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Mine To Yours || VHope by hobiiilove1518
Mine To Yours || VHopeby hobiiilove1518
"Clean it, Right Now!" Taehyung growled making the younger flinch in fear. Hoseok's lips quivered as he held back his tears. He bent down and wiped her heels i...
JiKook: SECRET LOVE SONG [COMPLETE...by Hello Sweets 🥰
"You know what jungkook... just leave me alone..." "No hyung... you know that i cant do that specially because~" "NO!!! I told you i will not...
One Love For You (Jikook) by naeulshim
One Love For You (Jikook)by Im Naina
Jimin is tired chasing jungkook. jungkook thought he loves taehyung. he did. but that feeling is not there anymore. jimin moved on, but jungkook couldn't. jimin is happy...
Segundas Oportunidades by Ahmerize
Segundas Oportunidadesby YeiJop
Las personas siempre valoran lo que tienen una vez que lo pierden ¿verdad? Pues Min Yoongi no es la excepción. Yoongi fue novio de Jimin hasta que se dio cuenta que...
Count on me by NoahChristluise7491
Count on meby Noah Christluise
"today you are going to have a new band mate .... hope you guys gonna like him ... well his name is Jung hoseok ..." in which BTS...
Forced marriage by lovewithstories
Forced marriageby lovewithstories
"You are mine now."
Bitter Taste  -yoonmin- by minhugzz
Bitter Taste -yoonmin-by Minhugzz
yoongi was in way over his head he knew he shouldn't have gone to that end of summer party and gotten a bit tipsy then accidentally stumbling into park jimin but what co...
abusive  by dailysin338
abusive by dailysin338
BTS-ის წევრი ჯონგუკი შეყვარებულია ამავე ჯგუფის წევრ კიმ თეჰიონზე , ის ცდილობს მის მოპოვებას ჯიმინის გამოყენებით ფიკი ნათარგმნია ინგლისურიდან
Touchy by JHopingYouStop
Touchyby JHopingYouStop
Taehyung and Hoseok become touchy...maybe a little too touchy. It's everybody's story. About a growing relationship, one falling apart, and an individual hating every se...
WHEN LOVE LASTS| JIKOOK ✅ by StillWithYouJikook
"Jung--------" "Jimin... Please.. I never Loved you! like never ever! leave me alone, please! " Jungkook pleaded at Jimin. "Take care Jungkook...
VHope Fluffshots by HobisTaeBaby
VHope Fluffshotsby Tae
Just a bunch of self-written Fluffs that are centered around VHope (nah, really??). Open to requests. 85% Fluff with the occasional smut [S]. Happy Days!
Kookie see that cute fluff ball at joonie hyung behind omg he's literally so squishy and looking like cute angel..! Jungkook eyes widened when he saw that cute pink ha...
Lament | Jikook | by Sincerely_Jikook
Lament | Jikook |by Sincerely Jikook
"Once you wear this necklace.....You're mine." After a break up, Park Jimin a 19 year old untalented individual decides to reconnect with his childhood love l...
The Truth Untold // taejinkook by taejinkookie_
The Truth Untold // taejinkookby ~
In which Taehyung cheats on Jin who cheats with Jungkook.
Long Odds-Vhope by zoneddiva
Long Odds-Vhopeby zoneddiva
This is a story of two people with their own troubled past and present who see no chances in changing that, neither when they were proposed to get married nor when they...
♛Like Day and Night♛ (Jikook) [[COMPLETED]] by FuyuRain
♛Like Day and Night♛ (Jikook) [[CO...by ♛Jikook'sNeverland♛
❝Ya Park Jimin! Why are you s-stripping?!❞ ❝Can you not make it sound as if I'm not wearing anything? It's just my upper body, geez.❞ ❝Even so! Can you wear your shirt...
Servant by BunniesAndMochis
Servantby JM
"You left. You should face the consequences" Jeon Jungkook "If your love was true. You should have searched for me when I left. I suffered too." Jeon...