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Neon stars by neonstarsent
Neon starsby neonstarsent
Follow the idol life of a the fake girl group neon stars.
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Begin Again by SmolPotatoRoll
Begin Againby Ms. Multi-rare ships
I've been spending the last eight months, thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end, but on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.
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ѕσиgѕ (: ♪♫♪♫♪♫ by bksmmr
ѕσиgѕ (: ♪♫♪♫♪♫by DepressedCoffee
ι ωιℓℓ σиℓу ρσѕт ѕσиgѕ тнαт αяє иσт мσѕтℓу киσωи
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Kamen Rider Kabuto : School Rider Project by Hoodbr4z4r
Kamen Rider Kabuto : School Farhanzgundam
6 years ago a meteor fell into kaiten and the worms are alien that can mimic humans and live amongs them, join Kenta Fukushima as he become Kamen Rider Kabuto and surviv...
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The Singing Idol Type by KingTadase
The Singing Idol Typeby KingTadase
This is about The Host Club getting a new member and by New member I mean a idol.
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AKB48 by unknown_gurl22
AKB48by Unknown
Have you listened and watched AKB0048 anime and songs?? Watched them! U will love them! My dream is to be an idol like akb48. But i have no idea how to practice dancing...
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Oops? by Queen_Dott
Oops?by Dott <3
In which (Y/N) goes on Skype to chat a friend, but ends up calling their biggest idol. (First Dott fanfic to make it on Wattpad! I seriously think we need more.)
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Marriage Act [COMPLETED] (EDITING-ON HOLD) by jejenny97
Marriage Act [COMPLETED] ( Jenny
[Cerita ini sedang dalam proses pengeditan] Berakting sudah menjadi keseharian dari seorang Arina Devina yang tidak bisa dilepas begitu saja darinya. Menemukan seseorang...
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Last Day Falling In Love | kris wu by mintywoo
Last Day Falling In Love | kris wuby elle
One-shot | EXO's Kris Fan Fiction
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Losing my Idol (A Robin Williams Tribute) by Cinderella1117
Losing my Idol (A Robin Williams Ella
Funny how you can stop breathing when you cry. It's not something you even notice. I stopped breathing when my mother said "Robin Williams died." This is a tri...
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Mini Tae | Taehyung | BTS by ghettogothpng
Mini Tae | Taehyung | BTSby Layko
A single appa, Taehyung needs to grow out of boyhood and start taking this fatherhood more serious. Being a single dad, working on making his dream of being a kpop idol...
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Call Me Idol! (A Tale of a Wannabe Idol - loosely based on a true story) by ashlyluv
Call Me Idol! (A Tale of a Ashley Love
Dancing, wearing cute outfits, and making people happy? All at the same time? Count Alice in. Though, she's a teenager in America: clearly born in the wrong place at the...
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Hoshi or Dino ?? (SEVENTEEN) (Ugly Girls And Fat) by AiYukii
Hoshi or Dino ?? (SEVENTEEN) ( AiYukii
It is story about girl who fat, ugly and idiot wants to be an idol. She come to Pledis Entertaiment as new trainee with her talent. The ceo said she need to be slim as s...
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High School Melody ♡ by Trueprincess1
High School Melody ♡by Mary
Furukawa Melody , the new transfer student of Airi High. She is beauty with brains. Despite being AWESOME she is cold , alone, without any friends. Is there anyone who w...
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Vocaloid Story by cherryfan555
Vocaloid Storyby cherryfan555
Hatsune Miku ist der erste, singende Roboter, der erschaffen wurde, um ein Star zu werden, aber es werden weitere folgen! Projekt VOCALOID hat begonnen! Das Cover i...
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JUST WHY?! TaeYong - NCT (Fan-Fic) by JJK9323
JUST WHY?! TaeYong - NCT (Fan-Fic)by Jennzzyy2
"Why Is It YOU?!" "You're So Annoying!? " "Why Am I Like This?" "Don't Lie To ME" "Fine! GOODBYE!"
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Living with My Idol! (A Jesse McCartney FanFiction) - [Re-Editing] by ghostgal23
Living with My Idol! (A Jesse ghostgal23
When Jace E. Lynn wins a scholarship to study overseas in New York, USA, she doesn't tell her family. She runs away from home and boards a plane. She bumps into her bigg...
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Some Role Model by jaynadpatel
Some Role Modelby Jayna Patel
Sometimes you have to question why you look up to someone, and are they as perfect as they make out?
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Gongchan imagine :) by WanYoke
Gongchan imagine :)by Wan Yoke
A story for B1A4 fans!! :P This is a fan fiction dedicated to all the gongchan fans out there!! This fan fiction is about gongchan and you!! That's right you!! You can...
Let Me Be The One (The One Series-Book1) (ORIGINAL DRAFT+AMAZON EXCERPT) by ImTheGirl
Let Me Be The One (The One Stacie Evans
(This is the only version of Let Me Be The One now. Order the final version on Amazon Kindle now! It's only US$5.99! Or free if you're a member of Amazon Kindle Unlimite...
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