Soulmate Slapped! (...
By DoyouknowBTS92
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Is it possible to find your soulmate when your first touch is to slap him across his smirking little face? Six of the seven BTS members love having their new neighbor Sun-Hee around. But Jungkook and Sun-Hee do not get along. They seem to almost enjoy their daily battles until Jungkook says something that requires a slap. Then they know. A BTS soulmate AU where you find your soulmate the first time you touch. You need to have skin to skin contact a lot for the first 24 hours. If you don't get that contact you will die. This is a fictional story. No part of this story is real in any way. Please don't copy any part of my story in any form (including Youtube) without my permission. I own none of the rights to the pictures, they are clipped from various places on the internet. The inspiration from this story came from a Wattpad story called Soulmate Bonded by minxy_keys. So some of the soulmate physical reactions are similar to that universe. I love your comments, suggestions and/or corrections if you find mistakes. This is the first story I've written.

Chapter 1

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by DoyouknowBTS92