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I Got Reincarnated As The Psychotic Villain In A Novel  by Greeen100
I Got Reincarnated As The Greeen100
A story about an idol who died and got reincarnated in a body of a psychopath villain from the novel he read before. Adrien Waterston was a popular idol who was admired...
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I'm Not An Idol | by Fallenstar1346
I'm Not An Idol | p.jmby k
"I could feel the blush that began to creep up my cheeks, and prayed Jimin wouldn't notice. The way his fingers drummed slightly on my hip didn't help my situation...
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I am NOT your fan | EXO CHEN by daemarshmallow
I am NOT your fan | EXO CHENby X-Dae 😈❤️
[COMPLETED] BEST RANKED #1 - jongdae, #1 - cbx, #7 - chen 🥰 ✨ "Excuse me?" Jongdae blurt out rudely. The air between us turned frigid. What does he want again...
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Bonded by Heart | JJK ✔️ by Winter_417
Bonded by Heart | JJK ✔️by Fu ♡
"What do you mean I was bonded with Jeon Jungkook?!" In a world where everyone relies on a heart located on their wrist, the heart that turns purple once their...
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idol ➯ pjm by hosepks
idol ➯ pjmby +*, seeing bts !,
in which they're both idols. an idol!bts au (idol!jimin focused) PUBLISHED, ?? FINISHED, 2019! ©ot7sluts number 1's 191110 ; no. 1 in #jiminfanfic 191220 ; no. 1 in...
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One in a Million by czyrhyne
One in a Millionby czyrhyne
Bighit E. hired a new manager for BTS. Park Jihyo, who's the same age as Jin secured the position. What's more interesting is the effect of Jihyo not only to BTS membe...
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Perfect Together || Bang Chan by ThatRandomHufflepuff
Perfect Together || Bang Chanby Jen💕
Kim EunJi, an idol trainee, renowned for switching companies often, but non the less known to be a talented trainee, friends with many idols and trainees alike, because...
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lil meow meow by hermajestueux
lil meow meowby voulezvouz
Where Jennie told an idol admirer that she has a huge crush on Min Yoongi. No harm done, it is the truth and she wanted to be honest. Little did she know, Min Yoongi he...
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Idol || BTS, EXO, GOT7, Stray Kids, etc by bighitbasic
Idol || BTS, EXO, GOT7, Stray Gi
김 하나 ∼ Hana ↳ Hana is a soloist under JYP Entertainment. This is my first book of my KIM series. This revokes around Hana's career in the Kpop Industry and her life. k...
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The Villainess School Girl by BlackKittyGirl900
The Villainess School Girlby DIYA
Celeste McLean was walking back home from school, but as she walked across the crosswalk, she was hit by a truck. Before she knew it, she woke up in the body of the 9 ye...
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NCT & WayV imagines and reactions  by Marksfiretruck
NCT & WayV imagines and reactions by Amajohn
Send in request for an imagine, text, or reaction! ⚠️I don't do smut⚠️ All members available! You can request more than once REQUESTS ARE OPEN
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Noticed | JJK ✓ by bangtothetan_
Noticed | JJK ✓by 𝐬
Min Yujin did not have it easy. Being several years younger than her brother Yoongi, she was always left in his shadow growing up. While their parents supported his dive...
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Letter to your father (ff. Min Yoongi) *EDITING* by lovelikeTATA
Letter to your father (ff. Min Tata is life
After a one night stand with Min Yoongi. You discover you are pregnant with his child but you decide not to tell him. Instead you wrote a letter of your pregnancy, along...
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Secret Fan ( Jimin x reader Ff) by KSLin01
Secret Fan ( Jimin x reader Ff)by SoriaTaeTae
This story is about a girl from Myanmar who loves BTS so much. She is an ARMY. Her dream is to be an idol like BTS and she made it. But she didn't reveal that she is an...
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BTS smut oneshots by UnniFan
BTS smut oneshotsby Yeongmi
Exactly what the title says. BTS short story smuts cause were all a little perverted! I will do requests too.
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BTS' 8th Member by catlover7272
BTS' 8th Memberby Rachel Tesene
Song (Y/N) is an ordinary girl who dreams of sharing her singing with the world. What happens when she gets scouted by a company and becomes an unique member of a popula...
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Maknae's enemy [JJK]✔️ by BabyQueen2109
Maknae's enemy [JJK]✔️by BabyQueen
[COMPLETED] Highest rank #1 idol 08/04/2018 " Yah JEON JUNGKOOK I SAID LET ME GO !! " I yelled while trying to get out of his hold. " What if I say no, wh...
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off screen ¦ vsoo by sooyafilms
off screen ¦ vsooby —
many things happen behind the cameras. "this is wrong in many ways." "it never felt that way." started : 05.07.19 finished : not specified
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||Euphoria|| ~ Jeon Jungkook by _lee_haneul
||Euphoria|| ~ Jeon Jungkookby
"So Millennium I heard Jungkook is a big fan of your music what are your thoughts?" asked the interviewer. "I really love Jungkook's and BTS's music.&quo...
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SEXTING • parkjimin ✔️ by izzyknowsbest
SEXTING • parkjimin ✔️by kim
one picture, two people. highest ranking: 1 in jiminfanfic
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