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•The Voiceless Melody || Jikook [Editing] by ausbymiu
•The Voiceless Melody || Jikook [ miu
" i wanted to own you.. But i ended up being yours. " -jjk Started: 11.Nov.2017 Translated to Arabic by @jeonjimin_a
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•Save Me || Jikook by ausbymiu
•Save Me || Jikookby miu
" if you really love me, you wouldn't be confused on who to pick " -Pjm
Flirtacious (Jikook) by Chimmkookk
Flirtacious (Jikook)by Chimmkookk
Random things jikook say or do that I found intresting. Some pickup lines, Romentic shit , Horny text and cute things out of my imagination. And some cute,sexy,hot and...
•Reunited || Jikook by ausbymiu
•Reunited || Jikookby miu
" I didn't want to leave.. I had too. " -Pjm
White Rose // Jikook // by ParkYoura13
White Rose // Jikook //by <𝟑
"You don't love me?" "I can't love you! There's a difference!" "Well too bad, you are already tied with me, and I don't have any intention to le...
Lost (Jikook FF) {{COMPLETED}} by JeonKookie_127
Lost (Jikook FF) {{COMPLETED}}by Comic_StoryWriter
-Park Jimin had woken up in an abandoned forest with no clue where he was. He had no idea on who he was other than his name that first moment he awoke. -Jeon Jungkook w...
•Love is not over || Jikook by ausbymiu
•Love is not over || Jikookby miu
" since you stole my boy, I am stealing yours. " -jjk
Unwanted Baby(Jikook FF) by JeonKookie_127
Unwanted Baby(Jikook FF)by Comic_StoryWriter
-"I didn't wish for a baby, I don't want to be apart of its life" Jimin and Jungkook were lovers until they did it for the first time. Jimin soon got pregnant...
Jungkook and Jimin smuts/one shots ff  by Strawkory
Jungkook and Jimin smuts/one Strawkory
The title says it all. But if you guys have any request, feel free to ask. Cause I might be out of ideas
BEAST // Jikook // by ParkYoura13
BEAST // Jikook //by <𝟑
It was rumoured that the beast live in the shadows of forest. Jimin didn't believe it untill one day, he finally saw the beast with his own eyes... Much worst was that t...
I don't like your boyfriend {Jikook}✓ by chimcookymini
I don't like your boyfriend { Mochiwantcookie
" I don't like you" "Jimin!" "It's fine darling" Completed
Kookie see that cute fluff ball at joonie hyung behind omg he's literally so squishy and looking like cute angel..! Jungkook eyes widened when he saw that cute pink ha...
Don't Leave Me  (18+) | TAEKOOK  by MyBTS7
Don't Leave Me (18+) | TAEKOOK by MB7
What's lost is hopefully never forgotten *Smut Warning*
•Before the Sun Sets || Jikook by ausbymiu
•Before the Sun Sets || Jikookby miu
" before the sun sets I will come for you " -Pjm
Information by DelaPJ88
Informationby DelaPJ88
"My past is really none of your concern, Jeon," I replied as I mimicked his posture by leaning closer as well. "What's the matter, shorty? Got something t...
Love me Heal me || JiKoOk || by kookiesswag
Love me Heal me || JiKoOk ||by Jeon Jimin
Park Jimin as a new graduated doctor on his young age who studied psychology at his university. Everyone he helped will get a better result in the end of the treatment a...
My Special Christmas | Jikook ff by BorahaeBangtanies
My Special Christmas | Jikook ffby soomin
Just a beautiful Christmas love story... where two people becomes victims to love at first sight. Contains: Fluffy Love Brotherhood Funny Clingy Bit of laughter sweet...
•Star || Jikook by ausbymiu
•Star || Jikookby miu
" to share your pain, I signed the same deal with the sky.. if my only golden star die.. I will die too.. and that is you.. " -Jjk
SECOND CHANCE by rumyavidushiholic
"Some people say that I don't deserve to be loved. They are right. may be I will stay alone forever." Jin lost all his hopes from life. While growing up lost t...
Invisible | BTS JIKOOK/TAEKOOK? by NamjoonKN
Invisible | BTS JIKOOK/TAEKOOK?by |wordless|
In a story, where Jimin and Jungkook live together and Jimin starts developing feelings for his fellow housemate. But Jungkook doesn't seem to notice and starts going to...