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The Forgotten ( Completed )  by YourAnonymous_TT
The Forgotten ( Completed ) by Anonymously_TT
A story about an abused girl And her innocent sister,what happens when her step parents tell her she has to get abused for her sister preserve her innocence? "WE W...
That Sassy Villaness by grasina18
That Sassy Villanessby Garima Dhakal
One day, suddenly Grace was transmigratted inside an novel. She couldn't even get everything clear on her head when she got hit by many big blows. She was transmigratted...
NO I'M NOT A TSUNDERE!!!! by missArt10000
NO I'M NOT A TSUNDERE!!!!by little rinchi
mia is a pure hearted woman that want to be a nun one day when she's about to become a nun, she Dead... and get inside of a body of a 16 years old sub villain in an oto...
They All Say I've Met a Ghost by nihongo20
They All Say I've Met a Ghostby nihongo20
Genre Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Slice of LifeSupernatural Author(s) Cyan Wings 青色羽翼 42 Chapters + 5 Extras (Completed) Description Hello, everyone! My name is Shen Jiang...
Jaan by Aanchalraichand
Jaanby Aanchalraichand
" Jaan.... I love you..... " He said with lots of love " But I hate you... " She yelled at him ********************* " Say that you love me...
Rampage✔ by RoseMaccbell
Rampage✔by Crowned Knives
Previously known as Bad boy gave punishment ''S....stop..it." She gasped as he tightened his hold. Her hands burned because of the pressure. "Stop it?" &q...
Kissing Is the Easy Part by rainbowbrook
Kissing Is the Easy Partby Christine
{a Wattpad featured story} Flora is afraid being beautiful is her only talent. Some of the words she hates include economy class, second-hand clothes, and budget. She...
But We're Not Normal by DandelionDictates
But We're Not Normalby Dandelion
Sequel to Like Normal People Do. Being normal people isn't as easy as Clay and George once believed.
The Rings :- The Story Which Will Tell You What Is Love(Completed) by Kritika2502
The Rings :- The Story Which Will...by Kritika
What happens when you find someone who is completely different from you but after sometime you realise that no you both are not different but are like two body one soul...
Life partner  / jikook by kookmochim26
Life partner / jikookby jikooker
An Omega and an Alpha happy in their own bubble but happiness is not what last forever. What happens when the trust is broken? Can they be happy again? ❀ Arranged marria...
Another Match Made in Heaven ✔️ (Complete)  by Writerbyheart01
Another Match Made in Heaven ✔️ (C...by Naaz Jamal
Maizah and Anzala were first cousins who were living under the same roof since childhood, they both were best friends and best leg pullers of each others. Since childhoo...
Can't Stop Loving You | Childe x Zhongli | Genshin Impact by KuroNekoette
Can't Stop Loving You | Childe x Z...by Simping for Childe
After the resurrection and defeat of Osial, things became much busier for Childe. He had no time for himself until he met a certain brunette again. ❝ Childe found himsel...
Because of the Time Limit, She Became the Daughter-In-Law of the Villain by yourwebnovel
Because of the Time Limit, She Bec...by YourWebNovelHaven
The final villain is being deceived by his young time-limited daughter in law who was possessed. If I die at the right time, I will marry his son. The problem is, I alre...
The Nanny Diaries by AlishaPJ
The Nanny Diariesby Alisha Poudel
Losing someone important is cruel and moving on is next to impossible but all you need is love to heal. Halting the walls made to avoid the reality of life, Anna is dete...
MISUNDERSTOOD  by szn_writing
MISUNDERSTOOD by szn_writing
"She's a Ho" "She's a prostitute" "She probably damn near fuck every nigga" Robyn Jo Winters heard it all before, working in the strip club...
𝙼𝚢 𝙱𝚞𝚕𝚕𝚢 (𝚃𝚊𝚎𝚔𝚘𝚘𝚔) by bunnykookie_love
𝙼𝚢 𝙱𝚞𝚕𝚕𝚢 (𝚃𝚊𝚎𝚔𝚘𝚘𝚔)by Rosie_Rose
Under editing💜 What happens when the person you bully becames your bully? And he loves you? Top: tae, jimin, Namjoon Bottom: jungkook, suga, jin ships: taekook namji...
✔ (Bts Jungkook FF) Mafia boss X Secret agent - Book 1 by haru__bts
✔ (Bts Jungkook FF) Mafia boss X S...by HARU
BTS JUNGKOOK X READER "Mr. Jungkook, I am here to kill you' Y/n spoke. Story by @haru__bts Cover by @Jkwifeeuuu
Cultivation Retirement Plan (BL) by ruyilala
Cultivation Retirement Plan (BL)by Ruyi
The first time Mo Yixuan dies, he drowns in the sea. The second time he tries, he jumps off a cliff. The third time... The third time never happens because somebody stop...
The Stepbrother [BXB] by Notsouseless
The Stepbrother [BXB]by maybe I am not so useless
When Ashlynn enters his room, he was left in shock; he needs to share a room with his stepbrother he has never met. And he needs to share a bunk bed with him! Ashlynn a...
Kevin's Baby by CrystalWings-
Kevin's Babyby CrystalWings-
"Well I think the best option is that we should get married" I said breaking the silence. "Have you lost your mind" she yelled at me. "Look I...