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Mini adventures of Azrael by It_jonny_boii
Mini adventures of Azraelby It_jonny_boii
"I get sent to different universes for shit my brother could've done already. Then again, the worst that could happen is if I end up losing it and going ape shit on...
Multiverse's Shinigami (Multiverse x Gamer malereader) Book of Bleach by Tired_Author_21
Multiverse's Shinigami ( Tired_Author_21
I own nothing in this fanfic exept the might use of Oc, no images are mine the storyline is most definatly not mine and Bleach is definatly not mine it is Tite Kubo's st...
Bleach: The white haired Kurosaki (OP OC X Rukia) by spawn999
Bleach: The white haired Yato
In this story the Kurosaki family first born named Yato and the child born the next year was Ichigo. But the thing was instead of both having half of both their parent's...
Love never really goes away - Toshiro Hitsugaya by forever_birlems_babe
Love never really goes away - Cool guy cal
It has been 50 years since Unmei Urahara has left the soul society to live with her farther in the world of the living. Her father needed her help and she knew she had t...
The hopeful soul by undertakers-waifu
The hopeful soulby undertakers-waifu
A kind girl named Akiko had her lie cut too short, she soon arrived at the soul society and enter the academy, however, due to her abilities she was soon given to the so...
the snake of fairy tail by zack01234
the snake of fairy tailby zack01234
Gin has die after he fail to kill aizen but he was give a second chance to change his life he was send into earthland where they are people able to use magic, &quo...
Belonging by ninasweet998
Belongingby Nina
[First Book] Emiko Kurosaki is a 15 year old teen who has no memory of her past. All she remembers was waking up on the streets, at the age of seven, cold, confused, and...
Sakuras In Ice (A Bleach Fan fiction) by MikuMayu
Sakuras In Ice (A Bleach Fan Phite Me <3
While walking down a certain forest in the outskirts of the Rokun Distirct, Captain Commander Yamamoto stumbled upon a peculiar sakura tree. Why peculiar? Because the fl...
The Tenth Pillar. (Kimetsu No Yaiba X OC) by Jagodbaird
The Tenth Pillar. (Kimetsu No Jagodbaird
The Demon Corps always fight the demons. The Pillars are the most powerful swordsmen, nine in total, but by orders of Oyakata-sama a new Pillar is assigned.
Toshiro Hitsugaya x reader by lwjawwx
Toshiro Hitsugaya x readerby _Cjt_
(Y/n) Kuchiki. The Daughter of Byakuya Kuchiki, and Hisana. She is a special child, she was born weak, and frail. The doctors all said she would die before she turned 7...
(Y/N)'s Multiverse by DemonMeliodas987
(Y/N)'s Multiverseby Mad Paradox
Wait, wait, wait, wait! Are you telling me that there is not only one or two (Y/N), but an entire multiverse of them!? The characters and images belong to their respecti...
Insanity of Betrayal by Fangirlhime
Insanity of Betrayalby Fangirlhime
"You think five years isn't enough time to change your personality? Well think again. It just takes something small, and then the very people you helped climb the...
The Light Soul by SirenGirl22223
The Light Soulby SirenGirl22223
Lira is a Irish girl who just moved to Japan to finish school. She is like most normal girls except she can see ghosts. When she gets chased by a hollow she bumps into I...
Book 1: Indra's Return ✔️ by Luna_Uchiha1
Book 1: Indra's Return ✔️by Luna Uchiha
What if Indra was reborn in the Bleach universe. What if his father, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, decided to give him a second chance at life. Indra Otsutsuki now known as Indra...
I Am King  (Bleach Series X Male Reader) by MyNameIsChrisForSure
I Am King (Bleach Series X Male MyNameIsChrisForSure
Y/N Is just a normal 16 year old boy from Karakura Town.... But not all is as it seems. The blood running through your veins has a great amount of power in it, and with...
Yuko of All Trades by Chocochibi
Yuko of All Tradesby choco_late~
She's the younger sister of hirako shinji. A shinigami as well. I'll be following the plot of bleach and maybe creating a bit of a side plot.
bleach fics by topmagtiger
bleach ficsby happy pride month!!
Various Bleach oneshots featuring a variety of characters, pairings, and genres. While many of these will be reuploads from my 'bleachmylife' day, there will also be ple...
Naruko x Male Reader (Female Naruto) by KayatoUchiha
Naruko x Male Reader (Female Kayato Zengoku
Naruko x Male Reader (Female Naruto) Team 7, except naruto is out and is traded for Naruko, and Y/N is added (your character), Y/N is a part of Uchiha and the story goes...
Bleach X That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime by Blacknight936
Bleach X That Time I Got Hollow Ichigo
I've had this idea rolling around my head for a while now and I couldn't really focus on my other books because most of the ideas kept turning into something for this so...