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Beautiful •kth•jjk• taekook by 1hoe2hoe3hoeBooHoe
Beautiful •kth•jjk• taekookby • A •
"No. Don't you dare say that. Fuck what Bogum thinks. Fuck what everybody thinks Tae. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is what you think and believ...
His one and only girl ✔️ by Sitashmarajbhandari
His one and only girl ✔️by Vminkook'swifeu
She vanished in the darkness of the lonely night after igniting the spark of light which would soon turn into a flame that would consume him beyond his wildest fantasy. ...
Blueside | BTS Hogwarts AU | pjm by epochbts
Blueside | BTS Hogwarts AU | pjmby Lune⁷ ♡
Park Jimin is a known student in the wizarding world born with living snake tattoos on his body. A talented Slytherin, friendly yet intimidating - just, sometimes, his l...
SUNFLOWER ✅ (BTS Juniors) Social Media au by spaceroll643
SUNFLOWER ✅ (BTS Juniors) Social EuphoriaLand
You are in a girl's group under BIGHIT TWITTER AU (Picture/Image based story | The date don't matter) B E S T R E A D O N M O B I L E
The Hunt by TheKimberWolf
The Huntby The Kimber Wolf
Y/n is abducted by a pack of hybrids, however, she's not as helpless as they initially assumed. Hybrid BTS, Jimin x Hybrid Reader. Started Sept. 5, 2019.
moonchild by dxenarys
moonchildby 린다전
In which Kim Namjoon said he wanted to be a dad in an interview. Little did he know that he already is.
Destined To Be (Park Jimin Fanfiction) by jiminie-jams
Destined To Be (Park Jimin jiminie-jams
◇Park Jimin Fanfic◇ ◇Mafia AU◇ "How many times do I have to tell you that stop following me. I'm nothing but danger." He pinned her against the nearest wall hi...
Mine || 전정국 by mr_kriswuyifan
Mine || 전정국by ☆김티나 , 김태형☆
"It's not up to you, kitten" he purred as you backed up against the wall. A chill ran down your spine as you felt his cold breath at the nape of your neck. &qu...
Colors [Yoonminseok] by KimSeokjinsWaist
Colors [Yoonminseok]by ❀Lea❀
In a world where you see in black and white until you meet your soulmate. What happens when Jimin meets Hoseok and only sees some of the colors he's supposed to? ~ BTS...
Human Once Again || JJK by BreezyyyBoo
Human Once Again || JJKby Ferns 🌿
In which Jungkook, a handsome zombie fell in love with the feisty girl Pearl. What turn will their love story take? Read it to find out more. (Basically not your typic...
The Surrogate || kth au || EDITING by ThreeFanGirlz
The Surrogate || kth au || EDITINGby ♡
In which you become a surrogate for Kim Taehyung. (au) ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ contains some mature 18+ scenes ♛ ♛ ♛ (More detailed synopsis in book) ©️ThreeFanGirlz 2019 Date Started:...
THE ICE KING [PJM] by dionysus_hoseok
THE ICE KING [PJM]by hoseokkk
-"I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, ONLY FOR YOU. MY DOE."- . . . . [Warning ⚠️ : Full of yandere-ish behavior. I don't ever condone this type of behavior so if you...
BTS AU 8th Member by anonymousuno
BTS AU 8th Memberby anonymousuno
Meet the 8th member of BTS: Choi Seulki. Requests are open!
My Favourite Student (Yandere Jinx reader) by bleach10111
My Favourite Student (Yandere Bleach101
"Mine Mine Mine Always will be Mine" Teacher/yandere Kim Seokjin X student reader Cover by @aesthick
Unapologetic {BTS YandereXReader AU} by lewyjimin
Unapologetic {BTS YandereXReader 🌈✨💫
an au in which y/n meets seven boys with mental disorders while volunteering at a hospital and realizes too late they have unapologetically fallen in love with her. thi...
ROBO-Heart by RinSharky
ROBO-Heartby Roci
Roci didn't have that much interest in "BTS" , the robots created by BigHit with a good-looking teenager stereothype. But it all changed after meeting Jimin, o...
Jeon Academy | j.jk by daddiehoseok
Jeon Academy | j.jkby do not click
❝what happened in the academy stays in the academy❞ Cover by @TAEHYUNGACID 𝕯𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖊𝖍𝖔𝖘𝖊𝖔𝖐 Copyright 2018 ©️ Lunar
Kalokagathia | JJK by dalgi_jungoo
Kalokagathia | JJKby Dalgi Jungoo 🍓
Kalokagathia (n.) - the good and beautiful in a person. A bunny hybrid Jungkook x reader AU. Book (1/3) from the Kalokagathia Universe. Started: June 1, 2020 Completed:...
YOU CAN NEVER BE HIM | JinKook  by ox_Charlie_xo
YOU CAN NEVER BE HIM | JinKook by Moonbunnies
Where Seokjin is an orphan who is taken in by a family who had just lost their eldest son due to an unfortunate accident. ******* "I hate you so much!" Jungko...
A Little Forced (JJ;KN;KS) by Bun_ThighKook
A Little Forced (JJ;KN;KS)by 🌷V🌷
Jungkook was a lonely boy at school. He would go from getting bullied at school, to being beat up by his mother when he was at home. You could say his life was not fun...