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Transcendent King by pausevlim
Transcendent Kingby Azazel
Aizen Sosuke has been transported into the world of DxD and there is no plot amour to stop him now Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, DxD, or Fate.
Seer of Fate (completed) by CocoTheLoco
Seer of Fate (completed)by Ciel
An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. ~~~~...
Toshiro Hitsugaya x reader by lwjawwx
Toshiro Hitsugaya x readerby _Cjt_
(Y/n) Kuchiki. The Daughter of Byakuya Kuchiki, and Hisana. She is a special child, she was born weak, and frail. The doctors all said she would die before she turned 7...
Given Choice [Byakuya x OC] by M0RGUS
Given Choice [Byakuya x OC]by Morgus the Unlikely
It's been five years since Hisana's death. The elders of Kuchiki clan want Byakuya to marry again, without his consent. Ora Yamamoto was their choice, the granddaughter...
A Normal Transfer Student [Bleach Fanfic] by FarinaOc
A Normal Transfer Student [ Ethan
[Previously known as Bleach but I'm in it] {UNDER EDITING: 19/10/2022} "I moved to Karakura Town to get a fresh new start." Neddy just got transferred to a new...
Soul King(DxD) by HakaiHashira
Soul King(DxD)by HakaiHashira
life can be satisfactory for some but for those who think outside the box the world is ... disappointing. Y / N is someone who always dreamed more than it should and bec...
hollowed  by Tomohawk_182
hollowed by Tomohawk_182
M! Gamer reader X Bleach harem Chapters 13-17 are messed up, idk what's happened but I can't fix it atm. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
mating season by MyPina
mating seasonby MyPina
I do not own the picture or the story, i got them off the internet. credit goes to the original creators. I give credit to Lochness nessie, the original author of this f...
Bleached by iamAdisco
Bleachedby iamAdisco
Ichigo was tired. Fighting wars did that to one. A tale of loss and hopefully with a happy ending. inspired by Swinging Pendulum by cywscross (bless her soul) and with h...
Bleach X For Honor: Soul Slayer by gbalenbin
Bleach X For Honor: Soul Slayerby FireWolfXT
*Bleach belongs by Tite Kubo along with all Bleach characters *For Honor belongs to Ubisoft *Arata Takahashi belongs to me *Takes place after the Soul Society Arc Hitok...
Noble Love - Bleach (Kuchiki Byakuya x Oc x A bit of Various) by amaya9801
Noble Love - Bleach (Kuchiki アマヤ
[Previously titled "Cherry Blossom Illusion"] Yamamoto Asa, the granddaughter of Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, is one of Soul Society's prodigies. Besides bei...
Yureru Soul Society by KuroshiXIII
Yureru Soul Societyby Serenity Grey
Kazega Kuroshi is the lieutenant of the 13th squad, he is a mysterious guy and almost no one know how strong he is. One day his underling, Kuchiki Rukia went to a missio...
Book 1: Indra's Return ✔️ by Luna_Uchiha1
Book 1: Indra's Return ✔️by Luna Uchiha
What if Indra was reborn in the Bleach universe. What if his father, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, decided to give him a second chance at life. Indra Otsutsuki now known as Indra...
Shinigami with Multiple Powers by MissAquariusGirl
Shinigami with Multiple Powersby Azisah Adhelle Lucman
They thought she was a ordinary human. But she's also a quincy and a shinigami. She was all alone, no family or friends.
Bleach It Orange! [Bleach Fanfic] by eri_quin
Bleach It Orange! [Bleach Fanfic]by Eri Quin
When Rukia comes to Karakura, Gin tags along for supervision (and because he made some nobles angry). How will Ichigo deal with both of them, while they adjust to a surp...
The world I envision by Lazy_twat_
The world I envisionby Ayumu
a simple man who died of a heart attack is given a second chance.
Snowflakes and Time (Hitsugaya Toshiro x Reader) by krazenground
Snowflakes and Time (Hitsugaya krazenground
(Y/N) Tempus, niece of the 1st division captain, has yet to activate her bankai. When Captain Yamamoto finds out that her bankai is none other than the Cursed Bankai, he...
Asta Aizen by KZ1818
Asta Aizenby KZ1818
Asta reincarnation of Sosuke Aizen
Seen (Bleach) by Niruji
Seen (Bleach)by Niruji._
Ichigo has been able to see Ghost's and apparently the Spirits of Zanpakuto's. He's always wondered what the Old man tailing him was. The Old man said he wasn't a ghost...
The Son of Kenpachi and Unohana by jasonmakoni54321
The Son of Kenpachi and Unohanaby Jason Makoni
In a alternate universe you are the son of Zaraki and Retsu Kenpachi. After obtaining peace your village is suddenly attack by some unknown enemy. What mission awaits yo...