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CRYBABY || KIM TAEHYUNG 🍁✔️ by seokprinceu
COMPLETED "When I saw you crying I just want to hug you tight and tell you that everything's gonna be alright." -Kim Taehyung What happens if a crybaby meets a...
Cancer Romance (Bully AU, completed) by lumimagin
Cancer Romance (Bully AU, complete...by Lumi Cils
"I hate the ones who are weak and no one can be more weaker than you miss. y/n, so I hate you too" Only you know how strong you were to hide the life taking pa...
Forbidden Love by Kim_Chilicious
Forbidden Loveby TaeMinKook
"The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have"
Long Distance love [ kth ff ] by Taebeardiary
Long Distance love [ kth ff ]by Tae bear's Diary
a little bit waiting then we will be together and you will be my one and only mrs.kim 💜
Internet Friend {Kim Taehyung FF}✓ by pokerclown9705
Internet Friend {Kim Taehyung FF}✓by 🎶♥YeeN💜🌌
She hate him but little did she know the boy that she hate is her little crush on the internet. He know her but she didn't. He like her but she don't, in real life. He w...
A Mere Bet | Kim Taehyung X Reader by hisgirlhaha
A Mere Bet | Kim Taehyung X Readerby
"You thought you could break me? Never in your dreams!" A story with many sweet and salty twist and turns. The cover picture (kth edit) is not mine.. credits t...
"My Arrogant Boss". | Kim Taehyung by btssurmise7
"My Arrogant Boss". | Kim Taehyungby Jo
"The night of my dream was the beginning of my reality." How can I survive at my workplace when my Boss dislikes me? Well, I dislike him too. "Don't star...
[COMPLETED] Kim Hana= y/n (Imagine your korean name is Kim Hana.) "You have ruined me Taehyung!" Hana shouted as Taehyung destroyed her clothes with the spra...
MS.CRAZY | k.th by gguktae_
MS.CRAZY | k.thby ༄•gguktae•༄
She hurried to hide her bag when a certain someone exposed its content. "Why in the world is your bag full of hand sanitizer and soap!?" "I am allergic to...
The Virgin & The Tattoo Artist by chasingdreamxbts
The Virgin & The Tattoo Artistby chasingdreamxbts
When the most innocent Virgin in town is fed up with her life, he meets the town's baddest tattoo artist at the most improbable moment. How will that encounter change ea...
 mafia boss's cute girl [ Kth ff ] by Taebeardiary
mafia boss's cute girl [ Kth ff ]by Tae bear's Diary
when the cute girl meets a mafia boss. mafia boss : "so it's you , huh! Again we meet . What a destiny !" Girl : "sir forget about it "
The Prince and the Maid | KTH [Completed] by enasthetic
The Prince and the Maid | KTH [Com...by Ena (⃔ *`꒳´ * )⃕↝ ❥
My heart ached when I saw him with the princess. She was his fiancée. The pain was unbearable. I knew all too well that I would never be in her position because I was ju...
Arrange Marriage To The COLD PRINCE✨ [[Kim Taehyung Fanfiction]] by eatinmochis
Arrange Marriage To The COLD PRINC...by 𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙚`𝙯 𝙢𝙤𝙘𝙝𝙞
"Marry you? Never!" You said glaring at him. "Do I look like I was dying to marry you? Marrying a goat would've been better." His answer made your bl...
Married to the Obnoxious Guy || Taehyung Fanfic by eatinmochis
Married to the Obnoxious Guy || Ta...by 𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙚`𝙯 𝙢𝙤𝙘𝙝𝙞
"If I could rewind back time... if I could change everything, I would never do it. I loved every single moment with you, Y/N. Whether it was our fights or our sweet...
Love: Till the end. Kim Taehyung. Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction. by Misskkholic
Love: Till the end. Kim Taehyung...by Misskkholic
It's a romantic, love triangle college love story which started between three friends Taehyung, Si Jun and Jungkook in their childhood. Si Jun who is a clumsy, tomboy gi...
Enemies to Lovers by themaknaelinefics
Enemies to Loversby Bru ツ
Yn and Kim Taehyung who have been bickering since childhood start having weird feelings about each other. is it gonna be a good weird or a bad weird? Let's read to find...
✅Behind the smile || Kim Taehyung X Readers by polarbearffs
✅Behind the smile || Kim Taehyung...by taeqshi
"Will you leave me if I show you my truth?" "If you trust me enough, then tell me Tae. I promise to not leave your side. " ________________________ W...
Mafia Girl  by kookbabiie
Mafia Girl by kookbabiie
After (Y/N) witnesses a murderer they kidnap her and she is forced to live with 7 boys. Will (Y/N) get out of there ? Or will she fall so deeply in love that she won't w...
Taehyung's Girl by krystalgucci
Taehyung's Girlby krystalgucci
He grabbed her hand and went on the dance floor with her. I was standing there by myself. I felt like I had a small ache in my heart. - Story is about a BTS member -V a...
My Vampire King ✔ by Min_Chloe
My Vampire King ✔by sicheng四成
"In a world where you forget about everything, including me, I will find you." There was this man named Kim Taehyung, who loved me the times I couldn't love my...