.cloobrgbul.ru
You are new to Cross academy and unfortunately you have a rare disease that makes you get sunburnt easily if you spend more than five minutes in the sun. Due to this and...
Loving before Promising (Kaname Kuran x Reader) by LittleConfusedWriter
Loving before Promising (Kaname Ku...by Just A Little Writer
Vampire Knights FanFiction (Kaname Kuran x Reader) Y/N is a normal girl that goes to Cross Academy in the day class, nothing weird about it, just normal, simple life. Un...
Kaname x OC by OTAKU2112002
Kaname x OCby OTAKU2112002
Mirei has arrived at Cross Academy, a school which is home to both humans and vampires. But what most don't know is that Mirei is not only a vampire but a Pureblood, a p...
Her Awakening ❯ VAMPIRE KNIGHT by clea-lehman
Her Awakening ❯ VAMPIRE KNIGHTby 『 c l e a ®』
❝Just tell me - do you love her...or me?❞ ─ At Cross Academy, a student known as Sora Hikari patrols the academy with her two other fellow disciplinary committee membe...
Brother's Conflict x OC (Hiatus!) by black_eyes49
Brother's Conflict x OC (Hiatus!)by black_eyes49
"I just want you to find something you enjoy doing for yourself." -Ema Hinata "You keep waring yourself out. You deserve a break every once in a while.&qu...
Vampire Knight: Forbidden Lips (Zero x Kaname) by FishCakeIce
Vampire Knight: Forbidden Lips (Ze...by shrubs not scrubs
Zero has had feelings for Kaname for a while. However, Kaname only thinks of him as a pawn. Damn it Kaname. No character death, slight gore (vampires), you will not be h...
Our Bloodbond| Kaname Kuran x reader by GigglyUndertaker
Our Bloodbond| Kaname Kuran x read...by Noob writer
(Y/n) Kuran is the youngest of the Kuran's and also the most hated and powerful. What happens if one day she has enough of it and decides to run away. (First story I hav...
Innocence | VK by tsunbae
Innocence | VKby invictus maneo
The only things the night class knew about the new girl was: she has white hair, at least one red eye and her first name. Mari. But you can never hide secrets for long f...
BESIDE YOU (KANAME X OC) Vampire Knight Fanfic by guinevere820
BESIDE YOU (KANAME X OC) Vampire K...by guinevere820
The Sakurai Family is one of the first Pureblood families from the vampire society, and is also one of the eight remaining Pureblood families in the world that can trace...
Lady Vampire Knight (Vampire Knight Fanfiction) by Evil_Incubator
Lady Vampire Knight (Vampire Knigh...by Crystal
Saki is a vampire. She's been one since she was 6. Born a hunter, turned into a vampire, she has a twisted fate. No-one trusts a hunter who is now a vampire. Why should...
A Demand by Zerokuniscool
A Demandby Zero
Kaname had been playing Zero, toying and hurting the hunter. One day, Zero walks into his game, and Kaname laughs, and Yuki sits there watching his best friend break apa...
Fake Smiles  by _TheaMac_
Fake Smiles by Thea
This is a Kaname Kuran X Oc fanfic I do not own any characters but Camila Kuran/Cross Please do not even steal my idea or anything.
Don't Tell Me Goodbye by bxnn1_
Don't Tell Me Goodbyeby 7ilence
The Tsukumo family was a powerful and kind pureblood family. The two parents had a daughter, who inherited a great amount of power, that was sealed inside the daughter's...
Kaname's Twin Sister by JaegerTrashtastic
Kaname's Twin Sisterby Erin Michelle
Read to find out...
Beautiful Snow by Hege-Chan
Beautiful Snowby Hege K. Rapp
(y/n) Kuran, the twin of Kaname, isn't born a vampire. She lives in the spotlight until her little sister was born. Everyone turned their attention to Yui, everyone but...
"Red Snow?, It Must be White!" (Vampire Knight Fanfic) by ReeMeetsNeko
"Red Snow?, It Must be White!" (Va...by Rahzel "Ree"
Izumi, a name given to Yuki's little sister... Imagine Yuki having a sister.. what will happen to her? Will her destiny change? Or might she encounter the same fate? Izu...
More than meets the eye (Vampire knight/Diabolk lovers Fanfic) by Sammyhart2001
More than meets the eye (Vampire k...by Sammyhart2001
Rebecca Kuran was abused, neglected, and just treated horribly by both her parents, her older brother Kaname and her twin sister Yuki Kuran. Kaname would show her some f...
love me... eternally (Senri Shiki x (Male) reader) by PlatypusBoy
love me... eternally (Senri Shiki...by dat platypus boy
A new boy joins the cross academy night class. He begins to grow a fondness for Senri. Does he feel the same?