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His Wife's Cry by Jackie_13p
His Wife's Cryby Binibining Lyn
BOOK II - His Wife .... " I love you and I want to stay in your life forever Alexander ... But even I'm strong . I can't hold my strength anymore just to be with y...
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A Long Mission- Gratsu. by Cupcakes20040
A Long Mission- Gratsu.by -CupcakeDoesFanFiction-
After the Fairy Tail guild receives a peculiar request from a unknown agency, they must select two Fairy Tail guild members to act as a couple to gather all important in...
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One shot(s) Yandere! Male X (female)Reader [no longer updating] by bts_bnha
One shot(s) Yandere! Male X (femal...by Sam 😂
Exactly what the title says! Different stories of Yandere boys loving you. Will you survive in these stories? Or will you die a terrible death? Find out more in "on...
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My Wife Is A Gangster by Jackie_13p
My Wife Is A Gangsterby Binibining Lyn
Pano Kung ikaw ang maipakasal sa taong Mahal mo? Pero Hindi ka naman Mahal? Subay bayan natin ang storya ni Jamilla at Daniel . Saan Kaya hahantong ang pagmamahal ni Da...
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Naruto the Neglected by DemonKyuubi124
Naruto the Neglectedby demon Kyuubi
Ik there is already these but oh well Minato and Kushina never died but the nine tails did attack but the third sealed away the nine tails in Naruto and little bits of i...
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Guns Vs. Gangs by khadijahaider123
Guns Vs. Gangsby Kty Hyd
"Did she agree to it? " I ask. "No, she said she'd rather die." He replies. "What else did she say?" I ask, frustration lacing my voice. ...
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The Unwanted Arranged Marriage by Ayrin_bubblegum
The Unwanted Arranged Marriageby Irene
Hindi ko ineexpect na mainlove sa taong nagnakaw ng ice cream ko kung hindi dahil dun hindi ko siya makikila. At ngayon ninakaw naman ang puso ko. Halina at subaybayan...
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Goodbye by Taearzoo
Goodbyeby Sweet butterfly
when y/n caught feelings towards her bestfriend taehyung and in return taehyung give her a heartbroken surprise. . A oneshot of Y/n and kim taehyung.
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Unwanted Marriage by justrandomchiz
Unwanted Marriageby justrandomchiz
What will Naina do when she agrees to marry Mr. Jealous who supposedly loves her? Will she fall for him or will she hate him even more? Read this story to find out!
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You'll Always Be Mine by CaptianKillAHoe
You'll Always Be Mineby Thot_Patrol
Nylah is simply a girl who runs in the wrong place at the wrong time. Things get a little complicated when Michael B Jordan her kidnapper gets some feels for her. Too ba...
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The Boy in the Corner|| a.r.s. by ItsAWritingThing
The Boy in the Corner|| a.r.s.by <3
THE PROPHECY STATES : : At the age of sixteen, the boy will become a hunter, and find a girl. But, once in a million years, a special hunter will find an unusua...
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Her Twisted Fate by tunis_20
Her Twisted Fateby olaitan iyioluwa
Olive has vowed to remain a virgin till her wedding night but she is 16 and pregnant and doesn't remember anything... If she can't believe herself who would believe her...
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Unwanted Wife by Aneilaa__
Unwanted Wifeby Aneilaa__
To him she would forever be an "unwanted wife" Would she be able to win his heart? Or eventually give up?
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The unwanted wife by Beepaaaaa
The unwanted wifeby Lovvvve
Will Rin be able to over come all the torture that she has been getting from the son of a Billionaire named Sam. Even though her true love is Dean
Swiched by Beauty2118
Swichedby Beauty2118
What would you do if you swapped bodies with the most popular boy in school, and your worst enemy? Well this is exactly what happened to 17 year old Casey Wilds...
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The Unnoticed Bride by Arindrila
The Unnoticed Brideby Madhumita Banerjee
Neha, a 24 year old bubbly girl, was married to a rich business man Rihaan due to an agreement between their parents. Rihaan never noticed Neha as a wife and never con...
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UNWANTED LOVE by birlemsk
UNWANTED LOVEby kayla <3
i am wanting someone that is loved and lost.
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Ⴀʜϵ Ⴌϵαяṭ💙Ⴌє ɮʀoҡɛԀ by HisMeow
Ⴀʜϵ Ⴌϵαяṭ💙Ⴌє ɮʀoҡɛԀby _.Key 2 uπ sm!|e._
Poems &shorty sha stories💕 . Convo's of heart💙 & brain🖤..! Here we can see нeart'ѕ whisper😍 and brains bickering🙄..! . °•Heart don melt nah🤔..? But my heart is me...
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Forced marriage by wolfettehi
Forced marriageby wolfettehi
This story is about a girl being threatened to a guy that she doesn't know anything about. How will her married life go? she doesn't know. she doesn't even know if he lo...
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My true love will find me. by Jenjener5
My true love will find me.by Ojeyenne Penijn
"what?!for you to actually think I liked you that way makes you crazy af!" "but you're the one that said you liked me" "no!I don't like you yo...
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